Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Are Permanent Results Possible

Many people ask Edmonton dermatology about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Wondering if it is true, they can get permanent results from this procedure. This often seems too good to be true.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
Especially if people have been waxing for many years. Being told, that if they wax long enough. They will be able to stop waxing the area. Because that hair will also stop growing eventually.
However, also one has to do. Is ask someone who is been waxing for years. To discover, that this is not necessarily true for everyone. The reason why laser hair removal in Edmonton is more effective.
Is because of how it gets rid of the hair. Waxing, while pulling the hair out by its root. Does not actually damage the place where the hair grows from. Therefore, it is quite easy. For the body to regrow that hair.
During laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments however. The laser targets the pigmentation in the hair follicle. Which explodes the cells on contact. Destroying everything around the hair follicle.
As well as they hear follicle itself. Therefore, in order for the body to regrow that hair. It needs to regrow where they hair follicle would be. And then regrow the hair. That means, while people are waiting for their hair to grow back.
So they can get their second treatment. They will enjoy being hair free for longer. Even longer than waxing, which leaves people hair free anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks.

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Immediately after the first treatment. And within the first three days. People might see what looks like hair poking out of their skin. While they might that disappointed, thinking that the laser treatment was not effective.
Dermatologists want patients to know. That this is just the leftover remnant. Of whatever hair was below the skin. And it is just being pushed out by the body. Because it is not useful any longer.
People should look at the hair that is being poked out. And see that it is crumbly, or brittle. It is not new hair growth that they are seeing. And it should take about three days, for this burnt up hair to push out of their body.
After that, dermatologists recommend. Patients keep track of how long it takes. Until new hair does start to grow. And when they come in for their second laser treatment.
Giving that information to the dermatologist. Can help them determine. If they can turn the laser up to a higher intensity. In order to generate even more effective results the second time.
After each treatment. Patients can expect to go longer, without the hair coming back. Until they no longer have to come in for treatments. Depending on each area of the body.
This can take anywhere between two or three treatments, for example on the underarms. Or, it will take 6 to 8 treatments. And may be longer than a year. For example on the legs. But after only a few treatments. Much less than waxing. Will people be error-free permanently.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Are Permanent Hair Free Results Possible

There are many reasons to want to avoid shaving or waxing, and turn to laser hair removal in Edmonton. Shaving can be time-consuming. And leave people with irritated skin. Such as adding razor burn, or shaving bumps.
While waxing, is intensely painful. As well as messy and expensive. Even if people go to a salon, it is most likely going to be more expensive. And still very painful. Even though people can be hair free for longer.
Therefore, Edmonton dermatology gets many requests. From people wanting more information about laser hair removal in Edmonton. And wondering if permanent results are actually possible.
While most people are going to be able to get a 90% reduction of hair growth. That lasts for the rest of their life, there are many factors that go into. Ensuring that this can be the case for each patient.
For example, people who have blond or light brown hair. May not be able to get the results that they desire. Simply because the laser, also known as an intense pulse light.
Works, by finding the pigmentation in the hair follicle. The lighter the colour is on the hair. The harder the laser has to search to find the hair follicle. The results may be less effective because of this.
Typically, dermatologists will recommend. That people who have lighter hair. Should go for more treatments. In order to generate permanent results. However, even with a large number of treatments.

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People with lighter hair, may never get the results that they desire. However, Edmonton dermatologists will help patients make the decision. And if they are less likely to get great results.
May be consulted to not get this type of treatment. If they are going to be unhappy with the results. Something else that is going to impact the effectiveness of the treatment. Is the patient preparing adequately.
Many people who have been waxing for years. Will be told by Edmonton dermatology to stop waxing. For as long as possible before the treatment. The reason why, is because since the laser looks for the hair follicles.
If someone has been regularly waxing or even plucking their hair. There will not be these hair follicles. For the laser to find, and the results will be lacklustre. However, some people cannot help themselves.
And continue to wax, or plucked. Which is going to negatively impact the results. That they get from the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. In addition to that, people need to stop plucking or waxing.
At least two weeks in advance. But the longer they can go. The more hair follicles will be in their skin. And the better results they are going to get.
While people may only get a 90% reduction. For most people, that is essentially hair free. However if people are looking to get these kinds of results. They need to know what to expect. And what they should do. To get the best results possible.