Dermatologist Edmonton | What You Can Expect From a CO2 Laser Treatment

When the reasons why someone might choose a CO2 laser treatment over any other laser treatment out there says there were colleges Edmonton. Is because of how effective it is that not only erasing signs of aging, but making their skin look younger, and eliminating scars. nothing can increase people’s confidence like eliminating wrinkles and scars.
Allowing them to put their best face forward, and not have to hide behind make up any longer. While many people use many different anti-aging products, this is an effective and long-lasting solution that can allow them to feel youthful for many years to come.
The first thing that people can understand, is that they CO2 laser is different than many other laser therapies out there. While lots of laser therapies use the laser emitting light and heat to achieve their objective. The CO2 laser actually uses ablation, to actually cut into the skin microscopically to achieve its goal.
The difference between this and other laser therapies says dermatologist Edmonton is that other laser therapies require repeated use in order to achieve their goal. Whereas the ablative laser is effective in just a single treatment.
How the ablative laser actually does its job, is on two different levels. First, the heat that is required to drill the microscopic layers into the skin, all actually vaporized the top layer of skin called the epidermis. As the skin dies and falls away, it peels away the scar tissue, the wrinkles and the fine lines with it. As well as eliminating all of the pigmentation damage that come with age and sun damage.
When the laser deals these microscopic layers into the second layer of skin called a dermis, but this does is actually causes the face to lose his collagen. When the skin starts losing collagen, the body recognizes this, and kicks into overtime to release even more.
The end result, is even more collagen in the area than was previously there. Since collagen is responsible for the elasticity of scale, this causes the skin to look tighter, and more youthful. In addition to that, the collagen improves the tone, colour of skin, and works to minimize wrinkles before the form.
This therapy is so popular, because it is extremely effective, and only requires a single treatment. Dermatologist Edmonton says gone are the days of having to keep coming back for laser treatments in order to achieve the look that they want. In addition to that, they also say that along with the proper skincare regime, the results can last an extremely long time, several years.
Rather than coming back every year to get this service redone, people can simply engage in a good skin care routine and use sunscreen as well as avoid the sun to keep this youthful look for as long as possible.
By understanding how CO2 laser therapy is different than other laser therapies that are out there, people can make the choice to get the procedure done that is going to give them long-lasting results in a single appointment.

Dermatologist Edmonton | What People Can Expect From Ablative Laser Treatment

It is extremely important that people understand that a CO2 laser treatment is essentially the only treatment they need in order to erase signs of aging says dermatologist Edmonton. While some touch-ups might be required, especially if there is a deep lines, wrinkles or heavy scarring. These subsequent touch-ups are very rare, and are only in certain spots to ensure that signs of aging are completely erased.
In order to help understand if this is the right procedure for them, people should understand what a typical appointment looks like, as well as what the healing process is. While it is not the right treatment for everybody, it can be effective for so many people, that they should be able to make that decision after finding out all the facts.
a patient should expect to set aside two hours for the treatment. While the treatment might not take the full two hours dermatologist Edmonton wants to ensure that they can take as much time to complete the process as possible.
While many people are not feeling any discomfort at all during this process, and others report it feeling similar to that of a romance of band snapping, others do have an extremely low tolerance, and need to take a lot of breaks.
Prior to starting the procedure, people will be getting a numbing cream that can be applied to the entire face. This can help eliminate the discomfort of the treatment. In addition to that, patients will also be given a couple of them that they can control.
They feel discomfort whether it is pain, or the heat from the laser, they should be able to point the fan to the area that they need it the most, in order to minimize their discomfort. While people with a high tolerance can often get through the appointment in about half an hour, others will take the full two hours, taking as many breaks as they need to feel comfortable.
After the appointment, people should expect to feel tender, as well as crusty as the laser may have caused a bit of pleading. The cresting this might also be from white blood cells rushing to the area to help heal it. It may be uncomfortable, as well as does not look attractive, which is why we recommend that people pick up the prescription for the antibiotics that they need to have on hand prior to the appointment.
Once they get home, they should ensure that they are engaging in good hand washing technique so that they can keep the area clean and avoid bacteria. The whole face is essentially an open wound, and can be prone to infection. Not only that, but people should be aware of interacting with their pets, especially since they may try to lick the area clean.
After a person heals, they should ensure that there engaging in a good skin care routine as recommended by dermatologist Edmonton. By following this good skin care, people should expect to have the effects of their procedure last for many years to come. This can help them feel confident and comfortable in their skin once more allowing them to put their best face forward and all that they do.