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Without a doubt, the popularity of laser hair removal in Edmonton. Skyrockets, year after year. In addition to it being the most effective hair removal laser on the market. It is also the most gentle as well.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
Alternatively, having to remove. Unwanted hair by waxing, or shaving. Is time-consuming. In addition to being messy. And ultimately, expensive. People have to resort to these techniques. More often than they may want to.
And waste time, that they would rather be doing. A multitude of other things, including recreational activities. Chores, spending time with family. Or pursuing a hobby. Rather than waxing or shaving.
And while laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is not effective. After the first treatment. Which means people will have to come back. For several sessions. These sessions are spread out over a longer period of time.
Whereas shaving needs to happen. Every day, or every few days. And a huge contrast to waxing. That must happen every month. In order to keep people hair free. The amount of time in between each laser treatment.
Will get longer, as the body slows down. And eventually stops producing the hair. Why the body stops producing the hair. Says Edmonton dermatology, is simply because it does not want.
To waste any energy or resources. Growing something that continually gets destroyed. This is why multiple treatments are needed. However, how many treatments. Will depend on many different factors.

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First of all, the thickness and darkness of the hair. Makes a huge difference. The reason why, is because laser hair removal in Edmonton is designed. To seek out the pigmentation in the hair.
When it finds the pigmentation. It will literally explode the cells. Destroying the hair follicle. And helping a person be hair free. Until the body regrows those hairs again. The thicker and darker the hair is.
The more easily the laser can find the pigmentation. People with very fine. Or lighter hair. Can still get laser treatment. To remove unwanted hair. Says Edmonton dermatology, However may need more sessions.
In order to ensure that the laser. Has found all of the hair follicles. Especially if the hair. Is similar in colour to the skin tone. This is why a consultation. With Edmonton dermatology is vitally important.
However, another reason. Why they might need more or fewer sessions. Is based on the part of the body. That people want laser treatments on. The more vascular the area is.
Which means, the more blood flow there is. Due to more veins and arteries in the area. The more stubborn the hair will be to eliminate. Simply because increased blood flow. Will supply that part of the body.
With the nutrients it needs. To grow those hair follicles. However, areas of the body. That are significantly less vascular. The armpits for example. Can be hair free. In as little as two or three sessions.
Compared to the legs, which may take. Eight sessions in order to generate permanent results. For more information. Patients can talk to Edmonton dermatology. By setting up an initial consultation.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Become Hair Free Today And Forever

Regardless of the reason why people are looking into laser hair removal in Edmonton. Setting up an initial consultation. With Edmonton dermatology, is the most important first step.
The initial consultation is easy. Because they do not charge a consultation fee. Which is often, the case for most other dermatologists. However, Edmonton dermatology does not want to charge a fee.
Because they want as many people. To set up a consultation, risk-free. Who possibly can. Many people may not set up a consultation. If they have to pay, because they are not convinced.
That they would like to go ahead with the procedure. But they would like more information. Or to get their questions answered. Or people who are extremely excited. About getting laser hair removal in Edmonton.
May find out that they are not a good candidate. For a variety of different reasons. And it would be unfair. To charge them, for them to find out. That they should not get this procedure.
It also, is important for people to know. That Edmonton dermatology is looking out. For each patient’s best interest. Therefore, they do not want to charge for their first consultations.
One of the first questions that people have. During this consultation. Is are there any reasons, why a person is not a good candidate. For laser hair removal in Edmonton.

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Ultimately, while most people. Are perfect candidates for this procedure. There are always some exceptions to the rule. First of all, people who are on certain medication.
Should not to get any laser treatments at all. Because the medication. Might have negative reactions. When used in conjunction with the laser. People who are taking antibiotics. In addition to people who are taking.
Medication, Accutane, which is used to treat acne. Not only should not undergo any laser treatments. But if they stop taking this medication. It should be out of their system. For a minimum of six months.
Before they proceed with any laser treatments. As well, people with certain skin conditions. Especially those that get exacerbated. With heat or light. Should not get laser treatments.
For example, someone who has melasma. Which is a hormonal imbalance. Causing the darkening of the skin. Should not get laser treatments done at all. Or else it will worsen their condition.
And while this treatment. Is most effective. With people who have later skin tones. And darker, thicker hair. Darker skinned people. Or lighter haired people. Should set up a consultation.
With Edmonton dermatology, in order to allow the experts. To make that determination on their behalf. If they discover, that they are not a good candidate. It literally, did not cost them a thing.
If people would like to set up an appointment. With Edmonton dermatology. To arrange a consultation. They can reach out by phone, email. Or by sending a message on their website.