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Dermatologist Edmonton | Frequently Asked Questions About CO2 Lasers

Dermatologist Edmonton | Frequently Asked Questions About CO2 Lasers

Dermatologist Edmonton | Frequently Asked Questions About CO2 Lasers

Many people have questions for dermatologist Edmonton about the CO2 laser and how effective it is for their skincare needs. People should understand that this is an extremely effective treatment, however it works by drilling microscopic layers into the skin. Not only to help the skin lose collagen so that it can be replaced, but it also vaporizes the epidermis, so that new skin can grow in, allowing people to look fresher. There are many questions that they receive, that can help people understand what the procedure is like, and help them decide if that is the best treatment for them.

The first question that people have dermatologist Edmonton is: what can the CO2 laser treat? This is a great treatment option for people looking to get rid of lines on their face whether they are fine lines or deep lines, and get rid of scarring. It is very effective for scars such as acne, however they recommend that people that have surgical scars on their face come in for consultation to allow their doctors to determine if this is the right procedure for eliminating the scars. Not only is it great for treating scars, but this procedure can also treat sunspots on the face, as well as helping people regenerate their skin on their face to give them a more youthful appearance.

The second question that people often have about this procedure is: how many treatments are required? That is the wonderful thing about this procedure, is that it only takes one treatment to be effective. However, some people may require a touchup if they have very deep lines or heavy scarring. Coming in for a spot touch up in a couple of areas can ensure that people end up with a look that is cohesive. People might find that they have sunspots after treatment, even if they have used sunscreen so dermatologist Edmonton recommends that they come in for a less invasive laser treat those brown spots.

The third question that people often have is: is this procedure only available to be, all face, or can spot treatments be done? This is an effective procedure for people who simply want to eliminate scarring in a certain area. However, this can bring what the best course of action would be is important to be discussed with the doctor, therefore people should come in for consultation to find out if a spot treatment on their scar would be effective.

When dermatologist Edmonton can help people understand the procedure, and answer questions they can help decide if this is a procedure that is right for them. However, people might have additional questions in that case, they recommend coming in for a complete consultation, so that their skincare professionals can look at their face, and make the best recommendation on what treatment plans are in a person’s best interest to give them the results that they are looking for. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that everyone has a look that they are happy with and feel good about.

Dermatologist Edmonton | Frequently Asked Questions About CO2 Lasers

As laser facials become more popular, dermatologist Edmonton says many people are asking questions about the effectiveness of the CO2 laser. While I can be an extremely great procedure for a lot of people, there are a lot of questions that people have. Understanding the answer to these questions can help people understand the procedure, and determine if this is the best treatment for them.

One of the first questions that people often have is: how long does the treatment to take. While to hours is set aside for this procedure says dermatologist Edmonton is not necessarily how long it is going to take. The first half-hour of the treatment is going to be taken up by applying numbing cream and waiting for that to take effect. Because it is an ablative procedure, that is going to cut the skin, numbing cream is needed to help increase people’s comfort level. In addition to that, they will give each person a cooling fan that they control so that they can pull down the spots of their face that are hot.

It is also important to note that because this procedure can be quite hot, they will only do procedure as fast as people can tolerate is dermatologist Edmonton. By going as fast or slow as people can stand, is why they set aside two hours for the procedure. People with a high tolerance can be done in half an hour, while people with low tolerance take the entire time slots. They want to ensure that no matter what, whoever is getting the procedure done is as comfortable as can be at all times.

An important question that people often have is: how long do results usually last? This is one of the most positive things about the procedure, is that the results typically last an extremely long time, especially if a good skincare routine is used in people limit or avoid sun exposure. The reason why good skincare routine is essential is because the process eliminates the top layer of skin, causing the body to generate new skin. This new skin is very fragile, and requires the right care ensure it is kept healthy and happy.

People also ask dermatologist Edmonton what can be expected after treatment. There is two weeks of expected downtime where people are going to be healing from this procedure. Since the lasers do cut microscopic holes into face, it is a pretty big commitment to heal from. The top layer of skin will slough off, as well is people having to heal from the microscopic holes that have been used to encourage collagen production. People should expect to have some swelling show up, and their skin to look pink after it peels away. During this time, people are prone to infections, therefore they need to ensure that there keep the site clean at all times.

By understanding what it is like to get the procedure done, people can make the decision if this is the procedure that is right for them, and help prepare to all of the things that will be required after the procedure is complete. For more questions, people can see their dermatologist Edmonton and get a consultation to find out even more about the procedure, and if their skin would be a good fit.

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