Botox Edmonton | Improving Dry Skin to Keep Your Skin Youthful

First, what is dry skin? This type of skin is rough, flaky, and itchy. It is typically found on the arms, back, legs but especially the face. In Alberta we suffer a lot because of the dry climate. Our skin takes a beating from this condition in summer but exponentially more in winter. Our skin is not supple or soft but instead flaky and itchy.

Improving Dry Skin

What causes dry skin? Our environment is the biggest factor. Our skin has a lot of water in it, and that moisture is constantly being stolen from our skin. The job of our skin is to protect us from the environment. It is the first layer of defense against the environmental stressors that are constantly bombarding us.

Main Steps to Improving Dry Skin

What are the steps to improving dry skin? How do we protect our skin from getting dry? The biggest help to our skin is to keep hydration levels as high as possible. We do this through drinking water and by applying the right moisturizers enough throughout our day. Moisturizers give us a barrier so that the skin is less bombarded by environmental factors that steal the water from the skin. The environment will take the moisture from the moisturizers instead.

Foods that are high in water content can help improve our hydration too. Examples of this are fruits and vegetables. Water is the best and most instant remedy for overall dryness.

Can it potentially be more harmful

Does dry skin cause other skin issues or conditions? Particularly in the dryer, colder months our skin becomes dry and for those that suffer with Dermatitis this can make that condition flare up. Dermatitis is an extreme dry skin condition and another name for it is eczema. This skin condition shows up as very flaky, red, itchy, and sore. Using moisturizer and the right one is the most important remedy. The goal is to stop the itch cycle.

The cycle goes from red and itchy and so you scratch it and then it gets inflamed and becomes redder and itchier so you scratch it more and then it can spread all over the body. You will need to see your family doctor to get a referral to the dermatologist. Once you see the specialists like the dermatologists at Edmonton Dermatology, they can recommend the right moisturizer that will help with dermatitis.

Some dry skin is due to other issues

Many people ask if skin conditions cause dry skin? There are certain ones that do like rosacea. Rosacea causes the blood vessels to dilate in the skin. In turn this loses water from the skin. The proper moisturizer can help it. Rosacea is just on the face. If you are not sure you have rosacea please get a referral from your GP to see our dermatologists at Edmonton Dermatology. From here we can recommend a helpful course of treatment. We want you to feel and look healthy especially when it comes to your skin.

Could Be a Bigger Issue

Is one dry patch of skin that is flaky just dry skin? If that section of dryness is only limited to one small patch but everything around it is happy and supple, there could be something more concerning going on. You will need to get a referral to see a dermatologist as soon as possible. They may determine that it is precancerous or worse yet, cancerous, and will need to address it promptly.

The unusual thing about this dry patch is you may feel it more than see it. If it is persistent and does not go away no matter how much you moisturize it, you should see a dermatologist immediately. You will need to get a referral from your family doctor.

Be careful with exfoliating constantly

If I have dry skin how often should I exfoliate? It is dependent on your skin type. If you are prone to more oily skin you may be able to tolerate the exfoliation more. Once a month is a good place to start if this is your type of skin. If your skin is on the dryer side the stronger the exfoliation the higher chance it will cause micro cuts or lesions. This can open your skin up to be exposed and could lead to infection.

You would be best off to have the dermatologist do a safe microdermabrasion on the face as well as the arms and back. This is a much gentler approach and rest assured a brand-new set of sterile tools are used on each new patient.

Simple steps to Improving Dry Skin

What type of moisturizers are recommended for improving dry skin? Again, the answer is dependent on the severity of dryness. If your skin is only a little dry you can use what you like, but it is recommended to try to avoid perfumed moisturizers. The perfumed ones have more chemicals which in turn can cause irritation to the skin. If you have rosacea you will need a moisturizer made for that condition. Again, if you do not know if you this condition, see the dermatologist. Be aware you will need a referral from your family doctor.

A good rule of thumb is if you like the way it smells, feels and how it hydrates your skin choose that moisturizer. We have many wonderful options to choose from at Edmonton Dermatology. When you come in to see us ask us for a few samples and we will help you find the right one. If you are on the verge of eczema please also see the dermatologist. If you are in this scenario use a product from the drugstore that has Urea in it. This ingredient is great for that condition.

The Ideal time to moisturize and improving dry skin

When is the ideal time to apply a moisturizer? There are two times a day that are ideal for moisturizer application so essentially two times a day is the right answer here. Once in the morning and once at night are going to give your skin that barrier it so desperately needs. Apply soon after you wash your face in the morning before you apply any makeup and then right before you go to bed for the night. In either case, right after having a shower is best.

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