Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Starting Laser Treatments

As many people may be very attracted to laser hair removal in Edmonton. They still have many questions that will help them decide. Whether this is a treatment that they would like to do.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
One of the first things that many people want to know. Is whether this treatment is permanent. After a single treatment. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The body is very resilient. And will try growing hair back.
The more laser hair removal treatments. The more likely the body will give up trying to regrow hair. But the number of treatments. Is different for each person, and different body parts as well.
People can expect anywhere between three treatments, at the minimum. And eight treatments at the most. In order to get permanent results. However, they needs to understand what permanent results means.
This means that they will be able to get up to ninety, 95% reduction of hair growth. In that area. They may have hairs that refuse to be eliminated. However, it is more likely that these hairs are fine and thin.
As well, they are going to be much more difficult to see. And very easy to get rid of. For people who want to get rid of unsightly hair. This is extremely easy to accept, as most of the hair will be gone.
When people are shaving, or waxing their unwanted hair away. It is likely that they are shaving every day, or every other day. Or waxing every 4 to 6 weeks. Which means they are spending a lot of time and money.

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On getting rid of unwanted hair. Even if they have to undergo up to 8 Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton treatments. That is going to be significantly less time over the course of one year.
And a significant amount of savings over the course of a lifetime. Therefore, laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can help people save time and money. As well as avoid the embarrassment of unsightly hair.
And the irritation of hair that is irritating. Or causing discomfort, as it rubs against their clothes. This is why many people come to Edmonton dermatology. Because they are tired of getting rid of unwanted hair.
Another question that they will have. When they come in for their free consultation. Is wondering how much healing time is required. The laser that is used in hair removal. Is called an intense pulse light.
And is a non-ablative laser. Which means it does not cut the skin. Which means there is virtually no healing time needed. People can typically leave their laser hair removal appointment.
And go back to work, a night out with their loved ones. Or back doing all of their favourite leisure activities. Within the same day. They might feel as though their skin is a little bit sensitive.
Like they had been out all day in the sun. Dermatologists recommend that they moisturize. As well as stay away from hot showers and baths for the first week. But no other healing time is needed. Which makes finding time for the necessary treatments very easy.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Answering Laser Hair Removal Questions

While laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can seem like a dream come true for many. It is not a procedure for everyone. Which is one of the first questions that people will ask. When they sit down during their free consultation with Edmonton dermatology.
First of all, their dermatologist will ask a medical history. To find out if they have any skin conditions. Or if they are on any medication. The reason why this is so important, is because some people have skin conditions.
That would be exacerbated by the laser. Such as melasma, a condition that reacts badly to heat and light. Causing discolouration, and the person who is afflicted. This is one question that they will get.
But also, many people are on medication. That will react poorly with the laser. Such as Accutane, which is a medication for acne. Causing their skin to be so sensitive. That utilizing a laser, could be very problematic for the patient.
Or, patients who are on antibiotics should avoid laser hair removal in Edmonton. If they want to stop taking the medication, in order to be able to get this treatment.
Dermatologists recommend having the medication out of their system for six months. Before starting their first treatment. This is going to be discussed in the initial consultation.
But also, another reason. Why people may not be the best candidates for this procedure. Is because there hair colour is to light. The way the intense pulse light treatment works.

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Is by targeting the pigmentation in the hair follicles. The laser must go through two layers of skin. Before reaching the hair follicles. And the lighter the hair follicles are, the more difficult it is for the laser to target.
Therefore, people with long, or light brown hair. Even if it is quite wiry. May need multiple treatments in order to generate the results that they desire. As well, since the lasers target pigmentation.
People with darker skin tones. Will need to have the laser turned to a very low setting. To avoid the possibility. Having the pigmentation in their skin targeted. Instead of the pigmentation in their hair follicles.
Again, that will require multiple treatments. In order to generate the same results. As someone who has very dark hair, and fair skin. That will also be discussed by the dermatologist at their initial consultation.
Once the dermatologist has verified the patient’s suitability. They will prepare them for what they need to do. In order to generate the best results possible. This includes immediately stopping waxing and plucking.
And instead, be taking care of their unwanted hair. By shaving. Just until the treatment is done. If they continue to wax or pluck. They could eliminate all of the hair follicles in the area.
Leaving the laser nothing to target. The effectiveness of the laser hair removal in Edmonton. Will depend on eliminating waxing and plucking indefinitely.