Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Discover This Popular Procedure

Laser hair removal in Edmonton grows in popularity. Year after year for many reasons. First, because it is a quick procedure. Allowing people to do this on their lunch break, or on their way home from work.
Laser Hair Removal In Edmonton
As well, laser hair removal in Edmonton is quite gentle. It is a non-ablative laser. Which means it does not cut the skin. And as a result, requires virtually no healing time. So people can get this done.
Without having to take time off work to heal. Or, without anyone knowing that they are getting a cosmetic procedure done as well. Another reason why laser hair removal is growing in popularity.
Is because it is very effective. At permanently eliminating unwanted hair. When people meet with Edmonton dermatologist. During their free consultation. To discuss this procedure.
They will find out, that what they considered to be permanent hair movable results. Is a 90% reduction in hair in the treatment area. That will never grow back on that part of the person’s body.
Most people will experience these types of results. And because of that, are extremely happy with their procedure. Often wanting to come back to get other body parts done. They can save time.
And enjoy the convenience of not having to wax or shave ever again. While Edmonton dermatology says virtually any part of the body can be targeted. With laser hair removal in Edmonton.

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One exception is the eyebrows. This is simply because the handpiece. Used to treat the body. Is extremely large, and the laser technicians. Will not be able to go around the eyebrows with any precision.
And while many women. Especially of a certain age, who have entered menopause. Often want their chin treated. The hormones from menopause. Specifically, the increased testosterone in their system.
Is to blame for the chin hair that is growing. And while they are able to undergo laser hair removal treatments. On this particular body part. Rheumatologists caution patients.
They are not going to get hundred percent permanent results. On this part of the body. Because as long as they have an excess of testosterone in their body. They will continue to grow hair in that area.
However, they are more than happy to utilize the laser. To get rid of the hair in that area. Usually women will undergo 5 to 8 treatments on their chin. Will keep them relatively hair free.
For about three years. At which point, they will need to come back. And get additional touchup treatments done. And while this is not permanent. When faced with embarrassing hair on their face.
Many women are more than happy to accept these results. Even if they are not hundred percent permanent. However, for every other part of their body. Both men and women can enjoy.
That 90% reduction of hair. And will never see hair growing in that area ever again. For people to get started. All they have to do, is contact Edmonton dermatology. Their first consultation is absolutely free.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Discover This Popular Hair Removal Procedure

Every year, more people are getting laser hair removal in Edmonton done. Because of how effective and permanent this procedure is. At eliminating unwanted hair all over people’s bodies.
And while some people would assume. That mostly women are getting this procedure. Edmonton dermatology says it is actually an even split. Between men and women who get this procedure done.
For men, they like getting their neck done. Particularly the nape, that can have hair creeping down from their hairline. Or the front of their neck. That has stray hairs from their beard showing up.
As well as their cheeks. The stray hairs from their beard can creep up to this part of their body. And many men are quite embarrassed to have hair growing on this part of their body.
As well, men typically get their chest and back treated. There back, because they are unable to shave this on their own. And their chest, because they would rather not deal with hair stubble on that part of their body.
Women on the other hand. Get laser hair removal in Edmonton. On their upper lip, underarms and bikini area. As well as their legs, so that they do not have to spend hours every week, shaving in the shower.
Regardless of what area people are getting treated. The first step to getting this popular procedure done. Is setting up a consultation with Edmonton dermatology. The first consultation is free.

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And it is important, for the dermatologist to see the treatment area. As well as the colour and thickness of the unwanted hair. So that they can not only ensure they set their lasers to the correct setting for the treatment.
But also, so that they can explain the procedure. And what to expect from each treatment. As well as help each patient now. But they should do. As well as what they should avoid.
In order to end up with the best results. Which is a 90% reduction of hair permanently. For example, if patients do not avoid waxing. Before their first laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment.
What will happen, is that there will not be the hair follicles. For the laser to target and destroy. Which will result in the treatment not being as effective as it should be. People will experience very little difference.
And may not go through with subsequent treatments. Because they did not see any result the first time. As well, many patients are quite concerned. About whether this procedure is going to hurt.
And it will be a great opportunity for the dermatologist. To explain what they can expect. However, each person has their own pain tolerances. And while most people find this procedure is very easy to tolerate.
Discussing this at the consultation. Will help ensure that the dermatologist can offer them solutions. Such as numbing cream, cooling gel. Or other things that will help the patient be as comfortable as possible.