Dermatologist Edmonton | How Can A CO2 Laser Eliminate Scar Tissue?

One of the reasons why someone might seek out dermatologist Edmonton for laser therapy is to eliminate scar tissue. A CO2 laser is also called laser resurfacing, and can erase signs of aging as well as eliminate scars. Whether this guardians from acne as a teenager, or surgical scars or even from an accident any reason why a person might have a scar, this can be an effective strategy. Scarring can cause embarrassment, or lack of confidence and is often the reason why people seek out this therapy. The good news is, CO2 laser is an extremely effective treatment to help people eliminate scarring on their face and chest, so that they can regain their confidence once more.
The CO2 laser is also considered an ablative laser, which means it cuts the skin. It gets the skin by drilling tiny, microscopic lasers into the second year of skin called the dermis. As the laser cuts through the skin, it also produces heat, which vaporizes the top layer of skin, called the epidermis. As the skin feels away, it peels away scar tissue, leaving the skin underneath scar free. In addition to that, they tiny microscopic holes that have been drilled down to the second layer of skin says dermatologist Edmonton encourages the body to start to produce more collagen.
Since collagen is responsible for the elasticity of skin, and improves skin health and tone as well as eliminate wrinkles, this can help people maintain that youthful glow, especially as their new layer of epidermis grows back. One of the things that people need to take into consideration says dermatologist Edmonton, is that this is an invasive procedure, and therefore the procedure might be slightly uncomfortable, and will require a significant amount of healing time.
Even though this might be a slightly more invasive procedure, people should keep in mind that most people only require a single treatment in order to get the final results that they desire. In fact, the second treatment is only required occasionally, and only for touch ups if people have very deep lines or very heavy scarring, this is the only time a second treatment would need to be used.
If people are wondering if this is the right seizure for them, and if their particular scars can be eliminated, they should contact dermatologist Edmonton in order to arrange a consultation. By letting the therapists on staff examine their face, and offer their expert opinion they can help a person make the decision. While it may not be the right treatment for everybody, it is extremely effective way to eliminate any imperfections they have in the skin, including discoloration, scarring, lines or sagging skin.
Therefore, when people are ready to eliminate the scars on their face, and be able to regain their confidence they should consider CO2 laser therapy. By eliminating their scars, and letting their inner beauty shine through they can enjoy the confidence they once had.
Dermatologist Edmonton | Does The CO2 Laser Eliminate Scar Tissue?
Many people who are looking at laser therapy need to understand that not all lasers are the same says dermatologist Edmonton. In fact, the CO2 laser is also called laser resurfacing and can help eliminate the signs of aging as well as imperfections in the skin including lines, discoloration, and sagging skin. However, because it is a bit more of an invasive procedure, people need to understand this, and be prepared before they get the procedure done.
The first thing that people need to take in consideration, is because it is an ablative laser, this means it is going to be cutting the skin. While many lasers only use heat and light, dermatologist Edmonton says this one will actually drill into the second layer of skin called dermis and drill microscopic holes into that layer of skin. Because of this, many find the procedure is uncomfortable. In order to ensure equity is as comfortable as possible, they will eliminate as much discomfort as possible, by first applying a numbing cream. The next thing they will do, is give patient’s cooling fan they can control. This way, they can point to do any part of their face that they need discomfort from.
The procedure will necessarily take two hours, but that is how long the appointment will be booked for. While some people say it is only slightly uncomfortable, and many say that the feeling is similar to being snapped by a rubber band. Other people have an extremely low tolerance, and may require the therapist to take a longer time. By ensuring the appointment is for two hours, can allow the people with a low tolerance as much time as they need in between lasers, to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible.
Immediately after the procedure, people should expect to have a tender, pink face. Every ecologist Edmonton says that since the laser will be cutting into the dermis layer of their skin, they may have slight bleeding or be a bit crusty as they leave the appointment. This is considered an open wound, and dermatologist Edmonton will have given them a prescription for antibiotics that they should have filled prior to the appointment. This way, if they do get an infection, they be prepared take antibiotics to avoid getting bad.
It is very important that during the next two weeks people are avoiding sun exposure. While avoiding sun exposure after the healing is done is going to be of extreme importance, as is using the very good sunscreen. It is very important that people are avoiding the sun during the healing process, as their new skin goes in and will be extremely fragile. For this reason, many people choose to get this treatment done in the autumn or winter, when the daylight hours are shorter, and people are less likely to want to go side.
This procedure can yield extremely long-lasting results says dermatologist Edmonton. As long as the people that get it done are willing to implement a good skincare routine, and use sunscreen. Therefore they should be following the advice given to them by the clinic prior to leaving, so that they can enjoy the youthful glow of their new skin for as long as they can.