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Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Can Hair Removal Be Permanent?

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Can Hair Removal Be Permanent?

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Can Hair Removal Be Permanent?

When people are tired of shaving and waxing, laser hair removal in Edmonton using IPL. Can be the answer they for an looking for. IPL stands for intense pulse light treatment.

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Essentially, what IPL is, is a highly concentrated beam of light. That targets the pigmentation in hair follicles. How it works, is by exploding the cells in the hair follicles themselves.

The IPL gets rid of hair, right from the source. Requiring the body to regrow the entire hair follicle. Before it can grow hair in that area again. And while after one treatment, does not result in permanent hair removal.

The more this can be done. The more likely it is going to be permanent. Because the body will give up trying to regrow hair. If it is always ineffective. However, it is takes doing the right things to be effective.

For example, dermatologists say people should avoid certain things. Before coming in for their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. This means avoiding waxing and plucking unwanted hair.

Even if people do not want to stop doing those activities. Because the hair they have growing is embarrassing. Or it causes them to have sensitive skin, or to scratch.

However, they must stop doing these things. Because if they pluck or wax. They are getting rid of the hair follicle itself. Therefore, the laser will have nothing to treat when it is time.

However, it is very important that the patient shaves that area twenty-four hours before the appointment. They should not shave closer to their appointment time.

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Because that could cause their skin to be sensitive, or have razor burn. That would make the laser hair removal treatment painful or at least significantly more uncomfortable.

However, they should not shave longer than twenty-four hours before the appointment. Because the point is to get rid of as much hair in the area as possible. That could interfere with the laser treatment itself.

In the first 1 to 3 days after the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Patients may find that they have what looks like stubble growing in the treatment area. However, this is not stubble.

And they do not have to get disappointed, thinking that their treatment was ineffective. All that is, is the remnants of the hair follicle. And what was left of the hair below the skin being pushed out by the body.

Patients will notice that the hair appears crumbly or bristle. And this is because it has been affected by the laser. After this hair comes out. Patients should be watching for how fast their regular hair grows.

And using that information, their dermatologist may be able to turn the power of the laser up. So that they have to undergo fewer treatments. In order to permanently get rid of that hair.

When patients are ready to stop having to shave and lacks the problematic hair. They should call Edmonton dermatology. Because the first consultation is free. And can help them find out what they need. To permanently eliminate that hair.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Can Hair Removal Be Permanent?

It is very important for many people to permanently remove problematic hair, which is why laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is so popular with many people of all genders and ages.

As long as there has been the ability to remove hair. People have been removing hair in different parts of their body. However, there has never been a permanent solution until now.

How this permanent solution works, is by utilizing lasers, also known as a IPL, or intense pulse light treatment. Which is a concentrated beam of light. That actually targets the pigmentation in hair follicles.

And what happens when that laser finds the pigmentation in the hair follicle. Is that it literally explodes those cells. Destroying the hair follicle from the inside out. While this itself does not cause permanent hair removal.

Since it so effectively destroys the hair follicle. The body needs to spend more energy regrowing the hair follicles. And it only takes having that destroyed a few times. Before the body simply gives up.

Which parts of the body will be stubborn. Depends on the hair, and each person’s individual body. But a lot has to do with how much blood flow there is to the area.

Therefore, parts of the body with an extensive vascular system. Tend to be the most stubborn. To get lasting and permanent hair removal. However, this does not mean that dermatologists should not try.

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It just means that for body parts like legs, and a bikini zone. The dermatologist may have to utilize laser hair removal in Edmonton six, seven or eight times. In order to have lasting results.

While many people may want to utilize lasers to permanently remove hair. Not everybody is a perfect candidate for this procedure. They may not have the right colour hair.

For example, people that have lighter hair. Will have less pigmentation in that here. For the laser to latch onto. And therefore, may not get results from the laser treatment.

As well, people with darker skin tones may not be great candidates. Because the laser might target the pigmentation in their skin instead. Which not only would be painful. But it would cause permanent skin damage as well.

In addition to that, people with certain skin conditions such as melasma. Which is made worse with heat. Are not good candidates for laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments.

Because the laser itself is hot. And can make their condition worse. And people that are on certain medication such as antibiotics or Accutane for example. Should not undergo laser hair removal either.

This is why having a consultation with the dermatologist is not just recommended. But it is absolutely vital to the success of the procedure. And this is also why at Edmonton dermatology it is absolutely free for all patients.

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