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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Vascular Problems Can Be Treated

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Vascular Problems Can Be Treated

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Vascular Problems Can Be Treated

Many patients who are suffering with vascular issues, may be looking for treatment according to acne scar treatment Edmonton. This is because they may not have a treatment option available, or did not until recently.

Or because even though they had a treatment option, it involved surgery. Which created its own set of complications. As well as increasing their chances of developing a scar. Which is undesirable. Especially because many people with vascular issues. Are getting them fixed because of cosmetic reasons.

Cosmetic vascular problems can include things like rosacea, spider veins, cherry angiomas and broken capillaries says acne scar treatment Edmonton. And while they can affect the way a person looks, and how they feel. It generally will not cause them any additional problems.

However, there are many different vascular problems that are more than just cosmetic. And often require treatment, because of the problems they can create in patients.

Vascular problems such as angiomas, and vascular lesions can cause problems in patients. Hema angiomas for example, are benign tumors created from newly formed blood vessels.

And while this sounds like a cosmetic problem. Depending on the location of the hema angiomas. Can cause patients problem seeing, hearing and even eating.

And no matter where the hema angiomas is on the patient’s body. It can become susceptible to opening up, and getting an infection. Which can cause also it is of problems in a patient.

Up until now, the only way that a patient could get treated for a hemangioma is surgically removing the tumor. Which creates its own set of complications, and increases the patient’s risk of developing a scar.


However, with the synergy laser, Mattel adjusts can now treat a wide variety of problems. Including vascular issues. And that includes hema angiomas.

How this works, is because within the synergy machine, is a pulsed dye laser. This laser affects the top layer of patient’s skin. What that does, says acne scar treatment Edmonton is specifically targets the Shema in a hemoglobin.

It ends up deoxygenates a blood vessel, so that the body will no longer send blood to that area. When the vein is no longer being used, it slowly dies says acne scar treatment Edmonton, and fades from the surface of the skin.

This can be used to treat a wide variety of vascular problems, causing rosacea to no longer look red. And to fix broken capillaries. But also, in hema angiomas. This kills off the tumor itself. Because it is made out of blood vessels. Causing the tumor to fade away, with absolutely no risk of scarring to the patient.

A patient may need to get their particular problem treated several times with the laser. In order to get rid of their issue. Depending on surface area. As well as the severity of their problem. A very large hemangioma will take more treatments than broken capillaries well for example.

If patients want to know if their particular vascular problem can be treated with the synergy laser. They should set up an appointment for free consultation with their dermatologist. Find out if this is the best treatment. And how many times they should undergo the therapy. In order to have the look they have always wanted to.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Vascular Problems Can Be Treated

One of the biggest problems with vascular issues according to acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is that the treatments that were available. Were very invasive, or not very effective.

That left patients who are suffering from a variety of vascular issues little to no options on how to treat their problems says acne scar treatment Edmonton.

And up until the creation of the synergy laser, many patients did not have a treatment at all for their particular problem. Such as those who had cherry angiomas, rosacea or broken capillaries.

However, with the creation of this laser, patients who have a wide variety of vascular issues. No matter where it is on their body, and get treated quickly, and without risk.

Patients who undergo this therapy can expect a bit of mild discomfort. Because the laser is actually concentrated light. And when the slate is concentrated, a gets hot.

As the dermatologist aims the laser, patients will hear a loud cracking sound, and that is when they will feel discomfort. However, acne scar treatment Edmonton says that this is why dermatologists will also point cooling fan at their patient. So that they can cool the area of their skin quickly.


Patients should also feel free to talk to their dermatologist during the procedure, and take as many pauses as they need to feel comfortable. While the pulsed dye laser only affects the top layer of skin. Most patients have no problems withstanding it.

After the treatment is over, patients might find that they are tender, and that they are read in their treatment area. While the soreness may last only two or three days. The redness can last up to a week.

However, as their red complexion fades, they will notice that the area that was treated will have a noticeable difference in the problems that they are treating.

Depending on how severe their vascular problem is. It may take several treatments. For example, rosacea that covers a patient’s face. Can take 4 to 6 treatments.

While they heal, it is very important that patients follow their dermatologists advice. Starting with taking care of their skin, as well as staying out of the sun.

If they expose their skin to the sun, the skin that was treated with lasers. Can be more susceptible to sun damage. Which is why they should avoid sun exposure completely. If they cannot help it, cover their skin completely or where an extremely high SPF sunscreen.

By following their dermatologists advice, and waiting the appropriate amount of time to come back for their next treatment. Can help ensure that patients who are getting vascular problems treated. And end up with the results that they are looking for. So that they can increase their self-confidence. And enjoy the skin that they always have wanted to have.

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