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Dermatologist Edmonton | What Does The CO2 Laser Do?

Dermatologist Edmonton | What Does The CO2 Laser Do?

Dermatologist Edmonton | What Does The CO2 Laser Do?

While there are wide variety of laser treatment options for people says dermatologist Edmonton. Not all of them do the same thing or work in quite the same way. The CO2 laser can be an extremely effective therapy for people who have heavy scarring on their face as well as the lines that they want to eliminate. However, it can also help eliminate discoloration from sun damage, and help people get a more youthful glowing look to their face. There are many things that people should understand about this procedure to help them decide if this is the right therapy for them.

Dermatologist Edmonton says that the CO2 laser is considered ablative, which means it cuts the skin. This is different than a lot of other lasers that are available. This works in a variety of ways, to help give people the look they want to their face. The first thing that does, is the heat from the lasers in-depth causing the top layer of skin, called the epidermis to be vaporized. Because of this, the body replaces that skin, and newer, younger skin grows in. As the top layer of skin peels off, and also peels away the scar tissue, leaving the skin underneath free of scars, as well as lines and eliminating sunspots.

The ablative side of the laser, uses laser to drill microscopic holes into the second layer of skin, called the dermis. What this does is causes the body to lose a significant amount of collagen. When this happens, the body works to replace collagen that is lost, ensuring that even more collagen is produced then was lost, working to give the face a more youthful appearance.

Just like not all laser treatments are the same, people should expect from the CO2 laser to get the results that are desired in a single treatment. In fact, dermatologist Edmonton says that doing this procedure too much can be damaging. Therefore, not only will people only need one treatment, but it will last a very long time, eliminating the need to come back as well. However, people need to understand that in order for this treatment to last long time, they need to be following the aftercare instructions. Carefully, as well as ensuring the skincare routine that is recommended to them is followed.

While the CO2 laser is typically used on the entire face, people who have scarring in a single spot may choose to get spot treatments done. This is possible, but a consultation will be needed to ensure that a spot treatment is a good option. They want to avoid giving the skin uneven appearance, and as long as skin is not that damaged, a spot treatment can be effective in eliminating scarring in just a single area.

Understanding that not all laser treatments use the same type of laser or react the same is very important. The CO2 laser can be an effective method of eliminating scars, but people need to be prepared not only for the procedure itself, but for the aftercare as well to ensure that they are following through with the instructions to end up with the results they want.

Dermatologist Edmonton | What Does The CO2 Laser Do?

There are many treatments that people can get from dermatologist Edmonton, the CO2 laser being one of them. This is a great treatment option for people that are looking to eliminate fine lines as well as deep lines, scarring on their face, or discoloration. However, it not only is all longer treatment, but it also has a significant commitment required for the healing as well. Therefore, people should be prepared well in advance for the procedure so that they can end up with the results that they are looking for.

One of the first things that people should expect from the treatment, is for it to take two hours. While the procedure itself may not last that long, they want to ensure that they give everyone as much time as needed so they do not have to push through the procedure while people are uncomfortable. Because it is an uncomfortable process, the first half-hour of the appointment will include applying the numbing cream, and waiting for it to take effect. Dermatologist Edmonton will then give the patient a cooling fan they will be able to control and point at any parts of their face is feeling uncomfortable or hot. This laser does work on heat to cut microscopic holes into the skin, therefore it may be quite uncomfortable for some.

Depending on how high or low a patient’s tolerance is to this procedure, the appointment may take only a short amount of time, either 30 to 45 minutes. However, people with a lower tolerance, and may take longer time, such as the entire two hours. that is the reason why dermatologist Edmonton ensures that everyone has two hours, so they do not have to encourage people with low tolerance to keep going when there uncomfortable. Their goal is to help people get through the procedure as easily as possible, and as comfortably as possible.

However, it is very important for people to know that because it is such an invasive procedure, that not only uses heat, but actually burns holes into the skin, the healing time can be very significant. Dermatologist Edmonton suggests that people take two weeks off work in order to heal completely. Because of the invasiveness of the procedure, they are going to be quite swollen, bleeding, and be lost skin off for two weeks. Not only should they be avoiding the sun, but they should also be avoiding bacteria as well, because their skin will be prone to infections.

While the healing process might take a long time, at the end of it, people and up with a great look, with scars and lines eliminated. But best of all, the single treatment that they get will last an extremely long time, especially if they using the skincare routine recommended to them by dermatologist Edmonton. People who are looking for a treatment to be done in a single appointment will be very happy with this procedure.

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