Dermatologist Edmonton | What Should People Expect From CO2 Laser Treatment?

The CO2 laser can be an extremely effective treatment for people looking to eliminate the blinds and scars on their face says dermatologist Edmonton. However, it is a fairly invasive procedure, and people needs to be fully aware of how the laser works, and what to expect both during and after treatment. It is also an extremely good option for people who are looking to get results with one application, as well as those who are looking to have long-lasting results.
The first things that people should keep in mind about the CO2 laser, is that it is considered an ablative laser, which means it cuts the skin. Not all lasers do this, therefore this is one thing that sets the treatment apart from others. How it works, is it drills microscopic lasers into the second layer of skin, called the dermis layer. As it is doing that, the heat from the lasers actually they vaporize the top layer of skin called the epidermis.
What this procedure does, is twofold says dermatologist Edmonton: it causes a person’s skin to lose a significant amount of collagen. When this happens, a person’s body works hard to replace all of the collagen that it loses, ensuring that a person ends up having an abundance of collagen in their face, more than they typically have. Also, by burning off the top layer of skin, it feels way scar tissue, as well as requires the body to place that top layer of skin, so the new skin that grows in his younger, newer and fresher. This not only eliminates scarring and lines on a person’s face, but also works to make them look fresher as well.
People should expect that if they have lines on their face or scars that they want to eliminate, as well as eliminate discolouration, this is going to be an extremely effective treatment says dermatologist Edmonton. However, because it is an ablative laser, it is invasive, and will take two weeks to heal from effectively. Therefore, those who are considering this treatment should also ensure that they will be committed to going through two weeks of healing time, where most people feel most comfortable by staying at home during this time.
One of the most popular things about this treatment, is that it actually only requires one treatment. With many other laser treatment options out there, people have to come back multiple times in order to get the desired results. And while at to jump is sometimes required for certain patients that have deep lines or heavy scarring, this is not typical. Not only is it only requiring one treatment, but dermatologist Edmonton also says that it is not beneficial to get this procedure done often as well. Even once a year is far too often. If people get this procedure done too often, they can risk damaging their face, including causing the there layer of their skin, their fat cells to be damaged, causing them to lose volume in their face.
The CO2 laser treatment can be extremely effective for people that are looking to have a fresher look to their face as well as illuminating scar tissue, lines and discolouration. By only requiring one treatment, people can ensure that they only have to come in once, and after the healing period, they can go about their life, enjoying their new look.

Dermatologist Edmonton | What To Expect From CO2 Laser Treatment

The CO2 laser is an extremely effective treatment for people who are looking to eliminate scars, deep lines and discolouration of the face says dermatologist Edmonton. However, it is very important that people are aware of the procedure is like as well as what they can expect afterwards. It is an invasive procedure, and can be uncomfortable due to the nature of the treatment. Therefore, when people are considering this as an option they should arrange for consultation and find out all of the facts.
One of the first things that people should consider, is that the appointment can take up to two hours. While it may end up taking less time, Edmonton dermatologist will set aside two hours, to allow the patient to control the pace of treatment. Because it is uncomfortable, the first half-hour will be applying the numbing cream, and waiting for that to take effect. In addition to that, patients will get a cooling band that they control and direct at which part of their face is most uncomfortable. Because this is laser treatment, it is quite hot, but also because it is causing microscopic holes in the skin, it can also be uncomfortable that way as well. Therefore, the therapist will only go as fast as each person can tolerate. People with a high tolerance for the procedure will be finished in 30 to 45 minutes. People with a lower tolerance may take the entire two hours. Regardless of how long it takes, the goal will be to ensure that everybody going through the procedure is as comfortable as possible.
The next thing that people should be aware of about this procedure is that they will have two weeks of healing time says dermatologist Edmonton. This does not just mean that they should avoid the sun exposure, but most people are most comfortable by taking two weeks off and staying home. Not only will their face be sore and swollen, they also need to ensure that there avoiding the sun, and keeping it clean to avoid bacteria. Since the treatment will require lasers being burned into the skin, and the top layer of skin to be vaporized, people may be prone to infections, insulation ensure they have the prescription of antibiotics filled.
While healing from the procedure may take time, once the procedure and healing is over, there is no follow-up is required. Simply follow the skincare routine recommended by dermatologist Edmonton is all that is needed to enjoy the results are very long time. This can be an extremely effective procedure for people that want to eliminate lines and scarring that they can have the look that they have always wanted.