Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Can Permanent Hair Removal Be Achieved?

The reason why people talk to their dermatologist about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is because many people consider permanent hair removal to be the holy Grail. However there is a lot of information that people need to know about this procedure. Before they get their hopes up.
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It is very important that people know how this laser works. It is a type of laser, called an intense pulse light treatment. Which is a non-ablative laser. And how it works, is by targeting pigmentation.
Whatever areas of the body the laser sees that has pigmentation. The laser will literally explode those cells. Which will then slough out of the body. If it is hair, it will push out like crumbly bits of hair.
If it is pigmentation such as a birthmark. It will rise to the surface of the skin, and look like crumbly bits. The reason whites important to know how this laser works. Is so that people understand why.
The dermatologist will only use this laser on patients that have a certain lightness to their skintone. In fact, they use something called a Fitzpatrick scale. To determine if people have a light enough complexion.
To undergo this treatment. If someone with a darker skintone utilizes the laser hair removal in Edmonton. What will happen, is that the laser will target the pigmentation in their skin.
Which not only will hurt, but it will also damage their skin. Dermatologist will want to avoid that at all costs. Which is why they utilize a Fitzpatrick scale. But also, because the laser targets pigmentation.
If patients are wanting to get rid of hair. That is light in colour, such as light brown, blond or even grey. They might not get the results that they desire. Because the laser may not effectively target the hair pigmentation.

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People with lighter hair. May require many more sessions than people with dark, black hair. But as long as they understand what to expect. They will be able to utilize this treatment if they desire.
Something else that people want to know about this procedure. Is if it hurts. Many people think that because it is a laser on their skin. That is going to be quite painful. But this depends on the part of the body that is getting treated.
But it is also depending on their own personal tolerances. And how they feel at the time of the appointment. Many people who have undergone this treatment. Says that laser hair removal in Edmonton.
Feels like the snap of a rubber band on their skin. And lasts about as long as well. And while that might be very tolerable for some people. It may not be tolerable to others.
If they are concerned with not being able to handle the sensation. This does not mean that they are not a good candidate. It just means that they need to talk to their dermatologist.
Who will be able to implement many different methods. To help increase their comfort level. And decrease the feeling of the laser hitting the skin.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Permanent Hair Removal Can Be Achieved

It is very important for people who are undergoing laser hair removal in Edmonton. To follow the before, and aftercare instructions periods that are given to them by their dermatologist.
A very important step that people need to follow. In order to get the results that they want. Is to refrain from plucking, or waxing the part of their body that they want to treated. For as long as possible before their first treatment.
It may be very hard to resist. Especially if people are quite embarrassed about the hair on their body. But until their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. They need to simply shave.
The reason whites important to avoid plucking or waxing. Is because the laser targets the pigmentation of the hair follicles. And since waxing and plucking pulls the hair out, eliminating the hair follicles.
This means that if people undergo laser hair removal in Edmonton. After they have waxed, then they are not targeting the hair follicles. And it will be as though they have never had laser treatments before.
However, it is also very important. That patients follow the aftercare instructions of their dermatologist as well. So that they can get long-lasting results that they desire.
For example, people will need to keep track of how long it takes. For their hair to grow in, after their first laser hair removal in Edmonton session. This way, when they go back for a second treatment.

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They will be able to tell their dermatologist how long it took for that hair to grow back. And they may be able to turn up the intensity of the laser. However, they need to go back regularly.
And go back as quickly as they can. When they noticed that hair growing back. Because if they wait a significant amount of time. The subsequent sessions will not be as effective as they could be.
If a person had in fact gone back and had their second, and third sessions. As soon they possibly could. In order to weaken the hair follicle. If people are not consistent with their treatment.
They are not going to generate the results that they want. This is why it is very important to follow the directions of their Edmonton dermatologist. And why it is of vital importance.
That they set up the initial consultation with their dermatologist. And it is always free with Edmonton dermatology. So it is a no risk venture. To find out what they need to know. Prior to the procedure.
When people are ready to permanently get rid of hair on any part of their body. They should set up a consultation with their dermatologist. And find out if they are good candidate. And what they need to do, to ensure that they get the results they truly desire.