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At Edmonton dermatology we want to help you take years off with Botox Edmonton. You have probably scowled the Internet looking for information on how to turn back the clock on your skin. While you have found the right place to find out more information about this particular topic right here in this article. At Edmonton dermatology we offer many procedures and products that help you turn back the clock as well as feel great in the skin that you’re in. Everything we do is for the health and beauty of your skin. We want you to feel great but we also want to keep you safe in how you approach your skincare and antiaging needs. This is why we will help you understand how Botox Edmonton can help you.
Botox Edmonton
When you think of Botox Edmonton you probably think of toxins because you have heard that word floating around on the Internet or the news. We will dispel the myth that Botox is toxic to your body in this article. First of all, what Botox is is important to understand. It is called botulinum toxin type A and it is a substance that disrupts muscle movement by paralyzing the muscles. A syringe delivers the Botox to the muscular level to do this. In turn the effect is a muscle that no longer moves therefore the skin no longer creases and wrinkles.

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This is good news when you think about the lines on your face that you do not want to see when you look in the mirror at a selfie. When you think of having this toxin in your body you might be worried that it could harm you but this is not possible. When it comes to your face the amounts that are needed to be effective are very small amounts. At this level there is little to no toxic potential.
The other interesting thing about Botox Edmonton is that this substance does not last forever in the body. Once it is injected the full effect peaks around 14 days and every week thereafter the Botox wears off. This means that the muscles regain their function as if you never had Botox before. By four months the muscles have regained all of their function. By six months your body no longer has the Botox in it at all. This is great news if you did not like the effect that Botox provided but it can be disheartening if you loved it. The best news is that you can easily book another appointment with Edmonton dermatology to have your Botox done again.
When you first come in to have Botox administered by us you will be asked to fill out paperwork to be sure we know your medical history. All subsequent appointments will go much faster as long as no information has changed. Every time you have Botox done you will have before pictures taken so that we can make comparisons with your before and after Botox looks.

Botox Edmonton | What To Look For Before Botox

At Edmonton dermatology we want you to have all of the information you need to make a good decision on whether you want to use Botox Edmonton for your anti-aging skin care plan. When you come into our clinic we love to sit down with you to go over any details that we think are necessary to know as well as answer any of the questions and concerns you may have. We do everything for the health and beauty of your skin.
When you are looking for the right place to have your Botox Edmonton treatment done you will want to make sure you do your homework. There are many things to keep in mind as you are researching where to have your Botox done. You will want to make sure you find a licensed, reputable doctor and or nurse with experience in this field. You should ask for before and after photos to see what their work looks like.
One more thing you want to consider is having fillers done at the same time that you have Botox. The first time you have Botox you might want to have just a Botox treatment but any subsequent visits after it is easy to add on a filler treatment. Once you are comfortable with having Botox, adding filler on can really help with the full facial rejuvenation. Botox helps diminish the fine lines and wrinkles as well as creases by paralyzing the facial muscles. Filler on the other hand helps fill in the gaps and volumize sagging parts and areas of an aging face. These two procedures work hand-in-hand very well.

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One last area that you will want to pay attention to is your friends who get Botox Edmonton done you may want to ask them where they got it done and how it felt for them. Very often we receive referrals from our clients. The work that we do on their skin speaks for itself. Once they have received Botox Edmonton from us their friends notice how much smoother they look and inquire about our clinic. This is the biggest compliment to us because we know that at Edmonton dermatology we have done our best work by helping our clients to feel confident and proud of how they look. A younger, smoother and glowing complexion is always the goal for us and our clients.
We would love to help answer any questions or concerns you may have around this procedure. Please call our clinic to book a complimentary consultation to have those answered. Our expert nurse injectors and doctors are more than willing to sit down with you. And discuss a plan of action of how to make your skin look the best that it can. We want to help you take years off your smile. Everything we do is for the health and beauty of your skin. So that you can look your best and feel confident wherever you go.