Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Avoid Shaving Ever Again

Most people hate the act of shaving, and at least dream about getting laser hair removal in Edmonton. However, more and more people. Are actually going through with this treatment. As they hear success stories from others.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
While laser hair removal in Edmonton has been around for decades. It has improved recently, as technology has improved. This means the machines used today. Our more effective than ever before.
While also being the most gentle lasers to use. Therefore, stories of painful procedures. Our a thing of the past. While the first lasers. That were used to permanently remove hair.
Were quite hot. And delivered quite painful jolts. This is not the case anymore. Edmonton dermatology uses the laser called an IPL. Which stands for intense pulse light. And is considered a non-ablative laser.
Non-ablative means that it does not cut. Like many other lasers that are used. For other cosmetic purposes. And because of that, it is gentle. It takes very little treatment time. And virtually no healing time either.
One of the most common questions. That Edmonton dermatology receives. When they sit down with patients for their initial consultation. Is wondering how much time they need to take off of work.
Unlike other laser procedures. For cosmetic purposes. Laser hair removal in Edmonton. Requires almost no time off work. In order to get the procedure done. While the length of time depends.

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On the size of the area being treated. Patients can expect anywhere starting from half an hour. Too small areas, such as upper lip or armpits. To sessions taking about two hours. For a large area, such as legs.
Or an entire chest, or an entire back. However despite the fact that it may take two hours. This is still considerably less time. Then many other cosmetic procedures. People can often fit the procedure in.
Before work, after work. Or even on their lunch break. The next question that patients have for Edmonton dermatology. Is wondering how much healing time. They need after the treatment is over.
That is again, the nice thing. With such a gentle, non-ablative laser. Is that there is virtually no healing time. Unlike the icon, or Fraxal laser. That requires a week or two of intense healing time.
Most people leave the session. With absolutely no side effects. While others, feel as though their skin is sensitive. Or that they have a slight redness in the treatment area. Edmonton dermatology does recommend.
That patients avoid hot water like a hot shower. Hot bath or saunas. For twenty-four hours after their treatment. Simply because if their skin is sensitive. The hot water can exacerbate it.
If people have a slight redness on their skin. And they had laser treatments. On a part of their body that visible. The dermatologist can actually apply makeup to the area.
Because there skin is intact. So that they can cover up the redness. And go back to work. Or go home, without any sign that they did a procedure.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | You Can Actually Avoid Shaving Ever Again

The reason why so many people are looking into laser hair removal in Edmonton these days. Is because they are sick and tired of shaving. Or, they hate waxing is a method of hair removal.
For one thing, they are not permanent methods. And it requires patients to continually. Get there shaving kits out. Or their waxing kits, in order to constantly take care of this problem.
People typically want to get rid of hair. Because it is either embarrassing. In locations that they do not like. Or cause them embarrassment, thinking that people are looking at the hair.
And they lack confidence because of it. Or, people want to get rid of hair. Because it is plainly, irritating. It might be itchy. Or, gets rubbed by their clothing. And causes friction. Whatever the reason.
Men and women seek permanent solutions. When they come to Edmonton dermatology. They will find out all of the information that they need. To make the decision. On whether laser hair removal in Edmonton.
Is right for them. And whether they decide to proceed with the treatment. Or they decide not to proceed. The consultation at Edmonton dermatology. Is absolutely free forever.
Some people find out. That they are simply not a good candidate for the procedure. Simply because certain medications that they may be on. Or certain skin conditions they may have.

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Include them from being able to get this procedure. An example of medications that would interfere. With laser hair removal treatments. Would be antibiotics, or Accutane, the acne medication.
In fact, dermatologists say that if people are on these medications. They need to be off of them, for a minimum of six months. Before they can come back and get a laser treatment.
As well, an example of this skin condition. That would not allow a person to get laser hair removal treatment. Is melasma. Which is a hormonal imbalance. That causes the darkening of skin.
This darkening of skin is actually exacerbated. By both heat and light, which are both present. In laser treatments. And people who have this particular skin condition. Would experience worse symptoms.
If they decided to proceed. Therefore, it is a great way. For patients to find out what they need. To decide on whether they should proceed with laser hair removal in Edmonton. But it is also a time.
For them to therefore ask. As many questions as they need. And listen to the advice of their dermatologist. For example, if they do want to proceed with the treatment. They must immediately stop waxing or plucking.
Their problematic hair immediately. They will have to either let it grow. Or shave it until the treatment date. Simply because the waxing or plucking. Will pull the hair out by the roots. And the laser will not be able.
Therefore, to find the hair follicles. In order to destroy them. The best case scenario. Would be for patients to immediately and ultimately stop waxing and shaving. Until the treatment is over. At which time, they will not need to wax or pluck.