Botox Edmonton | Is Botox Expensive

At Edmonton dermatology, we are very excited to treat people’s skin so that they have a newfound love for their skin this includes Botox Edmonton. Everything we do is for the health and beauty of your skin. With Botox Edmonton we treat this procedure the same way as any other procedure. We want you to see results that you are happy with.
Botox Edmonton
As we have mentioned before Botox started as a medication for a physical treatment but became a way to help with softening the lines on a person’s face. It is injected into the muscles control which relaxes the muscle group thereby causing the muscles to stop creasing the skin. With Botox Edmonton you can see lasting results very early on with little to no side effects. It is incredibly safe and not really all that uncomfortable. When Botox is injected into the muscle it stops the muscle from being able to receive messages. Essentially it stops the muscle from contracting which is what causes the dynamic facial movements and therefore facial creases in the skin.
Results of Edmonton Botox can be seen in as little as three days but typically the best results are seen in 7 to 14 days. It lasts 3 to 4 months and of course depends on your body’s metabolism. If you metabolize quite quickly the results may not last that long. However if you metabolize slowly the results last even longer. But what about the expense of Botox?

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This is a tricky question because just as the plan is very individual so is the dosing. When you come in for complimentary consultation we discussed with you based on your needs and the plan that we set up with you how much Botox you would actually be needing to achieve the results you want.
After we take pictures and discuss a course of action, that is when we talk about how much Botox is needed to achieve the results you prefer and therefore how much that will cost you.
Based on our client’s reaction, the cost is not a substantial cost for the results that you receive. Also knowing that the results last 3 to 4 months. When you break down the monthly cost it’s really not that expensive at all.
Some of our clients here at Edmonton dermatology came in expecting exorbitant costs to having Botox Edmonton only to find out that it was worth the price. The overall effect brought more value to them when they looked in the mirror than the cost that came from their wallet. We have yet to hear someone who regrets having Botox treatment. The other thing that we can do for the first time when you have Botox treatment is to start conservative. This brings the cost down of course but still allows you to see the wonderful effect that Botox has on your overall look. The next time you come in you can decide if you want to have more. Or if that plan was exactly what you needed and just continue with that amount of Botox.

Botox Edmonton | What To Expect After Botox

At Edmonton dermatology we are always looking out for the health and beauty of your skin especially when we administer Botox Edmonton. When you come into our clinic you will find we are very professional, informative, and welcoming. We want you to feel comfortable when we are dealing with your skin. Everything that we do to you we always discuss beforehand with you. There will be no surprises or hidden costs but only upfront honest communication with you so that you have the desired results that you want when it comes to your skin. We sit down with you and come up with a plan that works for you and that fits within your budget.
You might be wondering after you’ve had Botox Edmonton what is your next course of action. We discuss all of this with you in our consultation and especially after you’ve had the procedure. We are interested in the health and beauty of your skin. After you’ve had Botox you will want to keep a few things in mind. These things are to help you achieve the results you want and keep the lasting effects that they provide. One thing we do recommend is that you will limit the exercise. That you are involved in immediately after the Botox treatment.
Although there is little to no downtime if you are going to be exercising strenuously. Where you break a sweat that could cause the Botox to break down in the muscle differently. Possibly you won’t have the same lasting effect of the Botox. So that is why we suggest you do not have strenuous exercise the same day you had Botox. Another suggestion is to not lay down within the first few hours after Botox so that the Botox stays where it has been administered.

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If you were to lay down it could potentially move because of gravity and we don’t want that. We want you to stay in an upright position with your head up so that the Botox Edmonton stays in the muscle that it was administered into. These limitations are really the only limitations that we suggest.
Another thing to keep in mind is you may have a little bit of redness on the skin where the needle poked. This is completely normal and expected. This will also go away soon after. Another limitation to keep in mind is not to massage. The area where you had the needle poked and the muscle injected. Again this is to keep the Botox in place where we expertly chose to put it.
One last thing that we suggest after you’ve had Botox Edmonton administered. Is to practice lifting your eyebrows for a few minutes every so often in the first few hours. This just gently helps to massage the Botox into place gently. It also doesn’t allow for it to move from the targeted muscle.
At Edmonton dermatology we discuss all of this in our consultation with you. You don’t need to worry that you won’t remember all the right things to do. We give you step-by-step advice and you will leave our clinic feeling. Confident ,excited and glad that you took the step to have this procedure.