Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Benefits of IPL

When people are wanting to get rid of hair in unwanted places permanently, they should think about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Because Edmonton dermatology uses IPL, also known as intense pulse light treatment.

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While there are different hair removal options. Using the intense pulse light treatment. Is the most effective hair removal treatment. That is also completely permanent.
Therefore, whether people want to permanently remove their hair. Out of convenience, or because they are embarrassed. Or because they have sensitive skin, this is going to be an effective option for them.
One of the first things that people want to know about the procedure. Is it whether it is painful. However, dermatologists say that because it is a quick flash of laser.
It is only during those flashes, that there is the potential for discomfort. And because laser hair removal in Edmonton utilizes a laser, which is a concentrated beam of light.
That beam of light will be very hot. So for those quick flashes, it has the potential to be uncomfortable for some people. Some say that it is about the same amount of discomfort as getting snapped by a rubber band.
But because people have different pain thresholds. As well as the different areas of the body that they are getting treated. Will have different pain tolerances as well. It is something that people will have to try in order to know.
Luckily, when people get laser hair removal at Edmonton dermatology. They will be able to discuss their concerns with the dermatologist directly. Who will be able to use different things to increase comfort.

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Not only will they have a cooling fan. That they can blow on the patient in the treated area. It will help bring down the skin temperature, and soothe the area. But also, the technicians can apply.
Either a cooling gel, or in numbing cream to the area. Prior to treatment, so that people may not feel the discomfort at all. As well, patients should understand that when they get intense pulse light treatment.
The wand that the laser technicians use. Also has a sapphire crystal in the tip. So when the wand is placed on the body, it is cooling before the laser, and after the laser. So it helps increase comfort level as well.
Another question that people often have for their dermatologist. When they are contemplating getting laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is how long does the treatment itself last?
It is a very fast treatment. That people can go right back to work, or go home immediately after. Or even head out for an evening out with their loved ones. But the treatment itself is also very fast.
Doing a face for example, including under the chin, the chin and jaw line and upper lip. Will take less than thirty minutes. Which includes cleaning the skin, doing the treatment. And then applying the skincare the skin afterwards.
While larger areas will take a larger time, legs, chest and back. Are the most significant area to get laser hair removal done. And those areas will take approximately two hours from the very beginning to the very end.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | The Benefits of IPL Treatments

Never before has it been easier to permanently remove hair, through laser hair removal in Edmonton. While there are many different reasons people may want to permanently eliminate hair on different parts of their body.
There are many benefits to getting this procedure done. Which is why so many people are getting this procedure done. With the number of people in this area getting it growing every single year.
One question that many people have when it comes to laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is how much healing time is needed for this procedure? This is one of the benefits to this procedure.
Because it is considered a non-ablative laser. Which means it does not cut the skin. Healing time is incredibly short. People will typically find that they might be a bit sensitive immediately after the treatment.
And remain sensitive for about twenty-four hours. Or they might find that there is slight discolouration in their skin. Such as darker skin, or red skin. That will again, go away after about a day.
Another question that many people have about intense pulse laser treatments. Is how many treatments it will take, in order for it to be permanent. Many people like the idea of permanently removing the hair on their body.
However, if there trying to get rid of their leg hair. Or get rid of hair in their bikini area, they may be confused to hear. That they will have to undergo treatments for about a year.

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Areas of the body that have a larger blood flow. Will be able to regenerate they hair follicles faster, and more frequently. Once the treatment is done the first time. Dermatologists will ask patients to be mindful.
About when they hair starts growing back. And only come back for their second treatment after the hair starts to grow. So that they can kill the hair follicles again.
While it might take several weeks or several months for that hair to regrow a second time. That is when they should go back for another treatment. Which will take another several weeks for the hair to grow back.
Therefore, even though they might need only a few treatments. The treatments will be spaced out long enough. So that they can be sure of getting the hair follicles each time.
So that eventually, the body will give up trying to regrow hair follicles in the area. At which point, the hair removal will be considered permanent. While this can take some time. Most people consider it well worth it.
If people have any other specific questions about laser hair removal in Edmonton. They should make an appointment with Edmonton dermatology. Not only because the first consultation is free.
But they will be able to ask specific questions about their hair and skin type. That will help them determine if they are good candidate. And how many treatments they can expect for their issue.