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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Vascular Issues Can Be Treated With Lasers

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Vascular Issues Can Be Treated With Lasers

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Vascular Issues Can Be Treated With Lasers

If people end up having vascular issues on their face, or visible it can impact their self-esteem according to acne scar treatment Edmonton. And many people may not realize that there is an effective laser treatment that can not only minimize the look of their vascular problems. But get rid of them completely as well.

While some vascular problems are more well-known, and more treatable than others. Such as rosacea, and spider veins. Some are more easily covered up, such as cherry angiomas, which appear as tiny red dots all over a person’s body.

Acne scar treatment Edmonton says some of the vascular problems can be very difficult to live with. Such as heme ON G’s, which are benign tumors appearing on the surface of the skin. These tumors are made up of newly formed blood vessels. And can appear from birth, or form as adults.

These can be very troubling for people, because they are a very deep red or purple colour. And look very severe. Causing people to be very unhappy with how they look.

Other vascular problems can include things like Venus lakes on the lips, which are benign vascular lesions. That appear close to people’s lips. And are as a result of sun damage.

And ultimately, the reason why people would want to have these vascular problems treated. is because they are very bothered by how it makes them look. And it can give them self-esteem problems.


Not only that, but the same laser that can treat these vascular issues. Can also treat a wide variety of pigmentation problems. Such as port wine stains which are reddish purple birthmarks that can be very noticeable. But also discolouration caused by sun damage, such as brown spots.

In fact, the only discolouration that is not treatable with the synergy laser is a Milazzo my. Which is often referred to as the mask of pregnancy. Because of how it discoloured the face in pregnant women. But can also be caused by sun exposure and birth control pills.

If people are wondering if their particular vascular or discolouration problem can be treated with the synergy laser. Acne scar treatment Edmonton suggests that they contact their dermatologist in order to get a free consultation.

There dermatologist will be able to figure out if they can get their particular issue minimized or eliminated with synergy laser treatments. And if so, how long each treatment will last. As well as how many treatments the dermatologist suspect it will be needed. In order to help get rid of a person’s vascular issue.

Because the synergy laser treatment is an actual laser, instead of just a high intensity light. It is very targeted, and can be used to hit very specific area of a person’s skin. IPL is known as light therapy, and is less specific and hits a wider area. Making this a less efficient option.

People should avoid wondering about their issues any longer. Because they have nothing to lose by getting a free consultation. In finding out if they are a good candidate for getting their issues eliminated completely.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Vascular Issues Can Be Treated With Lasers

There are many problems that can be treated with a wide variety of different lasers according to acne scar treatment Edmonton. While some lasers are geared towards anti-aging. By targeting fine lines, deep wrinkles, and other aging problems. The synergy laser is more of a medical laser, fixing problems such as vascular issues, and pigmentation caused by sun damage just to name a few.

How the synergy laser works is twofold. Acne scar treatment Edmonton says that it has two different lasers in the same machine. Which means it can treat a wider variety of problems and conditions than most other lasers.

The first type of laser is called a pulsed dye laser. Which is a yellow light laser. That affects the surface of the skin. It actually targets red blood cells, and deoxygenates them. When this happens, the blood vessel is rendered useless in that area, and fades away as the body stops sending blood to that area.

This is extremely beneficial for eliminating rosacea, thick red blood vessels in the face. And a variety of different types of angiomas. By killing off the blood vessels that are causing the tumor or discolouration. And letting them fade away.

In fact, acne scar treatment Edmonton says that because it affects blood vessels. Colleges have even found that it can very efficiently eliminate warts. Because it kills off the warts blood supply, killing them over several treatments.

The second laser is called an ND laser. And it actually targets the dermis layer of the skin, which is the third laser. Layer of skin. That goes almost into the subcutaneous fat of the body.


Acne scar treatment Edmonton says this is one of the deepest targeting lasers available. And because of that, is very effective at eliminating discolouration deep within the skin.

How it works, is sending beam that is in the infrared spectrum, deep into the tissue. Were actually vibrates the unwanted pigmentation out of the skin.

Because of the vibrations used, it differentiates between pigmentation that is discoloured because of birthmarks and sun damage. Versus skin pigmentation that makes up a person’s skin tone.

Patients should know that because of this, it is very effective on a wide variety of skin types and colours. Because it will not discolour the skin tone in the area of treatment.

When getting the vibration, people will notice in about five days, the pigmentation will come to the surface of the skin, and appear as crumbling bits. That will eventually slough off in about another five days.

These laser treatments can be a bit uncomfortable. Especially because lasers are hot, and that heat can burn slightly. This is why dermatologists will aim a cooling fan at the area that is going to be treated. So that they can cool down the area quickly.

After 2 to 3 days, the area will no longer be sore. And in about a week, the redness will fade, along with the discolouration. Leaving the discolouration lighter than it had been before.

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