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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | What Can a Medical Laser Treat?

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | What Can a Medical Laser Treat?

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | What Can a Medical Laser Treat?

Lasers can be used to treat a wide variety of issues, from dermatological concerns like acne scar treatment Edmonton. To anti-aging issues, such as fine lines and wrinkles. To dermatological concerns. Such as vascular lesions, port wine stains and angiomas.

Since there are many different types of lasers, and many types of skin conditions. People should make an appointment with the dermatologist at the clinic. In order to find out what laser is going to be suggested for their particular issue.

They will also find out how long treatments can last, as well as how many treatments they can expect. Most lasers will require multiple treatments to effectively eliminate the problem. And depending on the severity of each person’s issue.

The dermatologist will needs to take their problem, and skin type into consideration when addressing this question. The consultation is completely free, and can answer a patient’s questions before they begin their treatment.

The synergy laser treatment is used a lot of because it has two different lasers in the same machine. And can treat an extremely wide variety of problems.

Whether it is cosmetic issues on the surface of the skin. Or pigmentation that is deep set into a person’s skin. This laser can treat it all according to acne scar treatment Edmonton.

The only thing that they synergy laser cannot treat is will asthma. Simply because allows my is exacerbated by heat. And a laser is essentially concentrated light, which is hot. So dermatologists cannot use the laser to treat this problem.

Surprisingly however, this machine can be used to treat warts. Especially stubborn warts that people have had a difficult time getting rid of. Perhaps they have used over-the-counter treatments to get rid of their warts. And then gone to their doctor to get it frozen off. But still their board persists.


What the synergy laser will do, is target the blood vessels in the wort. Cutting off the blood vessels supply of oxygen, making it unable to supply the wort with blood any longer. So that the wort will die.

However, acne scar treatment Edmonton says that this is a long process. And people can expect to have multiple treatments to get there stubborn warts removed.

There are two different lasers that are inside this machine. And can treat problems that are on the surface of the skin. As well as problems that are deep down, almost to the subcutaneous fat of a person’s skin.

By understanding which problems occur on what layer of skin. Can help the dermatologist figure out what part of the laser needs to be used for each person. And can gradually help feed the problem that people are having with treatments.

Because the laser is hot, people may end up leaving the clinic read or a little sore. And can expect the soreness to last anywhere between two and three days. While the redness will typically last a week to ten days.

As the soreness and redness fades, the problem area that they have will fade away as well. And depending on the severity of the problem, will completely go away with a few treatments.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | What Can a Medical Laser Treat?

When it comes to the synergy laser, it is more of a medical laser that is designed to treat medical issues according to acne scar treatment Edmonton.

Some lasers are very good for anti-aging problems such as fine lines, and wrinkles. However, if people are having problems with vascular lesions, port wine stains, hema angiomas, venous lakes on the lips or cherry angiomas. These are going to be a much better problem to fix for the synergy laser.

The synergy laser is very effective because it contains two different lasers in the same machine. One that can treat problems towards the surface of the skin. And the other one going deeper, getting into the second and third layer of skin, almost all of the way into the subcutaneous fat.

Another thing of importance to note about this laser. Is that it contains actual lasers. Which are a very concentrated light. Other laser machines that are called lasers are actually considered by the light, which is light, which has a less specific and wider area.

And while IPL can help fix a lot of issues. These are not going to be the most effective for dermatological conditions says acne scar treatment Edmonton.

The first type of laser in the synergy laser treatment according to acne scar treatment. Is a pulsed dye laser which is also known as the IPL for short.

But this laser does, is it targets blood vessels. And specifically, is looking for the heme in hemoglobin. When it finds that blood vessel, it actually deoxygenates it. Which makes it ineffective at supplying blood to the area.


As the body realizes that this blood vessel is no longer doing its job. The body lets it fade away, and it is no longer so close to the surface of the skin any longer.

During this treatment, it is going to be a very quick shot of the laser. Which is going to sound like a snap. Which is followed by a small bit of discomfort.

When discomfort happens because the heat of the laser is very hot, which causes a small amount of pain. This is why dermatologists will blow a cooling fan on the patient’s face. To keep the area cool and comfortable as possible.

The other type of laser is called an NDA. And this is the laser that targets deeper down into the deeper layers of the skin. And is effective for getting rid of things like leg veins, port wine stains and other pigmentation issues.

How it works, is the same as the pulsed dye laser. There will be a snap, followed by some discomfort from the heat. There is slightly more discomfort with this treatment because it gets deeper into a patient’s skin.

There are many reasons why people might want to get a synergy laser treatment. From discolouration on their face, and regardless of the reason. Acne scar treatment Edmonton says the dermatologists at the clinic will be able to help them get the results they want to feel great about their body.

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