Botox Edmonton | Don’t Mess Up Your Botox

At Edmonton dermatology we want you to be happy with your Botox Edmonton treatment. Everything we do is for the health and beauty of your skin at our clinic. When it comes to any procedure we want you to be happy with the results and have long-lasting results. So it is our duty to share with you some of the things you need to watch for after you’ve had your Botox treatment.
Botox Edmonton
You finally made the decision to come in and have Botox Edmonton injected into the muscles of your face to help with the antiaging process. However, once you have had this procedure done we want to make sure that you are happy with the results that you see in the mirror. There are some things you will want to keep in mind when you leave the clinic. After you have this Botox procedure done.
Once the Botox Edmonton has been injected into the muscles along the brow line and essentially anywhere on the forehead you will want to be careful not to put your body in certain positions. One such position would be the downward dog position. If you have ever been to yoga you will know what this is but essentially it is where your head is down and that means the gravity is working against you and where the Botox was placed in your forehead.

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If this Botox moves from the specific spot it was injected it can move down into the eyebrows and cause your eyebrows and eyelids to droop. This is something we do not want because for one thing it is not the look that anyone is going for and for another it takes 3 to 4 months. For that to completely wear off and for everything to go back to a natural look.
Another thing you’ll want to avoid doing even though you will be so tempted. Is to not massage or touch the pricked site on your forehead or wherever you had the Botox Edmonton injected. If you massage in these areas you can cause the substance to move and affect other muscles around it. This is also something that can cause drooping eyelids and that is still not a look that we want you to have.
Along these lines you will also want to avoid icing the areas that were pricked. This seems ironic because you could ice those areas before you had Botox. But if you are touching and moving on those same spots after with ice it could. Also cause the substance to move to other muscles and cause problems with drooping eyelids and eyebrows.
At Edmonton dermatology we do everything we can to help you with the health and beauty of your skin. This is why we are very careful to share with you all of these points of interest before you leave the clinic. We want you leaving the clinic happy and satisfied with the Botox treatment you have been given.

Botox Edmonton | Other Things To Know After Botox

When you come into Edmonton dermatology you will see that we have a very professional, caring and calm environment to have your Botox Edmonton treatment. Our receptionist will gladly meet you and offer you. The paperwork you will need to fill out before you get started with any procedure that we offer at our clinic. Everything that we do we approach with an attitude that our clients skin should be beautiful and healthy.
When you come in for Botox Edmonton treatments we want you more than satisfied and leaving with a confident glowing smile. Facial rejuvenation at its finest is our ultimate goal. You have finally come in to have some treatments done to help you feel and look younger. Botox fits the bill for this goal. So now you’ve had Botox with us and you are ready. To leave and enjoy this new treatment but you’re not sure what you can and cannot do after you had it. What I will share next is some more information about other things you should do and not do after Botox.
When you get to your car and you check out your face in the mirror. You will probably be tempted to touch the spots that were poked. Be sure to avoid massaging those spots, let them heal and close up on their own. There is a risk that you will move the Botox from where it was injected to a different spot on your face and that can cause issues with drooping eyelids and brows. Please do not massage anywhere that you have any redness or even any bruising.

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Other things to avoid consuming after you’ve had Botox Edmonton treatment is alcohol, pain relievers, and blood thinners. These particular things may worsen the bruising if you have any from the Botox treatment. You may have bruises already but those items can expand the bruise and we do not want you to have any extra.
Another major thing to avoid is other facial treatments after you’ve had Botox. Those other facial treatments like microdermabrasion or silk peels etc. Can also cause the Botox substance to move from one muscle to another place on the face. Again this can cause eyelid and brow drooping. This is not a look that we want you to have after you had Botox.
After you have Botox you might think you’ll have no expression on your face. Of course if enough Botox is used that could be true however. Most people are left with some enough muscle use to make some facial expressions. Therefore after Botox it is a smart idea to practice. Those facial expressions by lifting your eyebrows up and down and making the frown signs. This is the best way to massage in Botox Edmonton because it is the natural way. It is not a lot of heavy manipulation, it’s just enough to massage in the Botox substance.
At Edmonton dermatology we want you to leave our clinic with the best look and the healthiest face possible. Please call to book your complimentary consultation and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.