Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Do Laser Sessions Hurt

Perhaps one of the most common questions people have for their dermatologist about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is wondering if this treatment is painful. They often have given up waxing.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
Because of how intensely painful it is. Also, waxing is not permanent. Which is why many people want more information. About this laser procedure. When they sit down with a dermatologist during their consultation.
They will find out that the laser that they use. Is actually the most gentle laser on the market. Designed to remove unwanted hair. It is called an IPL laser. Which stands for intense pulse light.
It is a non-ablative laser. Which means it does not the skin. And that is one of the reasons. Why it is so gentle. This laser is designed to remove pigmentation. And how it works to eliminate hair.
Is it shines into the second layer of skin. Which is called the dermis. And any pigmentation in the dermis. Is destroyed by the laser. Since there is pigmentation in hair follicles. This is what causes the hair follicles.
To be destroyed. This is also why people who have the darkest and thickest hair. Have the best luck with laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is because that gives the laser. The most pigmentation to see.
And ultimately, and up destroying. People with lighter coloured hair. Or thinner, or finer hair. Still can get this procedure done. However, at the consultation. The dermatologist will look at their treatment area.

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To look at their skin colour, there hair colour. And the thickness of their hair. So that they will know. What kind of intensity the laser needs to be set to. In order to have effective results.
They might need to turn the intensity up. Or simply add more sessions. In order to achieve permanent results. That often leads to the second question. Many treatments will they need.
In order to get permanent results? Many people make the assumption. That there going to be able to have permanent results. After their first laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment.
Unfortunately, the body will try to regrow the hair. Until the body determines that it is useless. Because every time they regrow the hair follicles. They destroyed, therefore people need multiple sessions.
But exactly how many sessions. Will depend on a variety of factors. Including where on the body. They are getting the treatment done. The reason why the area on the body matters.
Is because different parts of the body. Have different amounts of blood flow. The more blood flow there is an area. The much more stubborn the hair will be to get rid of. This is because the increased blood flow.
Will deliver nutrients that the body needs. To continue to regrow hair follicles. But in areas of the body. With minimal blood flow. For example, the armpits. People may only need two or three sessions. In order to get permanent results.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Do Laser Sessions Hurt Is a Common Question

while many people want permanent hair removal, that laser hair removal in Edmonton can give. Many people are just as unwilling. To go through a painful procedure. This is often the first question.
That they talk to their dermatologist about. When they sit down. During their initial, and free consultation. They will hear, that while the laser used. Is the most gentle laser on the market.
Everybody has their own pain tolerances. And the dermatologist is unwilling. To say that it is completely pain-free. However, most people who undergo laser hair removal in Edmonton.
At Edmonton dermatology report. That they did not have any discomfort. And they certainly, did not have any pain. The discomfort that people felt. Was either from the heat of the laser.
Or, from the sensation of the laser. Destroying the hair follicle itself. However, the dermatologist has different methods. That they can use. To increase the comfort. In patients, whether it is the heat.
Or it is the sensation of the hair follicle being destroyed. That causes their discomfort. Another topic that needs to be discussed. At the initial consultation. Is finding out if there are any reasons.
That people should not get laser hair removal in Edmonton. If people are on certain medications. They are not a good candidate for this procedure. As the laser, can cause adverse reactions.
Therefore, people who are on antibiotics. Or the acne medication, Accutane. Should not get laser treatments done. However, if they go off their medication. They can get the treatment done.

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As long as they have been off the medication. For a minimum of six months before. Their first laser treatment with Edmonton dermatology. As well, the dermatologist must find out.
If people have certain skin conditions. That could be exacerbated. By the heat, and the light of the laser. One such skin condition that would worsen. When a person undergoes laser hair removal in Edmonton.
Would be a skin condition called melasma. Melasma is a skin condition, caused by a hormone imbalance. However, the skin condition gets worse. When exposed to heat or light. Since lasers provide both.
Someone who has this particular type of skin condition. Should not get any laser treatments done. During the initial consultation. Edmonton dermatology will determine. Each patient’s different suitability.
So that they do not and up using the laser. On someone who is not an ideal patient. None of the other questions that patients have. Is wondering how much time to heal they need.
The good thing about this treatment. Is that because it is a gentle, non-ablative laser. There is virtually no healing time. While some people leave the treatment. Feeling as though they have sensitive skin.
Very similar to the sensation. Of being out in the sun for an hour. Without sunscreen, while other people, do not feel discomfort. But do have redness in the skin. But just in the area that they had treated.
If this is in a visible spots. People can actually ask their dermatologist to cover it up with makeup. So that no one has to know that they had a procedure done.