Botox Edmonton | Botox is more than Cosmetic

At Edmonton dermatology we want you to have all the information you need when choosing to have Botox Edmonton. We care about our clients and the health and beauty of their skin. Also we know that each person has their own particular idea and needs that are different from anyone else’s. We tailor every plan to be very specific per person.
Botox Edmonton
When people think of Botox they likely think of cosmetic purposes only. This is actually not the whole picture when it comes to the back story of Edmonton Botox. Botox originally was used for purposes in treating eye disorders. When the doctors used Botox to treat the muscles around the eyes to help calm them down. And stop them from making the excessive movements they discovered that the muscles between the eyes were affected from the Botox and froze them as well. Fast forward a few years and Botox was introduced and approved by the FDA to be used in the cosmetic field. So you can see that Botox Edmonton was discovered as a cosmetic procedure indirectly.
Botox has been around for more than 30 years and because of that. It has gained acceptance to be used for many indications. Typical medical conditions that are treated with Botox are over sweating such as in the hands, feet and underarms as well as for migraines. Even though Botox Edmonton was created for medicinal purposes, it is now widely accepted as a cosmetic procedure.

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As you can see Botox has been life-changing for many people around the globe. It is not only used as a superficial enhancement for smoothing the lines and wrinkles we find on our faces but it’s also been used for many years in medical procedures. The quality of life is improved for those that use it beyond just for cosmetic purposes. However, when used as a cosmetic procedure it can be said that Botox improves the quality of life for people as well.
At Edmonton dermatology we always want to help our clients improve the quality of their life. Whether we are treating a medical condition or a cosmetic condition we approach every client to help with the health and beauty of their skin. Our main goal is to make sure you love your skin and feel good in it. That is our main goal for you to have healthy skin and to love what you see in the mirror. Botox Edmonton helps with that goal.
Please call our clinic at Edmonton dermatology. And we will be more than happy to offer you a complimentary consultation at your earliest convenience. One of our expert nurse injectors will review with you how the procedure will help you to achieve turning back the clock on your aging skin. When it comes to aging we have many different options and price points to serve you best. Everything we do is for the health and beauty of your skin. Call our clinic today and we’ll book you into the next available appointment.

Botox Edmonton | Botox Knows No Age Or Gender

When it comes to Botox Edmonton, you may think of Edmonton dermatology. If you want a professional to administer your Botox this is the place to go. We have many expert nurse injectors as well as our doctors to provide you with the best, most professional, and safest procedure for your antiaging skincare needs. Some of the things that we hear potential clients say or think are that they believe Botox is for older women. Essentially they think that Botox is only used by older women. The statistics show a different story when it comes to the use of Botox.
In general people believe that Botox is used by older women to smooth out the lines, creases, and wrinkles on their faces. As we’ve shared before Botox originally was used for medical purposes. It was indirectly discovered as a great way to treat muscles in other areas of the body like on the face. If a muscle can be manipulated for medical reasons and not have harmful side effects, then it’s reasonable to believe that it can be used for cosmetic reasons as well. When it comes to Botox Edmonton there is no specific gender that prefers it over the other. Typically it is used more often by women. However, men generally have started to accept it as a great way to treat the lines around their eyes, the crows feet.

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Also younger and younger ages are working this procedure into their daily lives. You must keep in mind that what is used for an older person with more lines and wrinkles can be adjusted to treat a younger face to treat those same lines and wrinkles. It is all a matter of the dosage. People as young as in their 20s have begun to widely accept the use of Botox Edmonton. It is not the same taboo procedure that it used to be. And if you think about the effect that Botox has on the muscle. Whereby the muscle is relaxed and doesn’t contract. You would probably understand that if you use it when you’re younger the lines and wrinkles are not able to continuously be etched into the face.
At Edmonton dermatology we do everything for the health and beauty of your skin. That is our main goal. If you want to keep your skin healthy and smooth then Botox is a perfectly great solution to do that. The younger you start using Botox the more preventative your antiaging plan turns out to be.
Please call our clinic to book a complimentary consultation with our expert nurse injectors. So that you can decide if Botox is the right procedure to fit into your antiaging care plan. We will help answer any questions and concerns you may have. As well as come up with a detailed plan of how Botox can help you now and in the long run with your antiaging skincare needs. We would love to see Botox Edmonton help you with those needs.