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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | What Botox Injections Do

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | What Botox Injections Do

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | What Botox Injections Do

When people go to their dermatologist, there are a lot of options on what treatments they can get done, from acne scar treatment Edmonton. To eliminating lines and wrinkles with Botox treatments.

When people are considering getting Botox, they should understand the difference between this, and a more permanent solution. Such as laser treatments, that actually effect the surface of the skin permanently.

Botox on the other hand affects the muscles in the face. And by blocking the nerve cell receptors. Minimizes how much rough muscle movement can happen.

The ending result, is that the muscles are less able to form deep creases in the skin that cause wrinkles. Which not only softens the look of lines and etching on people’s faces.

But it also helps prevent causing wrinkles in the long term. Because the muscles are not creasing the skin on people’s faces.

Acne scar treatment Edmonton on the other hand. Is a laser treatment, that actually affects the first and second layer of the skin on a permanent level. To eliminate scars permanently.

When Botox is used proactively. People without visible lines or wrinkles yet. Can prevent their muscles from making the deep creases that form wrinkles. So that they do not have to use anti aging products in the future.


Botox is quickly on the rise with all segments of society. However, men getting Botox has increased the most. Rising 337% in the last twenty years. And this is according to the American Society of plastic surgeons.

It is so popular because of how effective it is. As well as how quick it is to administer. And how quick the recovery time is as well.

People can go from getting a Botox injection, to going to work or a night out. Without having to spend time recovering.

Acne scar treatment Edmonton on the other hand requires days if not weeks of healing. To minimize the look of redness, and to heal the skin.

With laser treatments, dermatologists suggest that people stay home, stay out of the sun and avoid putting makeup on. Because they will be red, swollen and not feel like going out.

Another benefit of getting Botox injections. Is that it is completely safe, with absolutely no side effects from medication. So people do not have to worry about how often they may want to get injections.

The reason why there are no side effects is partly because it is not systemic. Which means it does not get absorbed into the rest of the body. It stays where it is injected until the body breaks down the Botox molecules.

Because of this, any amount can safely be used. And people can get injections as often as they want. And even though Botox typically lasts 3 to 4 months. Often people find how effective it is, and want to get more injections in other places.

By understanding what Botox is and how it works. Can help people make the right decision on what dermatology procedure they should get done. And what final result they are looking for.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | What Botox Injections Do

There are many different dermatological treatments people can get from acne scar treatment Edmonton. To getting Botox injections to minimize the look of fine lines and creases on their face.

Important that people understand how Botox works. So that they can decide if this is the right treatment for them. Which is why having a free consultation with their dermatologist ahead of time is incredibly beneficial.

Because it is injected, people need to understand that there will be needles involved. And just like anything that requires injections. There can be redness, bruising or a bit of bleeding at the injection site.

And while they may find that they have some skin irritation the first day. They may find it beneficial to avoid putting makeup on, or avoid rubbing their face.

But not all people find they have irritation. And often ask their dermatologist to put their make up on. So that they can go from the dermatologist’s office to an evening out, or back to work with nobody knowing they had a procedure done.

However it is important that people getting Botox treatments get a knowledgeable healthcare professional to give treatments. So that they can be sure to get it done properly.

And while Botox is not a laser process like acne scar treatment Edmonton is. It is still very important that it is done correctly, and the Botox is injected into the correct places.

While there is no risk to a person if it is injected incorrectly. The consequences however would be an unintentional look. Such as if the person injected into the wrong muscle.


It could cause a person’s face to droop in an unflattering way. Such as if they get the Botox injections in their forehead to low down. Instead of eliminating the look of forehead wrinkles.

A person could end up with their eyebrows falling. Which while not permanent, would not give a person the look that they desire. And would last for 3 to 4 months.

Anyone who is giving Botox injections. Should have the appropriate healthcare certification. Such as a nurse, with they are a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse. Or a doctor, dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

All of these healthcare professionals can have their qualifications looked up online with their professional organizations. To ensure that people are getting knowledgeable professionals inserting their Botox.

And since Botox is completely safe. There is no recommended age for people getting injections. Which means younger people can get injections as a preventative measure.

But older people can also get Botox injections, without facing any risks. Like acne scar treatment Edmonton, which can damage the skin if used too often, or in people who are too young.

It is very important that people understand what Botox is before they get their first injections. So that they can understand what the effect is going to be. And how long it is going to last, so that they can be prepared for the results.

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