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Dermatologist Edmonton | Is the CO2 Laser The Right Treatment

Dermatologist Edmonton | Is the CO2 Laser The Right Treatment

Dermatologist Edmonton | Is The CO2 Laser The Right Treatment

Looking at all of the options for getting facials done, dermatologist Edmonton says that many people wonder if the CO2 laser is the right treatment for them. While this is a great option for people who are looking to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and scarring as well as to help them get a more youthful appearance, it is not the best fit for everyone. If people are wondering if this is a procedure that they would get benefit from, they should make an appointment to get a consultation and find out if it is a great procedure for them, and then what to expect.

The first thing that people need to expect is that the CO2 laser is an ablative laser, which means it cuts the skin. The way it does this, is by drilling microscopic layers into the dermis layer of the skin. Because it is drilling holes, with the laser people can expect heat during the procedure. This works by causing the skin to lose a lot of collagen, and when a person’s skin loses collagen the body works to produce more to replace it. Also, the laser is going to be prize the epidermis layer of skin, so that the body works to replace this skin that is vaporized by growing newer, younger and fresher skin.

The next thing that people need to understand is that a CO2 laser is used to treat lines on the face including fine lines as well as deep lines and scarring. Acne scarring is a great example of the type of scars that is treated best but this laser, and surgical scars can be helped, although a consultation is needed with dermatologist Edmonton in order to ensure the scar is going to be able to be lessened by the treatment. Also, depending on the type scar it might be quite painful to get a bladed, therefore people may choose different course of treatment depending on the recommendation. People who have sunspots can also find that the sunspots are eliminated during this process.

While the procedure only takes two hours, the aftercare takes about two weeks says dermatologist Edmonton. Therefore, people should be ready to expect significant healing time, where not only can they avoid sun exposure, but they often want to avoid going out completely, because their face will be healing. It is a very big commitment, so people should ensure that not only are they prepared for the two hour procedure, but that they are going to commit not only to the length of time healing will take, but to follow all of the recommendations in the aftercare to ensure the results can last a long time.

When people are considering laser facials, they should talk to dermatologist Edmonton to find out if CO2 laser is a great option for them, especially because it produces great results that typically last a long time. As long as they can ensure a good skin care routine afterwards, people will not have to get this procedure repeated in order to keep their new look for a long time.

Dermatologist Edmonton | Is The CO2 Laser The Right Treatment

If people are looking for laser treatment on their face that is going to be very effective the first time, dermatologist Edmonton recommends the CO2 laser. The reason why, is because it only takes one treatment to be completed, although touchups are sometimes required. Therefore, people can expect not to have to go back multiple times in order to get the results that they are looking for.

In order to ensure that people get the results that they are looking for from this procedure, they need to ensure that when the procedure is finished, they follow an extremely good skin care routine. A large reason why people have issues that they want to correct, is because sun exposure causes a lot of damage on the face. Fine lines, and sunspots are just some of the things that people want to have the CO2 laser fix. Therefore, the procedure is complete people are going to want to limit exposure to the sun.

One thing that people need to keep in mind, that after the procedure, sun exposure is critical to protect against. Even with the use of sunscreen, sunspots may appear again, so if people are not careful to limit sun exposure, they may find touchups are necessary. However, dermatologist Edmonton says they will not do touchups for sunspots with the CO2 laser again, they will use a less invasive laser: IPL to treat people’s sunspots.

Another way that people need to take care of their skin after the procedure, is to follow dermatologist Edmonton recommendation of how to take care of their skin. A good skin care routine is very necessary, especially because when their skin grows in it is going to be young and fragile. Keeping it healthy as well as happy will ensure that people get the best results from this procedure.

Once the procedure is complete, the mentalist Edmonton says that people should understand that not only is when treatment all that is required, but it is all that is recommended as well. They advise against getting this treatment done often. With care, it be able to last a very long time, but getting it done too often is actually harmful to the skin. A can cause fat cells to be lost, causing people to lose volume in their skin. While fillers can be used to replace that volume, people can simply avoid having to get the procedure repeated by following the aftercare instructions and taking care of their skin.

This is a very effective treatment for many people says dermatologist Edmonton. People should come in for a consultation, so that they can speak to the experts on staff to find out if this is the best treatment plan them. If people are looking for an extremely effective option that is going to last a long time, this is often the best choice for them to ensure that they have the look that they want.

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