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Dermatologist Edmonton | What Is The CO2 Laser?

Dermatologist Edmonton | What Is The CO2 Laser?

Dermatologist Edmonton | What Is The CO2 Laser?

There are many laser therapies available, says dermatologist Edmonton. An effective treatment for deep lines and scarring is the CO2 laser. However, understanding help works and what issues it is used for can help people understand if this is the right laser treatment for them. Ultimately, they should find out as much as they can, and then arrange for consultation, so that they can make the decision of if this is the best treatment option for them.

The first thing that people should understand, is that the CO2 is considered an ablative laser. Ablative means that skin will be cut during the process. Note works, is it drills microscopic lasers into the second layer of the skin, called the dermis. This process ends up doing a couple of things to a person skin. The first thing that it does, is it causes a person skin to lose collagen. There were tallest Edmonton says that when a person skin loses collagen, the body works to produce even more. Since collagen is used to help the skin look young and fresh, this increased collagen production is effective in helping persons face look great.

The second thing that is ablative procedure does, is that it vaporizes the top layer of skin, called the epidermis. As the skin peels off, body works to replace that skin with newer, younger and fresher skin. Cold with the increased collagen production, this procedure is very effective in helping people get a younger, fresher look.

In addition to helping people achieve a more youthful appearance, the CO2 laser can also treat fine lines, blinds and scarring. In fact, dermatologist Edmonton says acne is a perfect example of the type of scar that can be treated with this laser. While surgical scars can be helped, deep surgical painful to treat with this laser, or may be more effectively helped with another treatment. Ultimately, a consultation will be needed to help a person understand if this procedure is the right fit for them. Since the very outermost layer of skin is going to be shaved off during this process, it gently pulls away are tissue, and allows the body to rebuild new skin, eliminating the look of scars.

One of the most positive things about this treatment, in addition to how effective it is is that it only requires one treatment. He is only one treatment required, but only one treatment is recommended. Therefore, people do not have to worry about having to come back on a yearly basis and get this procedure done. Having it done too often can actually damage the skin, causing the fat cells to leave the face. Therefore, people can expect to get this one procedure and then be done.

The CO2 laser can be an extremely effective procedure to help people achieve the look that they want. Whether it is eliminating scars, or having a more youthful appearance people should contact dermatologist Edmonton to get a consultation to find out if this is the best procedure for them, and to get started.

Dermatologist Edmonton | What Is The CO2 Laser?

There are a number of laser procedures that are available today says dermatologist Edmonton. Therefore, people have many questions about the procedures. They have one great laser called the CO2 laser that not only delivers extremely effective results, but it only requires one treatment. This is very attractive to people who do not want to have to keep coming back in and getting procedures done. However, how long it lasts will depend on how good their aftercare and skin care routine is.

The first things that people should expect, is because this is an ablative laser, meaning it cuts the skin should expect a two-week healing period. During healing, there are a lot of things for people to expect. Because the laser will be drilling down into the second layer of skin, as well as vaporizing the top layer of skin, there might be a bit of pleading, or a bit of crusting, as the body responds with increased why cell production. Around day three, dermatologist Edmonton says that people should expect their place to start swelling. During this time, people might be most comfortable to be home, and avoid going out and seeing people.

It is extremely important that people are also avoiding son exposure at this time. The reason why people are putting a son exposure, is because with the loss of the top layer of skin, the son can significantly damage persons face during this time. As their skin regenerates, son can damage that skin very easily. After their skin swells, they should expect the top layer of skin to start peeling often slipping away, leaving the skin underneath looking pink. This brand-new fresh skin is very tender, and during the healing process people are prone to infections and need to ensure that there keeping her face as clean as possible.

Dermatologist Edmonton recommends that people are very careful with their pets, to ensure that they do not touch or lick their face and they give them an infection. However, because people are prone to infections, everyone should get a prescription for antibiotics filled wire to the procedure. For all of these reasons, it is recommended that after the treatment, people should expect to stay home and not go anywhere for two weeks, to allow their face to heal, as well as to avoid being out in the sun.

The CO2 laser is extremely effective not only at eliminating scar tissue, and eliminating the blinds and wrinkles. But also, it helps people have a more youthful appearance to their face. Once the procedure is done, people can expect this to last an extremely long time, as long as they have a good skin care routine. Dermatologist Edmonton will ensure that they outline an effective skin care routine for people to follow ensure they can enjoy the results of this procedure for a long time to come.

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