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Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Why Botox is Beneficial

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Why Botox is Beneficial

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Why Botox is Beneficial

If people are looking for a cosmetic treatment that affects the top layer of their skin, they should consider an acne scar treatment Edmonton. But if they are looking for a laser treatment to minimize the look of lines and wrinkles. They may want to consider Botox instead.

The reason why they should consider Botox instead of a laser treatment such as acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is because the differences in the two procedures.

While the laser treatment is going to be permanent, and affects the top two layer of skin in a person’s face. It also has a long healing time, and can be quite damaging, so it should be used very seldom.

While Botox on the hand is not permanent. Which means people are never going to run the risk of overdoing their cosmetic treatments. And having a look to their face that is unnatural.

How Botox is different, is in the treatment itself. The laser treatment uses a highly focused laser beam of light. And that laser beam heats up the skin to an extremely high temperature.

Which burns off the top layer of skin. What this does, is it inspires the body to produce a lot of collagen to the face. Which can help bring out a youthful appearance.

And at the same time, it causes the top layer of skin to peel off, and new, younger skin will grow in its place. If a person gets an acne scar treatment Edmonton done too often. They could risk doing damage to their face by repeated laser burns.


While Botox on the other hand not only has no side effects, it does not cause any defect in the body at all. Which can be very desirable, to help people avoid getting too many procedures done.

Help talks works, is by injecting the Botox directly into the muscles of the face. Which inhibits movement. And that softens the look of lines, by being unable to make the motions that cause the skin to wrinkle.

And while many people are afraid that it is going to cause their muscles to stop working while the Botox is in their system. People do not need to worry so much about this.

Because it only inhibits movement, not prevents it entirely. Therefore people will still be able to smile, laugh and look natural. But with a much softer look to their face.

In addition to that, people need to understand that Botox will also prevent them from developing more lines and wrinkles on their face.

Because of that inhibited movement. So it will help keep them looking younger. In addition to minimize the lines that they have already developed.

By understanding the differences between these two treatments. Can help the patient and their dermatologist decide what treatment is best together. About what procedure is most beneficial for them. And the intended result the patient wants to have.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Why Botox is Beneficial

When people are looking for treatment to help them regain a youthful appearance, they may want to consider Botox instead of acne scar treatment Edmonton. For a wide variety of reasons.

Botox is not permanent, and while many people think that that is less desirable. Many people prefer it. Because it will not end up with them having a face that looks overdone, or has had too much work to it.

By looking more natural, many more people are more comfortable doing this. For example, men are getting Botox to a much higher degree than ever before.

In fact, according to the American Society of plastic surgeons. The percentage of men getting Botox has increased 337% within the last twenty years alone.

As well, the instances of believe is in Botox as a preventative measure have gone up. Because not only can it soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

But Botox can also prevent lines from forming, by inhibiting those muscles from working. Which will ensure that the skin does not bend a way that creates ankles.

Acne scar treatment Edmonton on the other hand. It is very beneficial, but only affects the layers of skin on top. And will not prevent wrinkles from forming.

And even if the acne scar treatment Edmonton is very successful. They are not going to be venting getting wrinkles in the future. Which may make getting another laser treatment necessary in the future.

Therefore, some dermatologists recommend that people get Botox on an ongoing basis even after they did the laser procedure. So that they can protect their skin even more.

And while many people are nervous about Botox. Not only is it not systemic. Which means it does not go anywhere else in the body. Then where it is injected.

But it is also not going to give any side effects at all. Which is why doctors are using it to treat young children with a large amount of Botox. So people using it cosmetically should not worry.

The only side effects that people need to worry about, are side effects that any needle might cause. Such as redness, a bit of bleeding and some bruising. And that Aaron Tatian may last for an entire day.

And unlike of laser treatment, that requires days or weeks of healing time. People who get Botox can go back to the office or go out for an evening. And even makeup at the same time. To feel their best.

The only thing that patients need to be cautious about, is that their dermatologist’s office uses certified healthcare professionals. Because the person injecting the Botox needs to be knowledgeable.

Otherwise that could end up with unintended consequences. For example, instead of eliminating the look of lines on a forehead. An unskilled person can cause the eyebrows to fall.

Especially if they inject the talks too far down, instead of higher up on a person’s forehead. Therefore, understanding that the dermatologist uses professionals is very important.

A person should have a free consultation with Edmonton dermatology, in order to be comfortable with the procedure. And whether it is a laser treatment, or Botox. Comfort with the procedure is vital.

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