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There are many things that can help people minimize developing scarring, but when they are looking for the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. They should talk to Edmonton dermatology.
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Not only is the first consultation absolutely free. But this is a great opportunity for the dermatologist to get to know the patient. Get to know their particular issue, such as severity of scarring.
As well as understand what their skin type is, and most importantly. What kind of results they are looking to get from their acne scar treatment Edmonton.
One of the first things that they are going to want to talk about. Is the Fraxal laser. Because this is one of the most popular acne scar treatment.
What it does, is use a true laser. Unlike an intense pulse light. Which just uses a broad spectrum of light of all of the colours. The Fraxal laser is a real laser.
That concentrates heat down to the dermis. Which is the second layer of skin, and where collagen production happens. Because collagen loves heat. And collagen is an important building block in skin.
Increasing collagen production. Means that people can start to heal the scar tissue. By filling in the areas, where the scar tissue has left a valley. The more collagen in the area, the more thorough the healing is.
In fact, people slow down there collagen production. As they age. Which is why their scars become more prominent. And form more readily as they age.


When it comes to the Fraxal laser. People may need 3 to 4 treatments. And most dermatologists recommend for. To get as healed as possible. And these treatments should be 4 to 6 weeks apart.
The reason why so much time must have been in between each treatment. Is because dermatologists want to know that the collagen has worked as much as it is going to. To heal the scar as thoroughly as possible.
Before they have the next treatment. And cause another influx of collagen to the area. And after four treatments. This particular acne scar treatment is only going to give a 50% reduction in scar tissue.
And while this is significant. It will give people a much more noticeably smoother complexion. Where it will appear to be smoother, feel smoother. And look clearer as well.
This may not be the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. For patients who are looking for a faster, or a more complete acne scar reduction
When people are ready to talk to their dermatologist about the right treatment to reduce the look of their scarring. They should set up an appointment with Edmonton dermatology.
Because not only is there first consultation absolutely free. But also, they have so many different machines that they can use. To treat a wide variety of scars, skin types. As well as help people get the results that will help them look, and feel their absolute best for many years to come.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Ways to Decrease Acne Scarring

It is very important for mental health reasons, for people to find the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. 96% of respondents to a recent survey. Reported having depressed feelings about how they look, because of their acne and acne scarring.
When this is the case, their dermatologist might want to talk to them about the CO2 laser. Because it is extremely effective. And it is very high-powered as well.
The thing that makes this CO2 laser more powerful and more unique than any other treatment. Is because it is considered an ablative laser. Which means it cuts the skin.
However, it does not cuts the skin in any significant way. In fact, it simply drills microscopic holes into the dermis layer of this skin. Where collagen production happens.
What that does, is it causes the skin to increase the collagen production. To help heal what it views as trauma. And that increase of collagen helps significantly. Because collagen is an important skin building block.
The next thing that the CO2 laser will do. Is because it is so powerful, and is so hot. That it literally vaporizes the epidermis. Which is the outermost layer of skin. And incidentally, that is where the scar tissue is.
This can be more uncomfortable than any other lasers. Which is why dermatologists will apply and numbing cream prior to this acne scar treatment Edmonton.


However, while this might be a more uncomfortable treatment. Dermatologists will only go as fast as patients are comfortable. And they only have to undergo this treatment once.
Unlike a Fraxal laser, that requires three or four treatments. Patients will only undergo one CO2 laser treatment. To have incredible results. Because they are re-growing their epidermis.
There is hardly any trace of the scar tissue that they previously had. And the increased collagen production ensures that the epidermis can grow healthy, and smooth.
However, the thing to remember about this acne scar treatment. Is the fact that it will take about two weeks of healing time. Because it does require a lot to heal.
Not only will people have compromised immune systems at this time. Because they will be growing the top layer of skin. Which is designed to protect them from things.
But also, they may not want to go to work. And have to field questions from coworkers. Who they may not want them to know. That they had any cosmetic work done.
So it is often more comfortable for people to heal from the CO2 laser treatment at home. However, after two weeks. They should be fine to go back to work. It is just important.
That following this acne scar treatment. That people will take good care of their new skin. Such as using sunscreen, staying out of the sun. And treating their skin as though it is brand-new, because it is.
When people are ready to find the right acne scar treatment Edmonton for themselves. They should look no further than Edmonton dermatology. And arrange for their free consultation.