Dermatologist Edmonton | When To Get CO2 Laser Treatment

While many people are hearing about CO2 laser treatment as an effective anti-aging treatment says dermatologist Edmonton. People need to understand that it is a bit more invasive, therefore they need to ensure that their timing the procedure right, not only so that they can have enough time to heal from it, but so that they are not interfering with any events that they have.
many people may choose to get this therapy done before wedding, especially if they are the mother of proprietor the program. However, people need to ensure that there doing this in advance of the event so that they are not interfering with how they look at the event where they are going to getting lots of pictures taken. In order to understand why, people need to understand how the therapy works, and what is involved with the treatment so that they can leave enough time between the procedure and their special event.
The first thing that people need to understand, is that a CO2 laser is considered an ablative laser. Ablative is a term that means to cut the skin. Therefore, people should expect that this treatment is going to cause microscopic damage to their skin. In fact, dermatologist Edmonton says this laser actually drills microscopic holes into the dermis layer of the skin, which is the second layer. The reason why it is done, is to cause the skin to lose collagen, so that the body can start to reduce even more collagen than ever before. Collagen is responsible for the elasticity of the skin, as well as improving skin tone, and helping avoid wrinkles. Therefore, people that have an increased production of collagen, will find that their skin is tighter, looks clearer, and looks younger.
The second thing that this laser does according to dermatologist Edmonton is that it uses heat to burn the top layer of skin off, so known as the epidermis. As this skin is a vaporized, the skin peels away, taking scar tissue with it. Not only scar tissue, but deep flaws including lines, wrinkles and discoloration. Therefore, the two methods end up helping people erase the signs of aging, for a more youthful look.
The reason why people need to do this well ahead of their special event says dermatologist Edmonton is because first long be appointment is going to take two hours. The two hours is to ensure that if a person discovers that they have low tolerance to the procedure, they can take as much time as they want. However, some people describe the feeling is no problem, others call it similar to a rubber band snapping. Regardless of how tolerant a person is, the two hours is to ensure they are going to be able to tolerate it well. In addition to that, people should understand that they are going to get a numbing cream ahead of the procedure, as well as cooling fan that they can aim to the area that may be tender.
By understanding how this treatment works, people who are thinking of getting it done before a big event can ensure that there leaving enough time in between the procedure and their event. By doing this, people can be guaranteed to put their best face forward, and look young and confident in all of the pictures.

Dermatologist Edmonton | Timing Your CO2 Laser Treatment

There is a reason why people may choose to get a CO2 laser treatment done prior to their special event says dermatologist Edmonton. The reason why, is because it is going to visibly remove signs of aging, including scars, wrinkles and fine lines as well as tightening skin, and eliminating discoloration from sun.
However, people need to understand that they should give themselves enough time in between the treatment and the special event. This is not like a facial that someone gets the date of their wedding, they need to get themselves a significant amount of time to ensure that they have healed up, and are looking their best before their event.
By understanding that a CO2 laser is an ablative laser, and actually is burning microscopic holes into the skin as well as vaporizing the top layer of skin. This means, that in addition to most likely being uncomfortable during the procedure, is also going to take time to heal from.
For example, people should expect to weeks of downtime as they heal, where they may not look very nice, as their skin regenerates. In addition to that, people need to be aware that they should be avoiding all sun exposure at this time.
Because of having to eliminate all sun exposure, autumn and winter can be some of the most popular times to get this procedure done says dermatologist Edmonton, as there are shorter bouts of daylight, and people wanting to stay inside where it is warm.
Therefore, people might want to time their treatment in Edmonton advance notice as possible, so that they can get it done in autumn or winter prior to their special event.
Immediately after the procedure, people should expect that they are going to be sore and crusty from the procedure. That might be pleading a bit, and they are not going to want to see very many people. After that, the swelling is going to kick in, making their face look swollen and angry.
Dermatologist Edmonton says when the swelling goes down, that is when the encrusting is going to come off, leaving a shiny greasy feel for the skin for about another week. After a week, people should expect that their skin will start to slough off, taking all of the signs of aging and deep flaws with it. Gone are the dark spots in an even pigmentation, fine lines, deep lines wrinkles and scars.
Underneath, people should see a tight, pink news skin. Dermatologist Edmonton says even after this, people going to need to be careful to avoid the sun, and keep the area clean because they can be prone to bacterial infections. They need to ensure that they are utilizing great hygiene practices including washing their hands.
After two weeks is up, people should start to expect the pinkness to start going down, and started to feel more like themselves. However, people should also expect that they are going to have to ensure that they are using as a very good sunscreen, as well as engaging in a good skin care routine.
Prior to leaving the appointment, dermatologist Edmonton will give them a pamphlet on what skin care routine products are best to use for the best result.
People should leave at least a couple of months in between the procedure, and when their special event is. By doing this, people can ensure that they are putting their most confident, youthful and best face forward at their special event. Since many people want to look their best, this is one way that they can ensure that they are doing that.