Botox Edmonton | Do Over The Counter Creams Work

When you come to Edmonton dermatology for your Botox Edmonton treatment, we will share the facts with you before you have treatment. We want you to make an informed decision so that you are happy with the results that you achieve having Botox. Every decision and procedure we perform is done for the health and beauty of your skin. We not only want you to have healthy skin but also to have beautiful skin. The opposite is also true that we not only want you to have beautiful skin but healthy skin.
Botox Edmonton
When it comes to Botox Edmonton we want you to be happy with your Botox treatment. You may have even thought to do some home remedies to achieve your anti aging skincare goals. If you have ever seen skin serum or cream sold in the store promising you to achieve the same results that Botox does please be aware that that is impossible. Botox works at the muscular level. When this protein is injected it is injected into the muscle below the skin surface. A serum or cream simply cannot perform at that level. Serums and creams are topical in nature. When you think about a serum or cream you would think that it sits on the surface of the skin. So logically you would understand that it cannot and does not reach the muscular level to even have any effect on the muscle.

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If a serum and a cream could do what Botox Edmonton does which is have an effect on the muscles actions you would know that it would need to be FDA approved as well as health Canada approved. This kind of serum or cream would not be sold over-the-counter. Please do not waste your time, your money, or your efforts in trying to achieve at-home results using serums and creams.
At Edmonton dermatology we are experts in the skincare field and who have Botox Edmonton injected into your skin we use proper Botox doses, proper equipment, and expert nurse injectors. We do not take any shortcuts and have your best interests in mind at all times. We do not promote any serums or creams that promise to give you results that we know they cannot give.
Something to keep in mind about the nature of your muscles and the effect Botox has on them is that the Botox affects the muscles directly at the neuro muscular Junction. That is a level that only a syringe could access.
Muscles are genetically programmed to move. The moving of the muscle causes the skin to crease and after prolonged muscle movement the skins creases become more prominent and possibly deeper. Of course time and gravity have a role in this as well. So in a nutshell the muscles cause dynamic wrinkles. Botox in essence stops those muscles from sending the message to make those creases. Over time a resistance is built by the Botox so that do not over utilize those muscles and therefore the creases are smoothed out as well.

Botox Edmonton | Botox Is Virtually Pain-Free

At Edmonton dermatology we love helping our clients use Botox Edmonton to achieve new skincare goals as well as maintain the look that they love. When our clients look in the mirror we want them to be happy with the results that they see and always feel comfortable to come back to us to have more procedures done. One having a procedure done we want you, our clients to be comfortable in every part of it. Some procedures can be more intense than others. The good news is Botox typically is virtually pain-free.
If you have been nervous to try Botox because you thought it would be too invasive or too painful we are here to share with you that it in fact is quite easy, fast, and mostly pain-free. The procedure itself is very quick and feels just like a little poke on the skin. The protein, Botox when injected is typically not felt. As was said the procedure itself is very short-lived. It can be as quick as five minutes long.
There is no pain after you have the Botox Edmonton injection administered. Once you feel that initial prick, that is the only pain you will feel. If you are still nervous we have other things we can offer that will help keep you comfortable. We can administer some ice to numb the skin first before we inject the needle. One thing that our expert nurse injectors are amazing at is talking through everything as they do it. This helps you to relax and expect when you will feel the prick. You will even hear them give a countdown of 3, 2, 1, prick. Then it’s on to the next location. Where the same 3, two, one will be heard.

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The only telltale sign of having had Botox Edmonton administered will be a small red mark where the new needle injected the skin. You will not feel anything under the skin once that is done. In fact you won’t feel any different when you leave it in dermatology’s office. Actually you will probably feel pretty happy that you had the procedure done. And you can look forward to some amazing results.
At Edmonton dermatology we want your Botox Edmonton treatment to be the most comfortable. As pain-free as possible procedure that gives you the best results on your face or body. Our expert nurse injectors and our doctors take great pride in offering you amazing procedures using top-quality ingredients at an affordable cost. We want you leaving our office with a smile on your face.
Everything we do here at Edmonton dermatology is done for the health and beauty of your skin. We want you to love the skin you are in. When you are ready and feel well informed to make a decision like having Botox we are here to meet your needs and make you feel comfortable while you have this procedure done. So many of our clients rave about the results that they get. And we know they love them when we see them come back to have them done again.