Dermatologist Edmonton | Eliminating The Signs of Aging

There may be many reasons why people would want to eliminate signs of aging, including deep lines, wrinkles and sagging skin says dermatologist Edmonton. No matter what the reason, and CO2 laser treatment can be effective in erasing all of these signs of aging. What this can do, is help people regain that youthful look that make them feel confident that they can enjoy putting their best face forward in all situations.
One of the most important things to note about this procedure, is that in most cases, only one treatment is required to get the results that people are looking for. However, for the blinds or have a scarring, dermatologist Edmonton might recommend touch ups in a couple of areas to ensure that people are happy with how the procedure turned out. One thing that people should understand about CO2 therapy is it is called an ablative laser. Where many lasers use heat and or light to achieve the desired results, this ablative laser means it is going to cut the skin. What this does, is it gives extremely effective results, however people need to understand this might mean a bit more discomfort, as well as a longer healing time.
How this therapy works, is by drilling microscopic lasers into the dermis layer of a person’s skin. What this does, is it gets rid of the collagen in a person’s face. Therefore, the body increases collagen production. Since collagen is an amino acid that provides structural support as well as skin elasticity, an increased production of collagen improves skin tone, tightens the skin, and helps give the look of the skin more youthful glow.
Also, the heat from the CO2 laser also causes the top layer of skin called the epidermis to be vaporized. As the skin peels away, it appeals way scar tissue, allowing new skin to grow in, eliminating fine lines, wrinkles and scars. The heat that vaporizes the top layer of skin also encourages collagen growth, because collagen loves heat. The overall result is produced signs of aging, tighter skin and a more youthful appearance.
When people are getting ready for this treatment, they should understand that not only is it extremely effective in a single appointment, but dermatologist Edmonton also recommends that people do not get this procedure done very often. Not only because it lasts for an extremely long period of time. But also because repeated use of this procedure to often can end up in damage to the various layers of skin, which will lead to volume in the skin being lost. While fillers may be used to add back volume, dermatologist Edmonton says a better plan would to simply follow extremely good skin care routine, and avoid getting it done a second time.
Getting CO2 laser therapy to eliminate signs of aging can help people feel more confident, and help them feel more comfortable in the skin that therein. This can be extremely important, to help people feel and look the way they want.

Dermatologist Edmonton | Fight The Signs of Aging With Laser Treatments

There may be many reasons why people are unhappy with the lines or calls on their face says dermatologist Edmonton. And regardless of why, they should be reassured that a CO2 laser treatment can not only eliminate all signs of aging, but do so with just a single treatment. If people are wondering about if this is the right laser treatment for them, they should contact the office in order to arrange for consultation. They are going to be able to look at each person’s face, let them know if there a good candidate for this therapy.
Because it is a procedure that uses an ablative laser, people should expect that there is going to be some discomfort as the layer actually cuts into their skin. Even though its microscopic holes, there might be discomfort, or bit of pain. Dermatologist Edmonton ensures that prior to every treatment, people get a numbing cream.
While some people do not have any problems with how the treatment feels, and others say it might feel like a rep band snapping. There are some people that have a low pain tolerance. They need to understand that dermatologist Edmonton will be very sensitive to this, and while the appointment might take only thirty minutes, each appointment scheduled will be two hours long so that those that do have a high pain tolerance can take as much time as they need.
In addition to that, people should be reassured that they are going to be getting a cooling fan there going to be able to control to point at any area of the face that needs relief.
At the end of the appointment, because it is an ablative laser people might find that their face is either bleeding slightly, or starting to scab over. There is also the potential to have a bit of crusting, as the white blood cells start the healing process. They should expect this Christina’s of their face to continue until around day three when their face swells, and the crests start to fall off. Because of the crusting and the swelling, dermatologist Edmonton says many people feel most comfortable simply by staying home during the healing process. It may cause people to be concerned, and they do not want to let them know that they are having a procedure done. Therefore, staying home and healing can often be the best course of action.
Dermatologist Edmonton says after the crust falls off, people should start to see their skin peeling off, leaving the skin underneath looking pink. This fragile, brand-new skin is not only extremely fragile, but is extremely sensitive to sun. People need to ensure that they are avoiding all sunlight, and that there keeping it clean which means being careful with plants and implementing good handwashing techniques. At the end of two weeks, they should have a younger looking face, with all signs of aging erased. After this, ensuring that they are following the skin care routine that dermatologist Edmonton laid out for them and using a sunscreen is very important. Following these instructions, people can ensure that the results are lasting for a long time, so that they can enjoy the newfound confidence of a younger, more youthful face.