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Dermatologist Edmonton | What To Expect From CO2 Laser Treatment

Dermatologist Edmonton | What To Expect From CO2 Laser Treatment

Dermatologist Edmonton | What To Expect From CO2 Laser Treatment

While the CO2 laser can be an extremely effective treatment for scars and deep lines says dermatologist Edmonton. Many people often have questions to help them determine if this is the right procedure for them. Not only can the CO2 laser treat lines and wrinkles, but it helps people have a more youthful look to their face. In order to understand the procedure, so that people can make the decision of whether this is right for them, there is a list of frequently asked questions.

The most commonly asked question to dermatologist Edmonton about the process is what is a CO2 laser. This is considered an ablative laser, with ablative meaning it cuts the skin. How works, is by drilling microscopic lasers into the second layer of skin called the dermis. This works by causing the skin to lose collagen. When this happens, the body works to produce even more collagen to replace what has been lost. In addition to that, it also uses heat and vaporizes the top layer of skin, called the epidermis so that the body works to replace the skin, and it replaces it with new and fresh skin.

The second question that dermatologist Edmonton gets very frequently about the CO2 laser is: what can they CO2 laser treat? It is most commonly used for treating lines on the face with their fine lines are deep lines, as well as scarring. Help works, is helps shave off the top layer of skin, which peels away scar tissue, being fresh skin underneath. While it works on the top layer of skin, it also helps build collagen underneath that layer of skin, providing a youthful glow.

Many people want to know how many treatments it takes to achieve the final look, especially as many procedures require repeated treatments. However, this is one of the best things about this procedure is that it only takes one procedure to achieve the desired look. While there may be touchups in certain areas needed a second time if a person has deep lines or heavy scarring. However, this is not typically necessary so people should expect it to be completed in a single session.

Many people wonder if it is possible to only get certain spot treatments done, or if it is necessary to get the entire face done. Dermatologist Edmonton says that spot treatments are definitely possible. however that is typically only the case if someone who is younger has a scarring that they want to get rid of. People should avoid getting a spot treatment done, then having an uneven look to their face.

Understanding how the CO2 laser works, and what issues it treats can be beneficial to help people decide if this is the right treatment for them or not. If they have any more questions, they should contact dermatologist Edmonton in order to talk to the professionals and not only get the rest of their questions answered, but let them see their lines and scars to see if they would be a good candidate for this procedure.

Dermatologist Edmonton | What To Expect From CO2 Laser Treatment

While the CO2 laser can be an extremely effective treatment for lines and scars says dermatologist Edmonton. It is not necessarily for everybody, and takes time to heal from. Therefore, when people are considering getting the CO2 laser for their treatment, not only should they understand help works, but they should know what to expect during the treatment as well as afterwards as well.

People often ask how long does the treatment take. Since this is a procedure that only needs one treatments to be effective, people should expect that it will take about two hours. The first half-hour is where dermatologist Edmonton applies numbing cream. This can be an uncomfortable procedure, so they want to ensure they do everything possible to make everyone as comfortable as possible. After half an hour, the numbing cream will have kicked in and they can begin the procedure.

The reason why the procedure might be uncomfortable, is because the laser is drilling microscopic holes into their skin, which can be uncomfortable. But also because it uses lasers which can be hot as well. Because of this, patients will be given a cooling fan that they control that they can aim at any parts of their face that are uncomfortable during the procedure. People with a high tolerance will be able to complete the procedure and only 30 to 45 minutes. However people with a low tolerance will take longer, as they take breaks. That is the reason why dermatologist Edmonton says to schedule two hours of the appointment. They want to ensure that everyone is as comfortable as possible, and not try to rush anyone.

Many people ask how long the results usually last. This is one of the most beneficial things about this procedure, because the results last an extremely long time, especially if a great skincare routine is used. People should expect during our consultation to learn about what the best skincare routine that they should be using is, so that they can ensure they are not only taking care of their new skin so that can stay happy and healthy. But also, taking care of the skin can ensure that the results last as long as possible.

People also ask how long the healing process will be. Because this is a fairly invasive procedure, where the skin is actually being cut, people should expect to weeks of downtime after the procedure. This means more than just avoiding sun exposure, people’s faces will be quite tender, swollen and skin will be peeling off. Therefore, most people are the most comfortable by staying home for two full weeks, so that they can heal, avoid the sun, and keep their faces free of bacteria.

By understanding the CO2 laser treatment, people can understand procedure. Whether this is the right treatment for them, will depend on what they are hoping to achieve. By getting all the questions answered, and then coming into see dermatologist Edmonton for consultation can ensure that people are getting as much information as possible so that they can make the best treatment choice for them so that they can end up being happy with their new look.

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