Botox Edmonton | A Botox Breakdown

At Edmonton dermatology we want to help you achieve all of your skincare goals as well as any antiaging concerns you may have and that is why we offer Botox Edmonton treatment. We know how important it is to feel confident in your skin and we do everything for the care and beauty of your skin. We want your skin to be healthy as well as glowing. When you look in the mirror and you are not sure you like what you see there is likely a procedure we can help you with to achieve a younger, healthier appearance. When you enter our clinic you will find a relaxing, clean, inviting environment.
Botox Edmonton
Our front desk receptionist will assist you in filling out any necessary paperwork as well as gathering any missing information. You will have a place to sit and relax while you fill out this paperwork. Our expert nurse injectors will greet you by ushering you to a private room. This is a great time where you can ask any questions or bring up any concerns you may have about Botox Edmonton.
We have many people call us and ask us questions about Botox Edmonton. They usually ask us what it is, is it safe, how long does it last, and of course how much does it cost. We have spoken about a lot of those questions and many other articles but to break it down really quickly this is what we share with these people. Botulinum toxin type A also known as Botox is a toxin which is injected into the muscle. It works by stopping the muscle from receiving messages to move. Essentially this means that the muscle will no longer contract. What that looks like on the surface of the skin is less lines and wrinkles.

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Most people when they think of the word toxin they think unsafe. This makes sense because that is what we are taught however when it comes to Botox the amounts that we use are very low and pose no potential or very little for a toxic reaction. If you were to use a high level of Botox it could potentially be dangerous.
The time that Botox takes to work and take full effect is around 14 days. By this time the Botox effect has peaked. From there every week after the Botox wears off little by little. By the time you reach for months the full effect and essentially any effect is completely worn off. By the time six months comes along your body has rid itself of the Botox completely. Of course there are different factors that play into this as well. If you exercise vigorously your body could potentially metabolize that Botox sooner and it will not last as long.
When you come into Edmonton dermatology we will explain all of these details with you so that you are sure of what to expect when you have your Botox Edmonton treatment. Please call our clinic for a complimentary consultation.

Botox Edmonton | Please Do Not Do This

At Edmonton dermatology we do our very best to keep you safe no matter what procedure you have done on your skin and this includes Botox Edmonton. We want you to know all the details of what this procedure is, how long it will last and what to expect when you have it done. Not only do we explain all of this, we also help you to get the best results for your anti-aging skin care needs. You may have already done some research and know some of these things but we will be sure you understand the whole picture. When you are thinking about having Botox Edmonton done there are some things you want to keep in mind that will help you to make the right decision of where to have it done and who to have it done by.
One thing we strongly advise against is going to a “Botox party”. This is a trend that is been going on for a while and it does cause us alarm when we think about this method of having Botox administered. Some of the issues we have with this is the lack of sterility. If you are not in a clean environment with clean tools the risk of infection goes up. Another thing that concerns us is that the lighting could be too dim. Good lighting is very important to seeing everything you need to see when you are administering Botox Edmonton. Another area that concerns us is that proper patient positioning is not being taken seriously when being given Botox.

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There is a reason why the patient or client needs to be in a laying position when having the Botox done. Even the position of the head being right makes a big difference. We know how important this is because we have seen horror stories of clients having Botox administered and then having drooping eyelids after. Keep in mind Botox takes up to four months to wear off. If you have drooping eyelids, this will not go away for up to four months. All of these concerns we have can lead to complications.
If you experience any sudden changes to your health please see your doctor. Such things could be anything from trouble swallowing or breathing to having a headache or flu-like symptoms. If you experience any blurred vision or drooling, always seek medical attention.
At Edmonton dermatology we want to not only keep you safe but happy with the results after you have had your treatment with us. Before you leave your appointment we are sure to remind you. Of all the things you need to do in order to have the full perfect Botox Edmonton experience. Please call our clinic for a complimentary consultation and we will be sure to sit down with you. This is where you will want to have your questions and concerns brought up. So that we can answer and help you feel confident in the choice that you make to have Botox.