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At Edmonton Dermatology we have two areas we serve our clients. On our medical side. we offer professional medical services that make your skin healthier and equally more beautiful. On our cosmetic side we make your skin more beautiful and healthier looking. We do everything for the health and beauty of your skin no matter the reason you come to see us. That is our goal.

We feel you can achieve both healthy and beautiful skin no matter where you sit on the spectrum. If you need medical attention or a medical procedure you will need a referral to see our dermatologists. For anti-aging or aesthetic services, you may call our clinic to book an appointment where no referral is needed.

When it comes to our aesthetic services, anti-aging is the number one reason our clients come to us for help. They want to make their skin look and feel younger. We offer many services and products that help with this area. Anti-aging solutions are for anyone who wants help in reducing the age and therefore look of your skin. We can help minimize the damage to your skin that the sun and heat have caused. At Edmonton Dermatology we can address the scars you may have from any scrapes and cuts. We also go in depth on treating acne and the scars it can leave. Anti-aging is an umbrella term for maintaining your skin.

One of the first things we get asked is how do I stop my face from aging. There is no answer as you might have guessed. Aging is a natural process that we all must succumb to no matter what treatments we have done to our skin or products we use on our face. However, we can stop the speed at which it ages our skin and even reverse some of the damage we have attained. The magic cream that can help with all of this is SUNSCREEN.

Stop inadvertently damaging your skin

That is good news if you are still young and have not damaged your skin already, but you can stop the damage from happening even more no matter where you are on the timeline of life. The effects of the sun in our younger years always catch up to us. This is from the time you first sit exposed to the sun. You are probably getting the picture that the sun is the biggest enemy to our skin.

UVA rays are what cause aging to our skin. They kill the collagen that is present but also steal hydration and nutrients. UVB rays are the burning rays. They are also the ones responsible for causing skin cancer. When you combine the two types of rays it can be very damaging if you do not protect the skin or at the very least limit the exposure. Other things that cause more rapid aging are air pollution and cell phones exposure.

When you hold up the cell phone to your skin the blue light and really all the light hitting the skin can cause aging. One more area that people do not realize that has such a damaging effect on the skin is smoking. Not only is it a pollutant for the body but it can slow down the healing processes. When skin cannot heal itself it deteriorates very quickly.

You may be asking what age I need to start worrying about my skin and its health. When should I start using anti-aging products or heal my skin with anti-aging treatments? The short answer is in your twenties. You are likely already at the age where your skin has stopped growing and rejuvenating itself and it is time to start planning and implementing the anti-aging skincare plan.

Skin stops being able to heal itself

This is the time in your life where your skin’s regrowth starts to recede. By the time you are in your thirties you will have lost half your collagen. Let that sink in but do not let it make you too sad because we have solutions for that in our clinic as well as amazing products for you to use. The goal is to feed your skin the collagen it is missing. We share more on that in a separate blog.

Some people wonder if it is even possible to reverse your age or if it is just a myth with all these fancy treatments and products on the market. There are so many procedures as well as products out there that boast of amazing results. They promise to turn back the clock on your skin. There is some truth to the claims but ultimately at Edmonton Dermatology we want our clients to age gracefully. You cannot reverse a lifetime of aging in a treatment or product.

You can however get some very noticeable results and almost instantaneously, but nothing lasts forever. The good news is you can have these results duplicated repeatedly even once they wear off. You can get an instant reversal of sorts just with filler and Botox alone. You will notice enough of a difference that you will likely start looking at more long-lasting age reversing treatments and the products to supplement them.

Understand it so you can correct it

Once you have understood about aging and how to treat it best it is important you understand how to have an effective skincare routine. You will want to keep the anti-aging results you have gained with how you keep care of your skin in between the treatments. This usually comes down to product. You should use a cleanser that cleans your pores but does not strip your skin of its natural moisture. You will want it to be in a neutral state.

You can follow this with a toner if you like but it is not necessary. After this be sure to use a peptide or Vitamin C. Once that is complete add your HA intensifier. This is a hyaluronic acid product and is best described as a humectant for the skin. It helps the skin hold water. Lastly you will want to apply a sunscreen in the morning only and alternatively a more intense product like Retinol at night.

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