Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Using Lasers to Heal Vascular Issues

In the past, people with vascular issues did not have many options to get them treated including acne scar treatment Edmonton. This includes a wide variety of issues such as rosacea, spider veins, cherry angiomas and even broken capillaries.
And even more serious vascular issues such as hema angiomas, which are benign tumors formed from blood vessels. As well as it benign vascular lesions. Such as venous lakes of the lips. These issues often would require invasive procedures. That often leaves scarring.
In addition to that, a lot of the treatments for these vascular issues required putting patients under general anaesthetic and performing surgery. Without giving patients a clear answer on whether it would fix the issues or not.
This is why the synergy laser is so beneficial. Because it is one of the first dermatology focused lasers says acne scar treatment Edmonton. Treating many dermatological conditions. Instead of many of the previous lasers that focused on cosmetics alone.
Not only can they synergy laser treat vascular issues. But it can also treat deep pigmentation problems. Whether it is been caused by sun damage, such as brown spots and age spots. But it can also minimize the look of birthmarks, including porch wine stain birthmarks. Which can deeply affect a person’s self-confidence. If the birthmark is on their face.
What is extremely beneficial about the synergy laser. Is that there are two lasers within the same machine. Which means this machine can treat a wider variety of dermatological conditions then other lasers.


The first laser in the machine is called a pulsed dye laser. Which is a yellow light laser. That helps minimize conditions in the first layer of skin. It works by targeting the heating in hemoglobin, and deoxygenate’s problematic blood vessels.
What happens when a problematic blood vessel is deoxygenated, the body stops using it. And the vein eventually fades away. This is how it minimizes the look of many vascular issues, and through only a few treatments. Can completely eliminate the look of these vascular problems.
The other laser and the machine is called an ND laser. Which has a boom of light within the infrared spectrum. What this does, is it allows dermatologists to treat issues that are deeper in the skin. Because it can penetrate all the way to the dermis layer.
This is important, because in the dermis, is where pigmentation problems occur. Whether it is sun damage. Or if it is birthmark in nature, says acne scar treatment Edmonton.
Because of the way birthmarks and sun damage pigment to the skin, the ND laser can treat and minimize the look of those pigmentations. Without affecting any of the surrounding skin. So regardless of a patient’s skin colour or skin type. They can get their discolouration treated. Without lightening or darkening their skin colour during treatment.
If patients have been affected by vascular issues, or birthmarks and sun damage. They should talk to their dermatologist about the synergy laser. And if it can help their specific issues. How many treatments they can expect to thoroughly treat their issues.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Using Lasers to Heal Vascular Issues

Most laser treatments has been geared towards cosmetic fixes, such as antiaging, eliminating fine lines and wrinkles and acne scar treatment Edmonton. However, there is now a laser that is available to treat a wider variety of problems. Such as dermatological concerns such as vascular problems, and pigmentation issues.
Dermatologists can now use the synergy laser, which can treat an extremely wide variety of problems. In a very efficient manner. People who had issues that did not have an efficient treatment before. Or had no treatment at all. Can have an effective treatment with the synergy laser.
When patients are coming in for treatment. They can expect to have their treatment in one or two hours. And will not need to go under general or local anaesthetic. Since the lasers are extremely focused light, a dermatologist can target problematic areas. Without treating the surrounding area.
This allows patients to be able to have their spider veins treated for example, broken capillaries, or cherry angiomas. Without affecting the skin around those issues. This has not been possible in other treatments, such as I PL. Which isn’t a true laser. That has a wider beam of light. That cannot be as specific as an actual laser can be.
What patients should expect during treatment, is the dermatologist will aim the laser at the area to be treated. They will hear a quick sound like a snap or crack. Followed by a small bit of discomfort. The discomfort is from the laser hitting the patient’s skin says acne scar treatment Edmonton.
Because lasers are concentrated light, and light emits heat. The concentrated light can cause a bit of discomfort. Patients report that the ND laser is a bit more uncomfortable. Because it is goes deeper into their skin then the pulsed dye laser.


Because of this discomfort, patients will have a cooling fan aimed at them. Which is designed to bring the temperature of their skin down quickly. So that any discomfort caused by the lasers. Can be minimized fast. So that they do not have much discomfort.
After the treatment patients will find that they could be leaving sore, or red and the area that they were treated. However, this is not as bad as a sunburn. And while the soreness will last two or three days. The redness could last up to a week.
As their redness fades, they will notice a lightning in the area that they got treated. Depending on how many treatments their dermatologist suggested. Patients need to ensure that they are coming back after 4 to 6 weeks. And not any earlier.
The reason why they should not come back earlier, is to avoid damaging their skin, which is going to be very tender after their first laser treatment. It is important to space out the treatments. So that they do not risk damaging their skin.
They also need to ensure that they are staying out of the sun. Either by using high SPF sunscreen says acne scar treatment Edmonton. And by covering up whenever possible. Because sun on their laser treated skin could also cause damage.
By following the recommendations by their during colleges. And coming in for the recommended treatments. Can help patients to treat a wide variety of dermatological conditions.