Botox Edmonton | What Else Can Botox Do

At Edmonton dermatology we want to make sure you have all of your questions answered when it comes to Botox Edmonton. We do our best to help you feel confident and satisfied with the answers that you find with us. When you come into our clinic you will be asked to fill out some information. This is information for us to know your background involving your skin. This also includes your skin care needs and desires. Not only do we not want any surprises, we want you to always love the skin you’re in. We do everything we can for the health and care of your skin.
Botox Edmonton
You may be interested to know that Botox Edmonton was not created for cosmetic purposes. This product has been around for decades but its use did not start in the cosmetic industry. Botulinum toxin was created to help with the muscles around the eyes. Muscles that were having issues with being too active. Originally Botox was used for these medical disorders around the eyes, but a side effect that was discovered was that the wrinkles between the brows were softened and eliminated. These wrinkles between the brows run vertically and they are often called the 11s. This was a fantastic side effect because without that discovery we may not have the option of having Botox to solve our antiaging needs and issues.
What started in the industry of medicine to treat medical disorders evolved its use to the cosmetic industry a few decades later. Now Botox has evolved even more than just for headlines and wrinkles but it is also being used for muscles in the neck and jaw. We will discuss that at a later time.

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What’s interesting about Botox Edmonton is that it can be used to treat other things that may not be completely medical but definitely aren’t always cosmetic either. Some of these things are as follows. The over sweating of the hands and feet and under the arms can be very uncomfortable for a lot of people. Botox can help eliminate the movement of the muscles that cause the sweating in those areas. This can bring a lot of relief to people and for their everyday lives. Essentially the Botox turns off the sweat glands. Another area that is easily treated with Botox Edmonton is around the jaw line for TMJ as well as for migraines. Botox stops the muscles from moving and causing the pain that comes with those ailments.
Edmonton dermatology would love to have you come in and sit down with our expert nurse injectors to have any of your questions or concerns addressed. We know there are probably some questions we have not answered in our articles but we would love to hear what you are concerned about. You trust us to help you with your antiaging and skincare needs. We want to make sure you love the skin you are in when you leave our clinic. We do everything for the health and care of your skin.

Botox Edmonton | Botox is not Only for Older Women

Edmonton dermatology we have many clients of different genders and ages that come in to have Botox Edmonton administered. We are never surprised by the variety of lifestyle, ages and genders that have this treatment done. What used to be thought of as an older woman treatment for the aging skin is now being used not only for other ages but also for men as well.
When it comes to Botox Edmonton we see such a variety of ages that you use this product to help smooth out some of the lines and wrinkles that they are starting to see on their skin. If you have Botox younger you are allowing the muscles to not increase the skin on a regular basis. The overall effect of this is that the skin will not have those lines etched in so deeply. If the muscles are not able to contract then they can’t cause creases to the surface of the skin.
The three most common areas that we treat with Botox are; the forehead line wrinkles that run horizontally, the elevens that run vertically between the eyebrows, and the crows feet or smile lines that are found around the eyes. These particular areas seem to be the biggest concern for most people. Botox is easily administered to these areas right into the muscle at the muscular junction level. The users of Botox are becoming younger and younger because they like the look that this provides on their face.

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People as young as in their 20s are starting to become regular users of Botox Edmonton. It is not an age specific treatment anymore. It is also not limited to just being used by women. So it has actually become more common for men to treat the crow’s feet or smile lines around their eyes. Men are just as interested in treating the lines that they are starting to see on their face. They also want to love the skin they are in and the look that they see in the mirror.
At Edmonton dermatology we want all ages and genders to be satisfied with the skin that they’re in. We take our time with individuals to come up with a plan. Of what is needed to achieve the goals that they have in mind. If they are trying to achieve a subtle and smooth look. We are sure to not go two heavy with the amount of Botox Edmonton used. However if they are looking for a more frozen look we adjust the plan to meet those needs as well. We also help to eliminate any concerns or myths from their thoughts as we sit down together and discuss the plan. At Edmonton dermatology we want every client to feel their needs are heard and met. When they leave our clinic we want them to love the skin that they’re in and of course come back to have it treated again.