Myths about Botox debunked

While many people have no doubt heard about Botox, according to Edmonton Dermatology. There’s a lot of misinformation as well as misconceptions about this safe and common cosmetic procedure. The more people can learn about Botox and Dysport, the more informed their decision can be about it in the future. And who better to help us learn, than the experts themselves? – Watch now!

The Advantage of Botox Edmonton

Andrea Arcane, is a Licensed Practical Nurse at Edmonton Dermatology, and is extremely knowledgeable about Botox and Dysport injections. One of the first things she wants patients to know, is that Botox is a medicine, made up of compounds that are found naturally within the body. The medical name is Clostridium botulinum, a Health Canada and FDA approved medication for use in this country.

What are the uses of Botox

This purified protein is injected into muscle for the sole purpose of relaxing the muscle. While Edmonton Dermatology uses Botox Edmonton for cosmetic purposes, there are dozens of other medically related uses for this important medicine. According to the Mayo Clinic, Botox is also used for neck spasms, known as cervical dystonia, and excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis. Patients get Botox to prevent chronic migraines, eliminate pain from temporomandibular jaw disorders, overactive bladders and to correct lazy eyes.

Because Botox is an injectable that is used to temporarily prevent muscle movement, it’s also an effective cosmetic treatment. By preventing the muscle to have its full range of motion, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are also reduced or eliminated. Andrea says that this is one cosmetic treatment that people don’t have to worry about overdoing, because the effects of Botox are temporary, lasting approximately three to four months.

Why we recommend it

Therefore, Edmonton Dermatology is a leading expert in Botox Edmonton to help their patients reduce the signs of aging while restoring their youthful appearance with no surgery and no downtime. Whether people are getting ready for a special occasion, like a wedding, anniversary or reunion. Or if it’s a procedure they want for every day, Edmonton Dermatology will be able to help them out. They can call to make an appointment for a consultation to find out more, and if this is the best procedure for them, and their beauty goals.

Botox Edmonton is injected into specific muscles that are used in creating facial expressions that crease the skin. Common treatment areas for cosmetic Botox injections include frown lines, crow’s feet and the forehead. However, before any patient goes into any clinic to get this type of injectable treatment, they should understand that this is an injectable medication, and only certain authorized individuals can administer this medication. According to the College of Registered Nurses of Alberta, only RPNs, RNs, and LPNs can be authorized to administer any medications and substances by injection.  Therefore, only clinics who hire nurses, like Edmonton Dermatology can provide this kind of treatment.

Trained Professionals only

And before the nurses can give Botox Edmonton injections, they also need to be educated specifically on the medication, whether Botox or Dysport. And also be able to personally assess a client prior to administering the medication. Which means, if anyone is interested in getting an injectable filler like Botox, a consultation is necessary. To ensure each patient is well suited for the treatments, Edmonton Dermatology ensures all of their consultations are free, so even if the patient decides not to proceed, due to the information they learn, they don’t have to pay out of pocket.

Anyone wanting to learn more, or find out if they are a good candidate for Botox Edmonton, or any other cosmetic procedure is welcome to reach out to the amazing team at Edmonton Dermatology in order to arrange their free consultation. They can discuss all the benefits, and contraindications and make the decision together if this is the right treatment for them.