Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Are You Wondering About Hair Removal

Even though laser hair removal in Edmonton has been around for years. People still have a lot of questions. They may have heard from people. Who have had this procedure through the years.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
Or even have had their own experience with it. Perhaps in the nineties, when it first became available. However, a lot has changed. Since the first days of this type of treatment. And a lot has changed.
The first thing that Edmonton dermatology wants to point out. Is that the lasers they now use. For this type of hair removal is called intense pulse light treatment. Or, also known as IPL for short.
What is unique about this laser. Is that it is actually the most gentle laser. On the market today, that treats hair removal. However, people should not mistake that gentle means ineffective.
Because quite simply, the intense pulse light treatment laser. Is the most effective hair removal laser currently available. What makes it so gentle, is the fact that it is considered non-ablative.
What that means, is that the laser is gentle enough. To not cause any cuts or abrasions to the skin. Because of that, it feels more gentle. And, has less healing time needed. Then any other laser.
How it works, is by targeting the pigmentation. In the epidermis. Is the second layer of skin. The laser shines into the epidermis. And anytime it finds pigmentation. The laser explodes the cells on contact.

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And because it is a laser, it is hot. Which some people can find uncomfortable. As well, some people. Can find the sensation of the hair follicles exploding. To be uncomfortable as well.
The vast majority of people who undergo laser hair removal in Edmonton. Report that they have absolutely no problems. With the heat, or other sensations from the treatment.
However, Edmonton dermatology recognizes. That everyone has different pain tolerances. And if anyone has concerns. That they will not be able to handle the heat, or any other sensations. They should bring that up during the initial consultation.
They have many different methods. To help ensure that people can be. As comfortable as possible during this treatment. As well, they will mention to each patient. That there is a sapphire crystal. Build into the tip of the wand.
The purpose of this crystal. Is actually to cool down the skin. Immediately before. And immediately after the laser pulse. For most people, this is enough. To offset the heat from the laser. And rather than feeling overheated when they leave.
Many people comment that they actually feel chilly. However, there are still other methods. That Edmonton dermatology can use. To increase people’s comfort during their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment.
They can use numbing cream, cooling gel. And even a cold fan. To be blown on the patient’s skin. And what this will do, is make the treatment, more comfortable. If anyone has any more questions about laser treatments. They should set up a free consultation with Edmonton dermatology today.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Fantastic Questions About Hair Removal

There are so many questions people ask about laser hair removal in Edmonton. That anyone who is considering this procedure. Should do themselves a favour. And set up a consultation.
With Edmonton dermatology directly. Not only will they be able to ask any questions. That they want, and get a direct answer. But also, they will be able to show the dermatologist. Their skin, their hair. And the area they want treated.
So that the answers to their questions. Can be more direct, and specific. To their own situation. This is going to be very beneficial. And while laser hair removal in Edmonton is not a treatment.
That works for everybody. They will at least find out the facts where it is concerned. And make a decision, during the free consultation. If they want to proceed, or not.
The dermatologist will also want to find out. A medical history. And any medications that a patient may be on. These different variables. Can actually dictate, if a person is not a good candidate for laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments.
For example, people who are on certain medications. Should not undergo any laser treatments at all. For example, people who are taking the acne medication, Accutane. Should not undergo laser treatments.
However, if people decide that they want to go off. This medication, so that they can get this treatment. Edmonton dermatology will tell them. That they need to have it out of their system.

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For six months, before they can proceed. As well, people who are taking antibiotics. Should also not get laser treatments. Or else, they might have very different side effects. Or experience pain.
As well, people who have certain skin conditions. Should not get laser hair removal in Edmonton. A great example of this, is if people have a skin condition. Called melasma, also known as the mask of pregnancy.
This is caused by hormones. However, heat and light exacerbated. And since lasers are both hot, and light. Anyone who had this skin condition. Would make it worse, by undergoing the treatment.
People will also be able to find out. If they have to undergo. Many treatments, or fewer. Depending on the darkness and thickness of their hair. A great way to put it, is that the thicker and darker the hair is.
The more successful the laser will be. And finding, and destroying it. People with lighter hair. Such as blonde, or light brown. May need multiple sessions. In order to get rid of their particular colour of hair.
If they do proceed with the treatment. Their dermatologist will be able to share with them. What they should do immediately before. And after the treatment. To get the most efficacy of it.
For example, they should avoid plucking and waxing altogether. But, shave twenty-four hours. Before the treatment. If people have any more questions. They can all contact Edmonton dermatology directly.