Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Are You A Good Candidate for IPL

IPL stands for intense pulse light treatment, and is the most popular laser hair removal in Edmonton. This uses a very concentrated beam of light. In order to target the hair follicles in an area.
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This concentrated beam of light. Will lock on to the pigmentation in the hair follicles. And literally explode the cells of the hair follicle. Which will then, be pushed out by the body because it is no longer useful.
Since the laser treatment will target the pigmentation in the hair follicles. It is very important for people to keep in mind. That the darker their hair is, the more effective the results are going to eventually be.
As well, because the laser hair removal in Edmonton targets the pigmentation of the hair follicle. People with a darker skin tone. May also not be the best candidate for this procedure.
Because they will risk getting the pigmentation in their skin cells targeted. Which will burn, and cause damage to their skin. Which dermatologists will want to avoid at all costs.
This is why they utilize what is called a Fitzpatrick scale. In order to determine which patients have the most optimal skin tone for the procedure. And if a patient has a skintone that is too dark.
Something else that people should take into consideration. When they are contemplating laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is that if they are on certain medications, or have certain skin conditions.
They would not be a good candidate for this procedure. Medications such as Accutane, or antibiotics. Need to be out of a person’s system for six months or longer. Prior to getting a laser hair treatment.

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As well, certain medical conditions. Can be exacerbated by heat. And people may not be a great candidate for laser hair removal. Which is why a consultation with the dermatologist is vital.
If people have what is called melasma. Also called the mask of pregnancy. This is actually exacerbated by the heat and sunlight. Therefore, people with this condition. Should avoid laser hair removal.
When they have determined alongside their dermatologist. That this laser hair removal is going to be a great treatment for them. They may have many other questions.
To determine if this is the best procedure for them or not. They often want to know how many treatments they will need. In order for the results to be permanent.
And while it will take more than one. Exactly how many will depend on the area that is being treated. And how stubborn their body is. When it comes to hair removal.
The general rule of thumb is that in areas of the body. That do not have a lot of blood flow. People can expect to two three treatments to have permanent results. But areas of the body that have more blood flow.
Such as the legs, or the bikini area. May take 6 to 8 treatments. In order to have permanent results. While this might seem a lot, the alternative would be continuing to shave or wax indefinitely. Which means this is often very desirable for many people.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Are You A Good Candidate?

Even though laser hair removal in Edmonton is growing in popularity very quickly. It is not a good procedure for every person. Which is why a consultation with the dermatologist is so important.
Many people want to know if the procedure is painful. Because they do not want to undergo any hair removal. That is going to cause them discomfort or pain. Some people are looking into this type of hair removal.
Because they are unable to tolerate getting their hair waxed. And do not want to subject themselves to anything that is painful. Different patients will experience different levels of discomfort during the procedure.
Particularly as people have different tolerances. As well as different parts of the body can be more sensitive than others. If people are concerned about pain or sensitivity.
They should bring that up with their dermatologist at their initial consultation. Because there are many things that the dermatologist can do. To ensure that the procedure is as comfortable as possible.
The first thing that they will share with the patient. Is that the laser will want. Actually has a sapphire crystal built into the end of the wand. This is the part of the wand that touches the patient’s body during treatment.
And the design of the sapphire crystal. Is actually to cool the skin immediately before, and immediately after the laser burst. Therefore, many people do not need anything else to feel comfortable.

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Because they already feel quite comfortable. With the cooling end of the wand. However, if they want additional protection. Against any discomfort or pain. The dermatologist has many different solutions.
They can apply a numbing gel, or cooling cream to the area. Prior to the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. That will be designed to ensure the skin is as comfortable as possible during treatment.
But also, they can have a cooling fan. Blowing cool air onto the patient’s treatment area. So that they can be another way of cooling the skin down. To bring the comfort level of the patient up.
All of these things can be discussed with the dermatologist at the initial consultation. But patients should also keep in mind. That the treatment will progress as fast or slow as they dictate.
If they find they need time in between laser bursts. The dermatologist will be more than happy to accommodate. Which is why it is difficult to pinpoint exactly how long the procedure may take for each patient.
Ultimately, there are very few people who are unable to tolerate the sensations of laser hair removal. Especially with the wide variety of things that patients can utilize to bring their comfort level up.
When patients are ready for permanent hair removal solutions. Laser hair removal in Edmonton can help them accomplish their goals.