Dermatologist Edmonton | Who Should Consider CO2 Laser Treatments?

There may be a wide variety of reasons why people would consider laser treatments on their face says dermatologist Edmonton. Many people want to eliminate lines, wrinkles, eliminate dark spots or sunspots, tighten sagging skin, just to name a few. However, people need to understand that not all lasers are built the same way. And depending on what they would like to accomplish, they need to ensure that there choosing the right laser treatment for their skin. People need to understand that CO2 laser is also referred to as laser resurfacing. It is most effective for people that want to eliminate deep flaws on their face.
Deep flaws that people may want to eliminate would be age spots, find lines or wrinkles, scarring, and even pigmentation and they can even help people tighten sagging skin on their face. Also very important to note that this is an effective treatment for their face, but dermatologist Edmonton advises against doing the neck, and actually refuses to do this area on patients. Because it can eliminate such deep scars, it is a great option for people who are looking for an extremely effective procedure in one treatment.
How the CO2 laser can get so much accomplished in a single treatment, is because it is considered an ablative laser. Ablative means that it is actually cutting the skin, and opposed to the lasers that do not cut skin and simply pulsed light and heat into the dermis, this laser actually causes tears into the skin. How this is beneficial, is because the first thing that it does is it a courage is the skin to lose collagen. Why people would want to lose collagen, is so that the body can increase its collagen production. Not just replacing the collagen that was there, the giving skin an overabundance of collagen that used to have. Since collagen helps to make a skin look smoother and younger, this can be very beneficial to people.
Secondly, dermatologist Edmonton says that the ablative laser actually vaporizes the top layer of skin, called the epidermis. How this helps eliminate the deep flaws, is as the top layer of skin is peeled away, it also takes scar tissue, eliminates lines and wrinkles, taking dark spots, and even pigmentation away. This laser is actually best designed for deep flaws, and can give an extremely effective treatment for these issues.
However, people need to understand that the CO2 laser does cause some tears, which leaves a person bleeding potentially, or scabbing after the procedure. Therefore, people need to ensure that they are prepared for how they are going to look they leave treatment, and may choose to want to stay home for two weeks while their face heals.
It can be an extremely effective procedure to use the CO2 laser to eliminate deep flaws in the skin. Whether or not this is the right to treatment for everyone, dermatologist Edmonton encourages everybody to come in was curious to get a consultation to decide if this treatment is the best course of action for their issues. The people who get this procedure done are extremely happy, and love their new year full face.

Dermatologist Edmonton | Who Should Get CO2 Laser Treatments?

Just like any laser therapy, dermatologist Edmonton says CO2 laser treatment is not for everybody. Also called laser resurfacing, this procedure erases signs of aging, eliminating deep flaws, tightens skin and gives people a more youthful appearance. For those who are looking for an extremely effective procedure, or who have flaws they want to get rid of, this can be an extremely effective treatment.
One of the first things that people need to keep in mind, is that while only one treatment is generally required to see results, this one treatment is going to take approximately two hours says dermatologist Edmonton. They are going to apply a numbing cream, simply because this procedure can be very uncomfortable for a lot of people. Some describe it as a rubber band snapping sort of feel, and people with high tolerances may not have any discomfort. However those with a low tolerance need to understand that their therapist is not going to go faster or longer than they can stand. The goal is to ensure that everybody gets to the procedure as comfortable as possible.
Some people may want to consider when the best time of the year would be to get this procedure done, especially since they are encouraged to eliminate sun exposure in the two weeks following treatment. Therefore, people may choose to get it done in autumn or winter, where shorter daylight hours, and the tendency to stay inside is higher. People may not want to get the laser treatment done in July, when they would rather be outside in the yard or on the beach. September October are actually the most popular times for people to get this sort of procedure done.
While people are healing from this procedure says dermatologist Edmonton they should expect to weeks of downtime. immediately after the procedure, they may find that they have scabs on their faced, and maybe a bit crusty either from the dried blood, or the white blood cells protecting the face. Next, they should expect to see swelling around day three. Around that time, cresting is going to start falling off, leaving the face looking shiny. In the second week, a person is going to start sloughing the skin from their face, leaving a red raw looking skin underneath. It is most critical during this time that people avoid the sun, keep their face clean to avoid bacteria so that they can avoid getting an infection.
While this procedure might sound very invasive, it is extremely effective for people to eliminate the deep laws that bothered them about their appearance. In just a single treatment, and after two weeks of healing they can enjoy a tighter, smoother, younger looking face without the wrinkles in the deep lines.