Dermatologist Edmonton | Laser Therapy to Correct Discolored Skin

When reason why people might be seeking out laser therapy for their face says dermatologist Edmonton is to correct skin discoloration. Whether this is age spots, dark spots, or uneven pigmentation, a CO2 laser treatment can eliminate uneven skin tone easily. If people have been feeling embarrassed about this for a long time, they may choose to seek out this therapy and regain confidence they may have lost due to the skin discoloration.
While there are many different types of laser therapies out there for they shall discoloration, dermatologist Edmonton says a CO2 laser is an extremely effective procedure. The reason why, is because while many laser treatments use heat and light, the CO2 laser is ablative, which means it cuts skin. How this is effective, is by actually causing the skin on the top layer, called the epidermis to be vaporized. As it dies and peels away, it peels way any discoloration or uneven pigmentation including age spots. The skin that grows back, is brand-new skin, and does not have any signs of discoloration that they once had.
How else the laser works, is by drooling microscopic holes into the second layer of skin, called the dermis. What this does, is it causes a person’s skin to lose collagen. The body recognizes this, and increases collagen production to replace what was lost. This increased influx of collagen helps improve skin tone, skin health making wrinkles less pronounced, and tightening skin up.
Dermatologist Edmonton says that not only does this eliminate discoloration, but it can also remove lines, wrinkles and scars. In addition, it tones and tightens people skin, giving them a more youthful appearance to their skin. By eliminating this discoloration, it can restore people’s confidence, and make them feel more at home in their skin, allowing them to not wear makeup to feel comfortable.
One important thing to note, is that most people only require a single treatment in order to get long-lasting results. All touch ups may be needed, this is typically only for very deep lines or heavy scarring. Therefore, people are using this therapy to get rid of discoloration, they really will only need one appointment.
It is very shortened to note that while most people yet discoloration through sun damage, not only is it very important to continue to use than screen when the process is over and they have healed. But also, dermatologist Edmonton says immediately after the procedure, and while they heal people should be completely avoiding also an exposure. This can ensure that they are not damaging their brand-new skin that is going in, are avoiding getting more sunspots even before they field. While set exposure even with sunscreen may continue to get spots, people can go back to their dermatologist Edmonton in order to get touchups done with an IPL laser, to keep their skin looking blemish free.
People who are looking for an effective treatment against discolored skin should consider the CO2 laser. If they would like more information, they can get a consultation with dermatologist Edmonton to find if this is the right their pay for them.

Dermatologist Edmonton | Using Laser Therapy To Help Correct Discolored Skin

While there are many laser therapies out there for discolored skin says dermatologist Edmonton. A CO2 laser is also called laser resurfacing and provide extremely great results in only one appointment. If people would like to eliminate how many times they have to keep going back in order to get touch ups, they should consider this therapy, and arrange for consultation to see if they would be a good candidate for this therapy.
One of the first things that people should consider, is that even though this treatment is extremely effective and only a single appointment. It is also extremely important that people are following dermatologist Edmonton recommendation in a good skin care routine after the healing process is done. The reason why, is because since discoloration is most often caused by sun exposure, they need to not only utilize a very good quality of sunscreen. They also need to ensure that they are implementing the good skin care routine that they were recommended as well. Before the end of any procedure, dermatologist Edmonton recommends which skin care routine each person should use, and following that skin care routine is of extreme importance to ensure that people can keep this youthful glow for a long time.
Prior to the appointment, people should set aside about two hours of time in order to get through the appointment. The reason why, is because the laser is ablative, meaning it burns scop holes into the skin. While this can be extremely uncomfortable for some it is not a problem for others. Since dermatologist Edmonton does not know the toleration of the people ahead of time, ensuring they have two hours for the appointment means that people be able to take as much time as they need to get through the procedure. People with a high tolerance may be able to get through the entire thing about 30 to 45 minutes. People with a low tolerance take longer.
It is important to note that dermatologist Edmonton will give every patient numbing cream on their face, to minimize any discomfort. Also, each patient gets to control the cooling fan they will be able to put on their face as if they ever get hot, or feel pain. By ensuring the appointment as as long as necessary has a low tolerance can ensure that people are moving through the procedure as comfortably as possible.
As people are healing from the procedure, they should ensure that they are avoiding all sun exposure. Especially as their new skin grows in, and is very sensitive to sunlight. After they heal, they can get back to doing the activities that they love, while utilizing a high-quality sunscreen, and avoiding direct sun exposure whenever possible. Doing this, people can enjoy the confidence of bright skin that does not have any sun damage, either in discoloration or age spots. Doing this, can help people regain the confidence in putting their best face forward and having that youthful glow.