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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | What To Know About Botox Injections

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | What To Know About Botox Injections

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | What To Know About Botox Injections

When people want to minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles, they may not be sure if they need in acne scar treatment Edmonton. Or if they should get something like Botox.

The difference between the two is that an acne scar treatment Edmonton is a laser procedure. And is also permanent. And works by affecting the top layers of a patient’s skin.

While Botox on the other hand is an injection that is not permanent. And works by inhibiting motion in the muscles. To soften the look of lines and increasing on a person’s face.

And while these two treatments are completely different. And work in completely different ways. Some dermatologists may recommend that patients get a combination of both.

The reason why, is because while the acne scar treatment Edmonton. Can eliminate the look of scarring as well as fine lines and wrinkles.

The Botox afterwards will inhibit the muscle movement. In order to avoid reforming those lines increases. Or to help soften the look of wrinkles that were not able to be completely eliminated with the laser treatment.

However, many people are nervous about Botox. Because it is injected. And because it affects their muscles. And they want to avoid causing any long-term damage.

However, doctors have done a lot of research. And even started using Botox to treat a wide variety of medical problems. And found it is completely safe.


Not only is it safe to use in an ongoing basis. But it is safe to use in patients of all ages. Especially since they found it very beneficial to treat children who are suffering from cerebral palsy.

Therefore, patients should not worry that is going to cause any long-term damage. If they get it on ongoing basis. In order to address their cosmetic concerns.

Another concern that people have about Botox. Is that they do not want to make their face look like it has had plastic surgery. And they want to avoid a frozen kind of look.

They think that since Botox will inhibit muscle movement. That they will not be able to make facial expressions. Which will look odd, and they want to avoid.

However, Botox does not keep the muscle from moving. It just prevents it from making large rough movements. That are responsible for performing lines and wrinkles on a person’s face.

Therefore, people can continue to make facial expressions and laugh and smile completely normally. And know that they are continuing to minimize the look of lines and wrinkles on their face.

In addition to that, people can also be reassured that Botox will only last for 3 to 4 months. Therefore, they are not even going to cause lasting effects to their muscles. Which should also give them important piece of mind.

Before a person starts any cosmetic procedure. They should sit down with their dermatologist and have a conversation about the procedure.

As well as their expectations. So that they can be comfortable knowing whatever procedure they decide on. Is going to end up with the results they desire.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | What To Know About Botox Injections

There are many different treatments their dermatologist can recommend people, from an acne scar treatment Edmonton. Two procedures that are very different such as Botox injections.

It is very important that the dermatologist understands exactly what kind of result people are looking for. So that they can recommend the right treatment. And allow people to manage their expectations.

Since acne scar treatment Edmonton is going to be something that permanently affects the top layers of their skin. It can only be used for treating scars and wrinkles that are already there.

Whereas Botox on the other hand does not affect the skin at all. But affects the muscles. To prevent them from forming lines increases in the first place. And softening the look of lines that are already there.

Because Botox is an injection. People need to ensure that the dermatologist is using staff that have the right certifications. That are required in order to administer Botox.

Botox needs to be injected by a certified healthcare worker. Such as a licensed practical nurse, registered nurse or nurse practitioner.

Or, it can be administered by doctors, plastic surgeons and dermatologists. All of those healthcare professionals. Can have their credentials searched for and found online. To give people peace of mind that they are knowledgeable in giving injections.

If people are not knowledgeable about giving injections, and especially Botox. They can end up injecting the Botox incorrectly. Which while not life-threatening.


Can end up with a look that people do not desire. Such as if they do not injected Botox high enough on the forehead. Not only will they not decrease the look of wrinkles on their forehead.

But they will also cause their eyebrows to fall. If they inject the Botox too far down. Which could cause people to look completely different. In a way that might be embarrassing.

And would have to live with that look until the Botox wears off, three or four months later. Therefore the right to healthcare workers injecting Botox is important.

It is also important to note that Botox is not systemic. Which means it stays where it is injected. And is not travel throughout the body by any means. For example through the vascular system.

And because of that, it does not result in any side effects from the medication. Although people may find that they can be red or bruised from the needle itself.

They also might find that the injection sites are slightly irritated. Which may cause people to want to avoid putting makeup on for the first day after treatment.

However, that is just a preference. And many people ask their dermatologist to apply their makeup for them. So that they could go from Botox to the office. Or go to a night out looking great.

Before anyone gets any cosmetic procedure done, whether Botox or acne scar treatment Edmonton. They need to talk to a dermatologist. In order to find out what treatments do, and how it may affect them. So that they can get the right procedure done.

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