Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Do You Want To Stop Waxing

Many people wax out of necessity, and laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can help them escape. While many people dislike the pain. As well as the mess, and expense of waxing.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
It is often the only method. Of hair removal, that can keep people. Hair free for weeks at a time. So that they do not have to spend any more time or energy. Getting rid of unsightly, and embarrassing hair.
However, not only is waxing painful. But also expensive, Essie. And time-consuming according to Edmonton dermatology. Waxing also damages the skin. Because repeatedly pulling off the hot wax.
Pulling at the skin, actually prematurely ages the skin. Damaging the elasticity. And promoting wrinkles. While most people do not worry about wrinkles on a lot of their body. While they are young, when they are older.
Having wrinkles on the neck, chest and even wrists and ankles. Is unwanted, therefore. People getting laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can save them from the damage. Pain and frustration of waxing.
However, one of the first questions. That people who are waxing their unwanted hair away. Have for Edmonton dermatology. Is wondering if this is a painful experience.
While laser machines of the past. Such as twenty or thirty years ago. Are often quite uncomfortable. Or painful for some people. The new lasers that are in use. Have improved with time and technology.

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In fact, the machine that is used. At Edmonton dermatology to get rid of hair. Is called an IPL laser. Which stands for intense pulse light. Which is not only the most gentle laser on the market.
But it is also, the most effective as well. However, Edmonton dermatology still refuses. To say that it is paying less. Because people all have their own individual pain tolerances.
Some people find that the most uncomfortable part. Of the laser hair removal in Edmonton experience. Is the heat that comes from the laser. As the laser is an intense beam of concentrated light.
The heat that comes from it, is quite hot as well. And while the IPL machine. Has a built-in cooling head. So that customers get cooled. Immediately before, and after the pulse of light.
Some customers still find. That the heat is more than they can stand. They can talk to the dermatologist. About getting a cooling fan. Blown on their skin during treatment. Which stands the purpose.
Of enabling their skin to continue to cool down. While other people, opt for getting cooling cream applied. Which works to cool down the skin as well. However, other people find.
That the discomfort, comes from the laser. As it destroys the hair follicle. And some people describe the feeling. As though they are being snapped by a rubber band. To combat this sensation.
Edmonton dermatology is able to apply and numbing cream. To the patient’s skin. So that it does not feel bad. And with a little bit of forethought. Most people can be completely comfortable during their treatment.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Of Course You Want To Stop Waxing

There are variety of reasons why people would rather give up waxing, in favour of laser hair removal in Edmonton. Whether it is the expense, the mess. The pain, or the skin damage.
None of those things will happen, when people come to Edmonton dermatology. For their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments. This uses a pulse of light. On a certain spectrum.
In order to target the pigmentation. Within the dermis of a patient’s skin. The dermis, is the second layer of skin. And is where the hair follicles start to grow. The laser seeks out the pigmentation.
And when found, the laser actually destroys cells. By exploding them, with its concentrated heat. This is why the people who have the most success with laser treatments. Have thick, dark hair.
Simply because the thicker the hair is. The larger the hair follicle is. And the darker hair. The better the laser is. At finding that pigmentation. While people generally find, that there thick dark hair.
Is some of the most difficult to get rid of. When it comes to laser treatments. The opposite is actually true. While people who have thinner, and lighter hair. Our able to get laser treatments done.
They may need the laser to be increased in strength. Or, they may need to have a few more sessions. Then there darker haired peers. As well, the parts of the body that they want to get rid of hair.

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Factors in greatly to the equation. How many times they will need to undergo this procedure. In order to permanently get rid of. Their unwanted hair. After the first treatment, the body will indeed regrow the hair.
However, after the second treatment. Not only are the hair follicles weaker. But also, the body does not want to continually waste resources. And waste energy, trying to grow hair.
When it constantly gets destroyed. The less blood flow there is to that certain body part. The more likely, it will take fewer treatments. In order to get rid of the hair permanently.
For example, armpit hair. Is some of the easiest to get rid of. Simply because there is very little blood flow. Which means the body will be unable. To have the resources to try regrowing the hair.
So after two, or three treatments. People can be permanently hair free, and their armpits. Which is often a huge benefit. Because shaving, and waxing the armpits. That are already sensitive.
Can cause problems, especially as people wear deodorant, or antiperspirant. To combat any body order or sweat that happens naturally. In that part of their body. In fact, so many people are so happy.
With the results of their laser hair removal in Edmonton. In their armpits, that they often come back. In order to get or body parts treated. Anyone who is interested. Can contact Edmonton dermatology by phone, or email.