Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Burning Questions About Hair Removal

When people are interested in laser hair removal in Edmonton. They end up with a great number of questions. That they want answered, before deciding to proceed with the treatment.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
While they might research. And find answers on the Internet. Not all of the answers they find. Will be the information. That they need to know. Or, may refer to another type of laser. Or a different dermatologist.
The best place to get answers. Is directly with Edmonton dermatology. And people can contact them for a consultation. These consultations are free. And are a great, and important. Fact finding mission for patients, as well as dermatologists.
People will find out great information. Such as what type of laser. Will be used for their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. The lasers at Edmonton dermatology for hair removal.
Our considered intense pulse light treatment lasers. Also known as IPL for short. These lasers are actually the most effective lasers currently in use. For getting rid of unwanted hair.
But also, they are the most gentle lasers. And are considered to be non-ablative. What that means, is that they do not cut the skin. The way that other lasers, such as the Fraxal or CO2 lasers do.
This means, that they are much more gentle. As well, they require less healing time. In other hair removal lasers. However, people are often concerned. About if the procedure will be painful.

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This is often because they have tried waxing. And have given up that method. Because of how intensely painful it is. But also, because they perhaps have tried. Laser hair removal in Edmonton. Years ago, in the nineties.
And found that it was a painful procedure back then. Luckily, as technologies change and improve. So has laser hair removal treatments. People often experienced very hot heat. And a very painful as that of the hair.
That is much more tolerable with the new IPL machine. However, if people are still concerned about pain tolerance. They should bring that up. During their initial consultation.
With Edmonton dermatology, they have many ways. To increase people’s comfort. So that they do not have to be uncomfortable. During treatment. For example, they will explain that the wand.
That is used to administer the light pulses. Has a built-in the sapphire crystal in the tip. What this tip does, is cools the skin immediately before. And immediately after each laser pulse.
This combats the heat of the laser. And makes the entire treatment. Much more bearable. However, if people are still concerned about sensations. They can use a cooling gel. To help cool the skin.
As well as utilize a cold fan. Blowing on the area. To continue to make the patient. As comfortable as possible. When people are considering this treatment. They should get the facts right from the source.
If they want to set up a free consultation with Edmonton dermatology today. All people have to do is call, email. Or book in online, on their website.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Answering Your Burning Hair Removal Questions

People look into laser hair removal in Edmonton every year. In fact, it is growing in popularity. Very quickly, year after year. Not just because it is effective. But because it is gentle as well.
People have a lot of questions. When they visit Edmonton dermatology. One of the most popular questions that is asked. Is how long does this treatment last? It does depend significantly on the area being treated.
For example, the chin, and under arms. Will take much less time. Then the chest, back, or legs for example. As well, Edmonton dermatology ensures. That the time allotted to each patient.
Allows for them to experience treatment. At their own pace. They do not want to rush anyone. And people can take. As much time as they want. In between pulses of laser.
That means, if people need a minute or two. In between laser pulses. They have the comfort and ability to say so. While some people do not need extra time. Many people do, which they will get at Edmonton dermatology.
Another question that people ask about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is wondering how much healing time is needed. The nice thing about this treatment, is that it is non-ablative.
Which means it does not cut the skin. And since it does not cut the skin. It does not require very much healing time at all. In fact, most people do not feel any discomfort or sensitivity. In the skin after treatment.

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Whereas others, may feel slightly sensitive. Or have slightly red skin. These side effects go away after twenty-four hours. However, Edmonton dermatology does recommend. That for twenty-four hours after.
Laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments, people use caution. And avoid going out into the direct sun without protection. They avoid hot environments. Such as hot showers and baths, hot tubs and saunas.
To avoid exacerbating any sensitivity. They may be experiencing in their skin. Even if people do not feel as though they have sensitive skin. They should avoid these activities. Just for the next day.
To avoid causing their skin to become irritated or sensitive. Another question that people often ask. Is, if there is any reason they should not get laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments.
Ultimately, there are some scenarios that make people. Not good candidates for the treatment. For example, if people have certain skin conditions. Such as melasma, also known as the mask of pregnancy.
This is a condition, that is created by a hormonal imbalance. However, sunlight, and heat exacerbate the condition. Therefore, people who have this skin condition. Should avoid laser treatments.
As well, people who are on certain medications. Are not a good candidate either. Is why the initial consultation. With the dermatologist, is so vital. They can take a full medical history.
And if there is any medication. That a patient is taking. That will interfere with the treatment, they will find out at that time.