Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Are Laser Treatments Painful

Even though laser hair removal in Edmonton is quite popular. Many people are still worried about the procedure. Wondering if it is painful, and if they would be able to tolerate it.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
One of the reasons why there is this perception. Is because of the old lasers, that were first used. For removing unwanted hair in patients. These lasers, were not gentle at all.
Causing people to feel the heat from the laser. As well as the zap of the hair being destroyed by the laser. And while these lasers were very harsh. There were also very good at determining.
What the difference was between hair and pigmentation of the skin. The reason why this is important to note. Is because the lasers are designed to seek the pigmentation in the hair follicle. In order to destroy them.
And people with more pigmentation in their skin. Because they have a darker skin tone. Would be able to use the older lasers more easily. Because the laser was better able to tell the difference.
Between pigmentation in skin. And the pigmentation in the hair. So while it was a less gentle laser. It was better for some people. The lasers that are now available. Such as the intense pulse light treatment laser.
While it is the most gentle laser on the market. It is also the laser that is least able to tell the difference. Between pigmentation, and the hair follicle itself. Which means people with darker skin tone.

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Will have to discuss with Edmonton dermatology ahead of time. So that the dermatologist can turn the intensity of the laser down. To avoid accidentally damaging the pigmentation in their skin instead.
The heat of the laser can be combated. By the wand that is used to deliver the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments. Because this wand, is placed up against the patient’s skin. And has a built in cooling tip.
This tip is made out of sapphire crystals. And is designed to cool the area immediately before the lights pulse. As well as immediately after the light pulse. To combat the intensity of the heat from the laser.
However, some people are still very nervous. That the sensations will be more than they can handle. And the best time to mention this to the dermatologist. Will be during the initial and free consultation.
The reason why it is important to bring this up to the doctor during the consultation. Is because if the doctor knows this had of time. They can use many different things. To help increase the comfort level of each patient.
For example, they can utilize a cooling gel. That is applied topically to the treatment area. That will help combat the sensation of the heat from the laser. To ensure people can be as comfortable as possible during the laser hair removal in Edmonton.
As well, the dermatologist can utilize a cooling fan. Blowing on the patient’s skin. To help soothe the skin, during the treatment. No matter what questions or hesitations a patient has. Talking about them with the dermatologist during the consultation will help ensure they have the best experience.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | People Wonder If Laser Treatments Are Painful

Many people are concerned about pain, when they get laser hair removal in Edmonton. And while some people experience painful sensations during this treatment. It is not the sensation that most people expect in the beginning.
In fact, for laser hair removal in Edmonton. Edmonton dermatology uses an intense pulse light treatment. Known as IPL for short. This is not only the most gentle laser on the market.
It is also the most effective laser at removing hair permanently. Therefore, when people are looking for effective results. With the most gentle laser possible. They should go to Edmonton dermatology.
However, there is going to be a sensation. And some people compare it to snapping of a rubber band against their skin. While others say it is no more uncomfortable than a mosquito.
Since everyone has their own tolerances when it comes to pain. It is impossible for a dermatologist to adequately prepare a patient. To know exactly what it is going to feel like.
However, they can utilize a numbing cream. Applied topically onto the treatment area. To eliminate this sensation. The sensation is actually caused by the laser hitting the hair follicle.
The reason why it has this sensation. Is because as the laser hits the hair follicle. It explodes the hair follicle cells. And burns up the remaining hair. This can feel like a little jolt of electricity, or like a rubber band.

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However, similarly to a rubber band snap. That is precisely how long this sensation will last for each patient. However, the numbing cream. Can dull the pain receptors for each patient if they need.
While some people might have a high tolerance to pain. They might be getting a very sensitive area treated. Like their upper lip, their underarms or their bikini zone.
Therefore, knowing that there is an option. With having a numbing cream to make them more comfortable. Will help them prepare themselves for the treatment. And themselves if necessary.
However, the length of the appointments. Our scheduled, to allow the dermatologist or the laser technician. To only progress through the treatment. As the patient is comfortable.
Some people are able to have very little time in between light pulses. While others, need a little bit of time. To get over the sensation. And get ready for the next light pulse.
Patients should never feel pressured to go faster through their treatment. And can take all the time they need. To feel as comfortable as possible through the duration of the treatment.
While laser hair removal in Edmonton is very popular. People should not avoid it because they are worried about pain. It is very tolerable. And the dermatologist will work with the patient. To ensure that they are as comfortable throughout the entire procedure as possible.