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Dermatologist Edmonton | How Does The CO2 Laser Work?

Dermatologist Edmonton | How Does The CO2 Laser Work?

Dermatologist Edmonton | How Does The CO2 Laser Work?

One thing that many people need to keep in mind when they are considering laser treatment for their face says dermatologist Edmonton. Is that not all laser therapies are the same. There are many lasers out there that do many different things. Therefore, it is very important that people get educated on the different varieties of laser that are out there, and find out all of the information prior to getting procedure done.

The CO2 laser is an extremely effective laser for many people are looking to get facials done says dermatologist Edmonton. However, it is a fairly invasive procedure because the CO2 is what is called an ablative laser. This means it cuts the skin. It does this by using the lasers to drill microscopic holes into the second layer of skin called the dermis. This does two things, it burns the top layer of skin called the epidermis, so that the body works to replace that skin, so that the skin that grows in looks young and fresh. Secondly, by drilling microscopic holes into the dermis, a causes a person skin to lose collagen. Therefore, the body works to produce the collagen that it is losing, giving person more youthful look as well.

People should keep in mind that the CO2 laser is only used to treat a few things including eliminating lines whether there filing lines or deep lines on the face, and eliminating deep scars like acne. While it gives people a more youthful look, it is design purpose is to help eliminate those scars and lines helping people have to look that they want.

The most important thing that many people should keep in mind, is with the CO2 laser, they will only require one treatment. For very deep scars or lines, a touchup may be required is dermatologist Edmonton. But unlike a laser treatment for hair removal that requires multiple treatments, only one treatment of the CO2 laser is necessary. This is very attractive to many people who want to avoid having to go back multiple times in order to get the desired results.

However, dermatologist Edmonton does caution people that while the results last an extremely long time, a person should ensure that they are maintaining a good skincare routine to ensure they maintain the look as long as possible. In they consultation, they will be making suggestions on what kind of skincare routine they should follow after the procedure and healing time is done. Ultimately, people need to understand their growing a new layer of skin, and that new skin will be young and fragile, aiding additional care to stay happy and healthy and to maintain the best results.

Getting a laser treatment done is something that people should do once they have found out all of the facts, and talked to dermatologist Edmonton to verify that it is a great fit for the issues there to correct, and that they can commit to getting the procedure done, as well as the healing process. However, for the people that it is a good fit for, are extremely happy with the results, putting their new look.

Dermatologist Edmonton | How Does The CO2 Laser Work?

There many different laser treatment options available on the market says dermatologist Edmonton. The lot all laser treatments are a good option for every one, the CO2 laser can be an extremely effective treatment not only because it only requires one treatment to achieve the desired results. But also because the results of this treatment often extremely long time. However, people should understand that it is a fairly invasive procedure, and it does require significant aftercare. Therefore, people are considering getting this treatment done, they should find out all the facts associated with the CO2 laser.

One of the most significant things that people should keep in mind, is that if they get the CO2 laser treatments, they should expect two weeks of healing time. This does not just mean that they will have to be careful for two weeks, but most people will want to stay at home for the entire healing process says dermatologist Edmonton. This is a very big commitment for many to., People only need to ensure that they are avoiding sun exposure during the healing process, but that they are doing their best to avoid bacteria so that they do not get infections as well. This may be done most efficiently by staying at home for the two weeks.

In addition to those reasons, people may choose to stay at home during the entire healing time, because of how their face will look during the healing process. As they leave the procedure, they should expect a bit of bleeding, and a bit of Christina’s from the white blood cells, healing the microscopic tears. By the third day, a person should expect to start seeing swelling in their face, which may be alarming to other people. While it is completely fine, this also causes the cresting on the face to start to fall off. This is going to leave person’s face looking shiny for about a week. In the second week, dermatologist Edmonton says people should expect to start seeing their skin peeling off, leaving this can underneath looking very pink.

Not only should they ensure that there keeping their face clean and avoiding bacteria, they should also have prepared ahead of time for this by filling the prescription for antibiotics. As well as ensuring that they have ice packs on hand to give them relief as needed. Because of this healing time that is required, dermatologist Edmonton says that they need to have a very thorough consultation so that everyone who is considering this procedure will know what to expect during the healing process.

By finding out exactly what the process is like and what they can expect during healing can help people prepare best for getting this procedure done. And while it is not necessarily treatment that is right for everyone, those who get it done will be very happy with the results, is the scars and fine lines are eliminated, revealing a youthful young -looking face underneath.

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