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At Edmonton dermatology we feel it is our responsibility to give good information about Botox Edmonton. We want you to know the truth about this procedure as well as what to expect if you have it done. There should be no surprises. We want you to have all the information you need to make a good decision. In the next few paragraphs we will share with you some of the most common myths and what the truth actually is surrounding those.
Botox Edmonton
One of the most common myths we hear is that Botox Edmonton is toxic to your body. This is not true, yes Botox is a toxin but the amounts that are used to help smooth out the fine lines and wrinkles you find on your skin are in such a low quantity that it poses little to no risk of a toxic reaction. Another thing we hear quite commonly is that Botox is permanent. Botox is not permanent; it comes into full effect within 14 days but every week after that it wears off a little bit at a time. By four months it is completely worn off and by six months it has completely left the body.
Another myth we hear is that serums and creams can work like Botox Edmonton. If this were true that would mean the creams and serums would have to penetrate the skin deep enough to the muscular level. This would also mean that the screams and serums would have to be FDA and health Canada approved. These would never be sold over-the-counter. Muscles are genetically made and programmed to move. This causes the dynamic wrinkles you see on your face. This is not going to be fixed on the surface with a cream or serum. You must target the muscle level.

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Many people feel anxious that even though Botox works really well it is painful to have done. There is a minor discomfort when it comes to having the syringe poke the skin but it is so short-lived that it is almost forgettable. When the syringe pushes the Botox and you do not actually feel that part of the process. However we do have ways of bringing some of the discomfort you might feel down. We can put some ice on the area that will be poked before we do anything. One little extra thing we like to do is give a little countdown like three, two, one right before we poke your skin. This helps bring any anxiety down of when you are going to be poked.
One thing we hear that is almost comical is that Botox is so simple anyone can give an injection. While yes anyone can push a syringe do they know where to place the syringe and how deep to go? This is not something you want left up to just anybody. You want to make sure you choose someone like Edmonton dermatology to administer your Botox Edmonton treatment. We are highly trained and have a lot of experience in this procedure.

Botox Edmonton | Botox Does Not Work Right Away

At Edmonton dermatology we like to train our staff as well as any clients that come in about all of the truths around Botox Edmonton. A lot of misinformation is floating around on the Internet nowadays. We would like to share a little more about what Botox is and what it is not.
Something we hear a lot is that Botox is a chemical and can become physically addictive. This is not true. The only thing that you might feel an addiction to is how good you feel after you have Botox Edmonton done because your skin looks that much better. You like the way you look and how it makes you feel. That can become addicting. We do not think that is a bad thing.
There is a lot of confusion around Botox versus fillers. Essentially Botox help decrease fine lines and wrinkles by stopping the muscles from moving. Once the muscles stop moving the skin can no longer make increases. Fillers on the other hand fill out the sagging parts of your face. I said you might remember me saying that Botox hurts only when you feel the prick and after that nothing else is felt. Fillers on the other hand you feel the prick and you feel the liquid going into the skin. That might be the best way to describe the difference between Botox Edmonton and fillers.

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One thing people worry about when getting Botox is that it will take a lot of recovery time. This is not true. The recovery time is really just felt in the room right after being pricked with the syringe. You might have a little bit of raised bumps where you have been poked and even maybe a little bit of bleeding but that is the only place recovery is needed. We do suggest you do not massage those spots, let them heal on their own. We do not want you risking moving the Botox Edmonton into other areas as it could cause drooping eyelids.
Botox will make you look emotionless is another myth that we want to bust. If your goal is to look frozen that of course is possible. We use more Botox to do that. However most of our clients like a softer, more subtle approach to wrinkle reduction. For the first time having Botox we suggest you follow this rule as well. We want you to have some emotion show up on your face so that you do not feel like a completely different person when you look in the mirror.
Some people are very surprised when they have Botox done and they do not see the results immediately. Please do not be alarmed. This is very natural and very typical. It takes 7 to 14 days to see the full results of Botox on your face. Some people might see it in as little as 2 to 3 days. Some people see it within hours after their first treatment. All of these are acceptable responses to Botox.