Botox Treatments | Be Choosy with Your Friends, Time, and Injector

There are many reasons to want a healthy and sustainable anti-aging routine when it comes to your facial skin. At Edmonton Dermatology we can help you achieve a more vibrant and youthful look. Maybe you are just starting to see lines form or have had them for quite some time. You may be ahead of time and have no lines formed on your skin yet.

Each of these scenarios makes a great candidate for using Botox Injections to help turn back the clock or by pass the aged look altogether, by eliminating the creases that form from repeated expressions of emotion. Things like squinting, smiling, laughing, frowning, and even showing anger or surprise may have etched permanent lines into your skin’s surface. Some creases are subtle, while others are deep, but both can be smoothed out with the use of Botox treatments.

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At Edmonton Dermatology we want to help you achieve healthy looking skin that shows your energy not necessarily your age. Over time and with sun damage your skin will experience a decline in quality and appearance. You may be feeling that you would like to do something about the look of your facial skin. There are so many options out there and places to have anti-aging procedures done. How does one even decide what will be effective, safe, and worth it? This is likely how you found our article.

You started to research on the internet what your options are. We want to help you gather evidence of the benefits of using Botox all to aid you in appearing younger and feeling more confident in your skin. You may have questions or hesitations which is certainly fair. What we will share with you is how you can use Botox as a regular part of your anti-aging routine, with safety and efficacy.

We agree that you need to be choosy with your friends, time, and injector. As you read further, we will help you sort fact from myth when it comes to Botox treatments. You will also come to realize that we are a reputable medical and cosmetic clinic that wants to help you achieve your anti-aging skin care needs using Botox and various other types of skin treatments. We are recognized specialists in the medical and cosmetic arenas of skincare. We have doctors and nurses on staff to meet your needs.

We have all the necessary equipment to help you with Botox Treatments

When you come in to visit us you will notice immediately that our state-of-the-art facility is aesthetically pleasing as well as built to meet the highest professional medical standards. We have all the latest technology and best products to offer our clients. Even the products we sell at our clinic are safe and effective after treatment.

One of the biggest concerns clients have about Botox Treatments is the thought that it may be toxic to the body once injected. Going by its name, botulinum toxin you may believe this to be true. However, Botox is a protein derived from the toxin. Something to keep in mind is the amount used to help smooth out the wrinkles and creases on your face is so small that it poses little to no toxic threat to the body. The wonderful thing about Botox is that it is not systemic in nature. It does not travel throughout the body once it is injected into the muscle.

Why you should consider Botox Treatments

Another important thing to note about Botox is that it is gradually metabolized by the body and by six months’ time there is no trace left. This is both good news and bad. The good is that if you did not enjoy the benefits of smoothed out wrinkles or the sensations of the muscles being weakened then you can rest easy knowing eventually it will wear off and the lines will return on your skin’s surface once the muscles begin to move again.

This usually takes three to four months. The unwelcome news is that if you did like how Botox made you look more youthful by making the lines and creases in your skin almost invisible, you will have to come back in three to four months to have the treatment done again. Either scenario depends on how fast your body metabolizes.

One thing that holds people back from trying Botox treatments is the belief that it is super painful. Often this is the one thing that stops a person from using this non-invasive, safe, and effective anti-aging skincare treatment. Realistically you can expect minor discomfort once the needle pokes the skin. This prick is so fast that you will all but forget about it once you feel it. You do not feel the Botox entering the muscle. The only other pain you may have comes from some additional raised bumps.

Effects of Botox Treatments

By 24 hours this usually disappears. Some have reported minor bleeding or bruising. These are not concerning as it is only from the needle poking through the skin.

The other end of the spectrum is the belief that injecting Botox is so simple that about anyone can be trusted to administer it. You should only trust a reputable doctor or nurse trained and certified in administering Botox. This same professional should also hold a license. You must be choosy when it comes to this procedure and who is performing it. They are the experts because they have extensively studied the muscles and nerves of the face.

Some clients worry that after having Botox treatments performed, they will need a lot of recovery time. However, this is not the case. When you come in to have your consultation and subsequent Botox treatment, you will receive all the essential information to guide your recovery. The biggest thing worthy of noting is that you can come in and have the treatment on your lunch break and still make it back to work on time all the while not revealing you had Botox injected. It really is non-invasive and quick to do.

Additionally, at Edmonton Dermatology we can touch up your makeup right in the clinic. There is virtually no recovery time for a Botox treatment. It will make you look and feel younger without the added fuss of recovery.


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