Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Do Laser Treatments Hurt

Many people look to laser hair removal in Edmonton. As a way of escaping shaving or waxing routines. When it comes to unwanted and unsightly hair. However, many people want to give up waxing.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
Because it is intensely painful. They are not willing. To trade one form of pain for another. Which is why. One of the first questions that Edmonton dermatology gets. When they sit down with.
Potential laser hair removal in Edmonton patients. In order to discuss the treatment. Is that people want to know, if it hurts. They may have heard about people getting laser treatments to remove unwanted hair.
Done in the nineties, and the procedure was painful. Or they may hear from people. Getting Fraxal, or icon laser treatments done. For other cosmetic reasons, and that they experienced pain or discomfort.
However when it comes to laser hair removal in Edmonton. It is not only the most gentle laser on the market today. Because it is an intense pulse light treatment. Instead of a true laser. But because of that, it is non-ablative. Which means it does not cut the skin. And as such, it is much more gentle.
Then any other laser treatment. That does use ablation. However, that does not mean that Edmonton dermatology can claim. That it is a pain-free procedure. Because everyone has different pain tolerances.
Most people find that they have no pain and even no discomfort. After undergoing this procedure. While others, say that while it is not painful. They did experience some discomfort.

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In a couple of different forms. While intense pulse light treatments. Are the most gentle Laser treatments. They still use a concentrated beam of light. That actually gets very hot.
Like any concentrated beam of light will get. Most people who say they experience discomfort. They are experiencing the discomfort from the heat of the laser. However, Edmonton dermatology says.
In order to combat that. The handpiece used. To deliver each pulse of light. Has a sapphire crystal build into the tip. Which is designed to cool the skin before, during. And then after each pulse of light.
People who say that they have experienced discomfort. From the heat of past laser treatments. Reports that with the intense pulse light treatment of the IPL. Not only did they not feel the heat.
But end up feeling a little bit cooler, leaving the appointment. Than they did when they arrived. However, Edmonton dermatology can also use a cooling cream. Which is applied topically.
To help combat any heat. As well as also use a cooling fan. That they can direct on the patient’s skin. During treatment To combat any heat discomfort. Other people find that the discomfort comes in.
From the hair follicles that are being destroyed. And it feels like a rubber band snapping the skin. And for these patients, they can apply a numbing cream topically. That will deaden the sensation. So that no one needs to be discomforted at all.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | People Want To Know If Laser Treatments Hurt

A primary concern of anyone considering laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments. Is that they do not want treatment to hurt. While they may have heard, that various other laser treatments.
Because discomfort or some pain. Since many people often have to get anywhere between two and eight treatments. Of the intense pulse light laser. They do not want to experience discomfort.
For so many sessions. However, the good news is. That most people find that this treatment. Is not painful, or even uncomfortable at all. In fact, the machine that Edmonton dermatology uses.
To get rid of unwanted hair. Is called an IPL laser. Which stands for intense pulse light. And it is not only the most gentle. But it is also a non-ablative laser. Which means it does not cut the skin.
However, not wanting the treatment to hurt. Is only a single concern. Many people have other questions. That they want answered. For they decide, if this is the right treatment for them.
Another question they have. Is wondering how long the treatment lasts. Especially if they need between three and eight sessions. They are not going to want to have to take a day or half a day off of work.
In order to become permanently hair free. In addition to being pain-free, another benefit. Of the intense pulse light laser. Is that it does not take a long time. While it does depend on the size of the treatment area.

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The hand held wand used. To deliver treatment is quite large. Designed to cover a large area with one pulse of light. So that dermatologists can finish quickly. Rather than take a long time, and many pulses of light.
Small areas, such as the upper lip or armpits. Takes only thirty minutes. Which includes cleaning the skin ahead of the treatment. The treatment itself. And then applying skincare afterwards.
While larger areas. Such as getting both legs done. From the ankle to the hip. May take two hours. This is still a lot less time. Then requiring a half a day. In order to get the treatment completed.
Many people are even often able. To get a treatment done before work. On their lunch break. Or on their way home from work. And the next question that many people have for Edmonton dermatology.
Is wondering how much healing time they need. After getting laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments done. Again, because this is a very gentle laser. And because it is non-ablative.
People do not need any healing time. Their skin will be intact after the procedure. While some people experience slight skin sensitivity. For up to twelve hours after their treatment.
And some people may experience slight red skin. Most people have absolutely no side effects from the laser at all. And are able to go to work, or home. With no and even knowing that they had laser hair removal in Edmonton done.