Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Common Questions Asked About IPL

When people are looking into laser hair removal in Edmonton. With Edmonton dermatology, they will find out about IPL treatments. IPL stands for intense pulse light. And is the most effective laser for hair removal.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
And while it is the most effective laser for getting rid of unwanted hair. This is not the only function of an IPL laser. It actually targets pigmentation. In the dermis layer of skin, which is the second layer.
Though it works, is by exploding the cells it sees pigment in. Destroying them on contact. Which means it is also very effective. At eliminating unwanted dark spots. Such as birthmarks, or sun damage.
As a laser hair removal in Edmonton tool. What it does, is it shines through the layers of skin. In order to find the pigmentation. When it finds hair follicles, especially from hair that is dark. It will explode that hair follicle.
Eliminating the hair, and taking a longer time. In order to regrow that hair. However, that hair will grow back. Which is why people need to be very diligent. And go back to their dermatologist.
When they see more hair starting to regrow in the same area. In order to get their second laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. They must also keep track of the amount of time.
It took for that hair to start to grow back. Because they may be able to increase the lasers intensity. In order to generate even more effective results. Then, the patient must go home.

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And wait for the hair to regrow in the area. It will take a longer time than it took the first time to grow back. And when it does, the patient should then return to their dermatologist.
In order to get another laser treatment done. Depending on what part of the body they are getting treated. The hair made simply stop growing back. After this many treatments.
Such as the underarms, that is in a part of the body. That does not have a lot of blood flow. However, if they are getting laser treatment. On an area of the body. With a larger vascular system.
Such as the legs, they may require 6 to 8 treatments. However, the length of time in between each treatment. Will lengthen. Giving the patient significantly more time of being hair free.
This is why it is so important. That anyone considering laser treatments. To permanently eliminate hair. That they actually contact Edmonton dermatology first. And arrange a consultation.
The dermatologist will be able to see how thick and dark their hair is. And what area of the body they are getting treated. In order to tell the patient. How long they can expect it will take them for the hair to stop growing back.
They will also discuss important considerations. Such as any skin conditions they may have. Or medication they are on, and other contraindications.

Laser Hair Removal In Edmonton | Common Questions Asked About IPL Treatment

One of the fastest-growing cosmetic procedures is laser hair removal in Edmonton. It says Edmonton dermatology, because of how effective it is. With people not only telling their friends and family.
But people who have had one area of the body treated. Will come back to get more areas. Because they want to be hair free. And eliminate the need, to have to shave or wax. Unwanted hair away.
When people come to Edmonton dermatology. When they do get laser hair removal in Edmonton. They will be utilizing what is called an IPL laser. IPL stands for intense pulse light.
And while it is the most gentle laser treatment that Edmonton dermatology does. That does not mean it is not effective. In fact, the IPL is the gold standard across the world. Or how effective it is.
At eliminating unwanted hair. And while many people contact Edmonton dermatology. In order to arrange a free consultation. Not everyone ends up being a good candidate for this procedure for many reasons.
First of all, people need to disclose. What kinds of medication they are on. Since some types of medication. Can cause unwanted side effects. Therefore, they must be willing to divulge that information to the dermatologist.
People on antibiotics for example. Or, those who are taking the acne medication, Accutane. Are not good candidates for this procedure. But if they do want laser hair removal in Edmonton.
They must stop taking the medication. And then ensure that it is out of their system. For a minimum of six months. Before they can come back, and get laser hair removal in Edmonton.

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Other limitations can include skin conditions. Especially ones that are made worse, by exposure to light. For example, women suffering from allows them a. Which is also called the mask of pregnancy.
Should not get any laser treatments done. Because the light from the laser. Will make their condition worsen. Therefore, the dermatologist will discuss all of the finer points of this procedure.
As well, because the IPL laser works to target. Pigmentation in the dermis layer of the skin. People who have darker skin tones. May not be the best candidate for this procedure.
The dermatologist will use what is called the Fitzpatrick scale. And candidates over a four, on the Fitzpatrick scale. May not be ideal for laser treatments. However, they may discuss with the dermatologist.
About the possibility of getting laser treatments done anyway. As long as the dermatologist turns the intensity. Of the laser down significantly. So that they minimize the risk of damaging the skin.
Because of all of these limitations. It is a good idea for everybody to meet with their dermatologist first. Before getting any laser treatments done. Which is why Edmonton dermatology ensures that these consultations.
Are always free, for all patients. They will be able to find out things such as how many treatments. They will likely need in order to achieve permanent results. How much time it will take to do the procedure, and heal from it. As well as how much the entire procedure is going to cost.