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Receive a no-obligation skin care plan & product that caters to your unique needs.

Dermatologist Edmonton | Getting a Laser Facial

Dermatologist Edmonton | Getting a Laser Facial

Dermatologist Edmonton | Getting a Laser Facial

With all of the advancements in skincare, many people wonder if the laser facial is right for them says dermatologist Edmonton. In many cases, the CO2 laser can be an extremely effective treatment, particularly if people have lines or scarring. This laser work is to not only eliminate lines and scarring on the face, but also works to increase collagen production to help people not only eliminate wrinkles and scars, but build up the collagen so that they can look fresher as well.

To understand how the CO2 laser works, dermatologist Edmonton says that people should understand that there are three layers of skin with the dermis being the top player, the dermis being the middle layer and fat cells being on the bottom. The CO2 laser drills microscopic holes into the skin all the way into the dermis layer. This works two ways, causing a person’s skin to start losing collagen. When that happens, a body works to produce more to replace the collagen that is being lost. This increased collagen production can help people’s skin look fresher and younger. The second way that this laser works, is to vaporized the top layer of skin, the epidermis. When this happens, the body will work to replace that top layer of skin, replacing it with new skin. The combination helps to make a person’s face look refreshed.

When people are looking for a laser facial, they should understand that the CO2 laser treats fine lines as well as deep lines and scarring. Acne scarring is a great example of the perfect type of score for this laser to treats. While surgical scars may be a good option, it can be quite painful for this procedure to go into some deep scars, which is why it is very important that people will need to come into dermatologist Edmonton in order to get a consultation to find out if this is the best procedure for their needs.

One of the great things about this procedure, is that it is so effective, that only one treatment is required. For deep lines or deep scars, touchups might be needed, so people might want to be prepared for a second treatment in certain areas of their face. Not only does it only take one treatment, but as long as the aftercare instructions are followed, this procedure also lasts an extremely long time. Not only does it not require regular repeated procedures, but it actually advised against. Dermatologist Edmonton says that this procedure if overdone, concert to damage the face and effect the volume, therefore they do not advise people get this done often, but take care of their skin afterwards to ensure a can last as long as possible.

This is a great treatment for people who are looking to have a facial that is going to last a long time to help them have healthy, vibrant skin. New collagen and skin is going to ensure that people can put their best face forward, so that they can look and feel their best.

Dermatologist Edmonton | Getting a Laser Facial

All of the various laser options out there, dermatologist Edmonton says the CO2 laser could be an extremely effective treatment for many people. When people are looking for an option to give their face more youthful look, as well as get rid of any deep lines or scars they might have on their face. While this is an effective procedure, people need to understand that they can get their face or their chest done, but it is not advised for the neck. What this procedure will do, is help their body increase collagen production to their face, and takes the top layer of skin off, so that a person’s face can look fresh and youthful.

How this procedure works, is by the laser burning microscopic holes into a person’s skin. A goes into the dermis, and vaporizes the top layer of skin. Because it uses heat during the process, dermatologist Edmonton says that this can be an uncomfortable procedure and people need to be prepared for that. During the procedure, they will give people a fan that they can control to ensure that they feel as comfortable as possible. Also, to ensure that people are as comfortable as possible, they will apply and numbing cream, and it will go as slow as necessary to ensure that people will be able to tolerate the procedure. While those who have a high tolerance can get procedure done in under an hour, people that have a low tolerance may take longer. Therefore, they ensure that two hours are set aside to ensure that nobody feels rushed during this process.

After the procedure, people who are getting the procedure done need to understand that it can be up to two weeks of healing time says dermatologist Edmonton. Not only does this mean they have to avoid sun exposure, but they also may want to stay home and avoid going out. Since this is a fairly invasive procedure, people’s skin might be swollen, and as the skin peels off, so that the new skin can grow in, people might be looking pink in the face. Most people are comfortable to stay home, and avoid being seen while they heal.

Dermatologist Edmonton says that prior to getting the procedure done, they recommend that people are prepared for healing at home by ensuring they have ice packs on hand, and getting their antibiotic prescription filled. Because the procedure does cause microscopic tears in the skin, they have to be wary of bacteria, and antibiotics are often used to ensure that people are not getting an infection.

This can be an extremely effective procedure to help people get the results that they want. However, at all consultation is needed to determine the suitability for each person, and then to let them know what to expect during the procedure and afterwards. However, for the people that this procedure works best on, they can expect extremely long lasting results, so that they can enjoy looking and feeling great.

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